9 thoughts on “What To Do With 10,000 iPhones . . .”

  1. She sent you a videotape, you say? Played on your VHS, did you? That’s some snazzy setup you got there at the Turley house; I bet you’re wondering what all those “iPhone” gizmos are….

  2. Cool. There’s a ton of great domino videos out there. I think there are professional domino design people now?

  3. That was awesome. I am from another planet regarding all this phone stuff. I haven’t used my cell phone in over a month. I like it that way. But, this was awesome. A busy signal at the end would have been an interesting touch.

  4. Lighten up, wath! i want kids to do silly things. Get in touch w/ your inner child.

  5. Now if we only we could take these youths’ energy and creativity, and apply it to something useful. Nah, too much to ask.

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