Manhunt Continues For Killers Of Illinois Officer While Nanny Is Arrested For False Report

150901-charles-joseph-gliniewicz-mug-529p_887965c3b55a9c546e86ec0fa7dacd28.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000The manhunt continues for the killers of a much loved and respected officer, 30-year-veteran Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz. The officer from Fox Lake was a married father of four boys and nicknamed “G.I. Joe,” for his toughness and professionalism. The police are searching for two white men and one black man who Gliniewicz described shortly before his death. He was found lying in a marshy area, stripped of his weapon and pepper spray. The weapon was later found. In another development, a woman has been charged with giving police a false report that may have cost them precious time and manpower in looking for the murderers of Gliniewicz.

Gliniewicz radioed to dispatch before 8 a.m. that morning that he was chasing three male suspects engaged in suspicious activity. There may be a deer camera videotape of the three males being reviewed today by police.

Helicopters, canine units, SWAT teams, and an army of state and federal officers have been deployed. However, they were sent in the wrong possible direction by Kristin Kiefer, 30, who has been charged with disorderly conduct and falsifying a police report.

150903-usnews-manhunt-cop-killers-false-kiefer-booking-5a_c4a301eaba5b1ca0fadf103cff134cd2.nbcnews-ux-600-700Heifer called at approximately 9:20 p.m. from Volo, about 5 miles south of Fox Lake, to say that she had pulled over to the side of the road with car trouble when she saw two men, one white and one black, near a cornfield. She claimed they tried to get into her car, but that the men fled because they feared she was going to call the police. That is a major lead and led to a heavy deployment of resources at a critical time. Some 85 federal, state and local law enforcement officials, 11 police dogs and three air support units were redeployed. Kiefer continued to maintain that her account was true but eventually admitted that she lied to seek attention from a family that employs her as a nanny. The location was close to the family’s house.

It is truly a bizarre rationale for such a terrible and costly hoax. This was not some kid but an adult woman who seemed to care little about the impact of her actions on this community. In terms of hoax reports, this one would rank among the most serious and is likely to bring a very serious penalty.

In the meantime, citizens mourn the loss of this officer. His widow, Melanie Gliniewicz, and her four sons joined a memorial and said “My world got a little bit smaller with his passing, and he will truly be missed by all of us.” She added that he was my “best friend, my hero, the love of my life for the last 26 and half years.”

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    “As the investigation into the killing of a Fox Lake police officer continues, there’s a lot of speculation about an internal investigation into the department, happening at the same time. Some are questioning whether the two are linked.

    CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos looked into it and found out what’s happening.

    Michael Behan paid respects to Lt. Joe Gliniewicz five days after he retired as the Fox Lake Police Chief.

    “There have been questions that have been coming up regarding a change of leadership in the Fox Lake police department. This is completely independent of the major crime investigation going on,” said Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Covelli.

    Behan announced his retirement just days after the village of Fox Lake placed him and another officer on paid administrative leave.That announcement came as the village launched an internal investigation into the police department.

    The investigation is looking into, “the handling of a December 2014 incident involving a police officer and a male arrestee in custody…”

    A source tells CBS 2 Investigators the whole thing was caught on camera. The source calls it police brutality, an inmate beaten twice in his cell.

    In a statement on August 21, “The village has concerns with respect to how the incident was investigated, when it was investigated and how decisions regarding the findings and discipline were reached.”

    CBS 2 Investigators submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request to the village of Fox Lake on August 5, requesting a copy of the video from inside the jail cell. That request was denied, citing an ongoing investigation.”

  2. “Fox Lake appoints new police leadership”

    By Lauren Zumbach

    “The village of Fox Lake has appointed a new interim chief and deputy chief of police to lead a department that within two weeks saw the launch of an internal investigation, resignation of its chief and the fatal shooting of a police lieutenant, officials announced Saturday.

    Fox Lake officials swore in Lake County sheriff’s office Deputy Chief Michael Keller as the department’s interim chief and appointed Lake County sheriff’s office sergeant Scot Kurek as interim deputy chief Saturday afternoon, village officials said in a news release.

    “As we mourn the loss of Lt. (Charles Joseph) Gliniewicz, we need to enable the members of the police department time to recover and heal from the impact of the tragedy that felled their comrade and friend. We are also mindful of our obligation to provide our police officers with strong leadership so that the department can continue to function at an optimal level and provide critical services to our community even during this very difficult time,” Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit said in a statement.

    Fox Lake’s previous chief, Michael Behan, announced his retirement last month, less than a week after he was put on paid administrative leave during a village investigation into an altercation between an officer and a man who was arrested last year, according to a news release from the village.

    The police officer, who was not identified, has also been placed on paid administrative leave.

    Lt. Mark Schindler had been leading the department before Gliniewicz was killed, said village spokesman Dave Bayless.

    “Given Tuesday morning’s tragedy, they wanted to bring in seasoned leadership,” Bayless said.

    Lake County sheriff’s Detective Christopher Covelli said the new leadership would not affect the investigation into Gliniewicz’s shooting. The Lake County Major Crimes Task Force is leading that investigation, Covelli said, and Keller and Kurek had not previously been part of that team. Fox Lake police have been involved in the investigation, but only those assigned to the task force.

    “The temporary appointments had nothing to do with the investigation,” Covelli said. “It’s completely, 100 percent separate.”

    Keller, 39, currently manages the Lake County sheriff’s office Gang Task Force. He first joined the Round Lake Beach Police department in 1997 and has been with the sheriff’s office since 2001, according to the statement.

    Kurek, 40, is a sergeant in the Highway Patrol Division and has also served as a detective in the criminal investigations division.

    The village is conducting a search for permanent leaders for the Police Department, according to the news release.” -Chicago Tribune, By Lauren Zumbach

  3. Steve Fleischer

    ““…an army of state and federal officers…”

    Why are we devoting these resources to one killing when so many other crimes receive a fraction of these resources..

    Rough guess, but law enforcement has devoted at least 30 times the man power to this crime than other murders receive.

    Are cops better than other American citizens?”

    One of the rare persons here that seeks truth and justice. Great point.

  4. So sad this father of four, clearly a decent man had to lose his life at the hands of three gunmen. A great loss to the community and his family.This nanny needs some therapy. Hopefully she will have learned her lesson here. What a waste of time and resources.

  5. Steve; they’re better than you, they put their life on the line everyday for the common good.

  6. I was wondering who was going to use this to smear the opposition. Keep it up. There are enough intelligent people in this country.

  7. “…an army of state and federal officers…”

    Why are we devoting these resources to one killing when so many other crimes receive a fraction of these resources..

    Rough guess, but law enforcement has devoted at least 30 times the man power to this crime than other murders receive.

    Are cops better than other American citizens?

  8. My prayers for the family of the slain officer. I hope law enforcement quickly apprehend these criminals.

    On the other hand, if you are a police officer, and I am not, are you required to chase suspects, into a wooded or dark area, when you are outnumbered 3 to 1?

  9. Since a man can declare himself a woman, and “regret equals rape,” and penalties are actually taxes, I see nothing wrong with feeling like you were attacked by copkillers on the loose is no different than actually being attacked.

    Learn to love postmodern Foucauldian Unfacts.

    When seen through the proper lens of Power, the nanny was indeed assaulted, no different than Hillary (PBUH) remembering landing under sniper fire in Bosnia.

  10. If this woman lies about this, I wonder what else she lies and fabricates about.

    I wouldn’t allow this person within 100 yards of my children, much less in my house with my children.

    In the famous Donald Trump words….You’re fired!!!

  11. Well, better late than never! It should be noted, this guy was very active in the community as a citizen. When someone dies, there is almost always the hyperbolic accolades. However, my wife knows a woman in Fox Lake. Everyone in town knew this guy as much for his involvement in the community as a citizen, as much as for his police persona. He was scheduled to retire a week prior to the shooting but helped out his Chief, agreeing to staying on until October.

    This nanny personifies the “Look @ me” social media culture of our current times.

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