A True Symbiotic Business Relationship

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

snowboarding-blueMost of the time, when one reads phrases such as “maintain a symbiotic business relationship” it usually harks of the tired and boring corporate double-speak germinating out of conference rooms stuffed with marketing and P.R. wonks. But in clicking through some old image archives I rediscovered an old gem.

What follows is a photo that truly embodies symbiosis in business. Whether it was by design, happenstance, or from my point of view serendipity, I remembered still almost laughing when I captured this irony.

Here it is:


I found these in 2012 while driving through Tacoma, Washington.

Some philosophical reflection is in order I believe:

An Optimist shops from right to left.
A pessimist shops from left to right.
A realist just keeps on driving.

By Darren Smith

Photo Credits:

Stores: Own work, released to public domain
Snowboarder: Dmitri Markine, http://www.dmitrimarkine.com via Wikipedia

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7 thoughts on “A True Symbiotic Business Relationship”

  1. So BitchinDog,

    What exactly is your point? That all sex workers are infestations, dirty women, less than you, deserve your disdain? Maybe she likes sex….horrors……?? Maybe she needs both jobs because ……..?
    Maybe it’s your business to judge because……?

    Oh wait a minute on another thread, you expressed an opinion about Christians, right? Hmmmmm.

  2. not exactly ancient greek like comedy… lol it’s good to be young.

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