Virginia Teen Arrested For Impersonating Police Officer After Allegedly Pulling Over A Real Police Officer

bda02396-c37a-44ea-8e91-e1c9f7b71e1d-rosenejoshuaA Virginia teen may have just become a lock for this year’s Darwin award after he was arrested for alleging pretending to be a police officer. He reportedly picked the wrong car . . . with an actual police officer inside.

Rosene, 18, reportedly hit his blue light on his Pontiac sedan to pull over the car. An off-duty officer called his on-duty colleagues with the Prince William County to check on the car. Rosene then fled but was later tracked down by real officers.

It is not clear what Rosene was going to get out of the stop. Looking at him, it would seem likely a driver would be suspicious at the sight of such a young officer. What is also curious is that Rosene could have taken another course like . . . become a real police officer.

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  1. DavidM2575 said: “This was probably a foolish kid prank and nothing more.”

    Kids can’t be kids anymore. I am 63. I grew up in a time when boys pulled pranks just like this. If they were caught, their father would come to the police station and have a talk with the police and take the kid home.

  2. Impersonating a police officer is far from a prank, and the “kid” is considered an adult, not a child. Purchasing lights, which mimic those used by law enforcement, including expending whatever energy was required to install them in his vehicle, takes this so-called prank to a whole new level. Let’s see how innocent, cute and childish this behavior would be if, in fact, a loved one had been stopped, terrified and potentially abused/harmed by this kid. It is unknown as to whether or not others were stopped by this same individual using this device, including whether or not anyone was previously harmed.

    1. A flashing blue light can be purchased in many places, including Amazon, for less than $15. There is a battery operated one with a magnetic base for putting up on your car roof for $23.99 including shipping. It is described as “P6LM1 LED Portable Rapid Flashing Safety Lights Personal Hazard Light” if you want to look it up.

      This kind of prank was commonly done 40 years ago when I was in high school. Again, I am not condoning it. I am just saying that I would like to hear more facts before considering whether this was a nefarious action or a poorly thought out prank.

  3. This was probably a foolish kid prank and nothing more. Kids in high school often play games like this to see if a car will pull over if they have a flashing light. As the car pulls over, they keep going, laughing about it. Not condoning the behavior at all, but the title here probably implies a much more serious action than what it actually was.

  4. We really don’t know what his motive was at this point. If the real cop that he inadvertently pulled over was female, then I would be suspicious that he intended to commit a crime. If it were another male, he was playing a dangerous game and could have gotten punched out or killed. If he’s interested in being a police officer himself, I think he may have just flunked the psych test. At 18, he’s old enough to enroll in a community college criminal justice program and go about it the right way.

  5. This clown is really stupid but the Darwin Award goes awarded only to one whose stupidity results with one removing oneself from the gene pole… permanently!

  6. What he did was a violation of the law. There two reasons for it. The guy wants to be a cop and cannot wait until he is 21 to go to Peace Officer school or he has a power fetish and needs help.

    Maybe he’ll get probation and community work. I think the only reason the off duty cop stopped, was out of curiosity as to who lit up on him.

    Maybe if he joined the junior force and most counties have them, he can eventually become a cop. He’s lucky he didn’t pull over a black lives matter follower or he’d be dead.

  7. Only 18 years old? If I’m correct, one who has attained 18 years of age in Virginia is considered an adult. Where are his parents? Do you ask where the parents are of all adults who commit crimes? Don’t turn him into a criminal? No one is turning anyone into a criminal. He has succeeded in doing that all by himself. This is way beyond BOYS WILL BE BOYS and should be dealt with accordingly. A little research, with regard to stories involving individuals who have been found guilty of masquerading around as police officers, would make one realize the dire consequences which have resulted from such innocent games. There may, indeed, have been prior victims of this person, only those victims were unaware that he wasn’t truly part of law enforcement. The fact that he went through the effort and trouble to obtain lights, which mimic those of police officers, takes this little prank into a different category.

  8. I’d bet that if he pulled this stunt before, it would have been reported. Where did he get blue lights?

    The guy is only 18. Where are his parents? Don’t turn him into a criminal. Fortunately, his purported victim was a cop. No one was harmed.

    He should get some serious counseling both psychologically and about the law. Maybe he should intern for a lawyer and develop some positive relationships with people in the legal and law enforcement profession. Bet you he would never do this again and will forever be embarrassed by it.

  9. I can’t help but wonder whether or not this individual has ever attempted to commit a similar act and whether he actually succeeded in pulling over an unsuspecting motorist. Something tells me that this instance may not have been his first stunt. A truly frightening prospect and a crime which should be dealt with severely. His photo should be displayed on the local news broadcasts, and the public should be asked to report any suspicious contact with said individual, either on the road or elsewhere.

  10. timedonkey said:

    “The real cop knew the fake cop was fake when the real cop did not stop the fake cop did not start firing, obviously a fake cop …… failure to fire …”

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