College President Faces Possible Criminal Charges After Violent Encounter With Mysterious Woman Named Luscious

Unknown-1200px-Keiser_University_seal.svgWe have another academic who has found himself in an embarrassing criminal case involving prostitutes. Keiser University’s President Matt McEnany, 60, was mugged and carjacked by two women on what the police say was a “sexual rendezvous.” McEnany was reportedly meeting with two women identified only as “Luscious” and “Brittany” and was struck from behind when he got out of his 2011 Toyota Venza Sunday night.

The police say that McEnany told them that he was picking up the two women from their “grandmothers’ houses” and that he met then a few months ago after his car broke down.

The police however said it was an arrangement for sex. The police played the tape of McEnany’s call to 9-1-1: “I had two supposedly friends of mine needed a ride. I pulled up here and I got out of the car and some black guy jumps me. He throws me down to the ground and starts kicking me and the two girls and the guy get in to my car and take off with it, my wallet, everything.” He says that he was robbed of $100 and that “I was picking up these two girls because they needed a ride somewhere.”

The problem for McEnany is that the police clearly believe that his statement is false, which can itself be a criminal act. Indeed, the police say that they have evidence of their communication for months and Police Chief Mike Chitwood described the communications as “sexually graphic and pretty disgusting.”

There is then the question of whether McEnany should be disciplined for allegedly trying to pay for sex. While some have called for legalization of prostitution, it remains a crime. That would make two possible crimes facing President McEnany.

Keiser is a private non-profit university based in Florida with its main campus in Fort Lauderdale.

Kelli Lane, associate vice chancellor of media and public relations at Keiser said McEnany has been suspended pending a “thorough and comprehensive” investigation.

Lane said the school is cooperating with police.

Source: News Journal

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  1. Yup, the IRS would love to get rid of cash and I believe it will be proposed much sooner than 10 years. And I believe a lot of surveillance is done for them. Ever go to a bank to cash a large check, earned honestly? They treat you like a criminal. Why can’t you cash your own money? The way bank deposits and other banking transactions are reported–and bankers are required to do so by Congress—I feel we should go back to mattress money. We citizens are having to constantly protect, ineffectively, our freedom even when we’re breaking no laws. Where DO you cash your check? Where DO you buy your murder supplies? Where DO you buy your gas? All under surveillance. License plate scanners, iris scanners….On another note, w/ the change in bankruptcy laws & w/ good credit and income now required for a reverse mortgage, and no SOL on tax debt (they can re-up the 10 yr statute if they like) and student loans; FICO; Google street view; WTF Americans!!!! We’re so screwed. The punishments all exceed the “crimes.” People deserve every stupid thing that happens to them for allowing this cradle to grave spying. Every citizen has been betrayed.

  2. TinEar, There is little that is not recorded nowadays. It is Big Brother. The next big step the government will take is outlawing cash. I see that being proposed within the next 10-20 years.

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