Arachnophobia Leads To Conflagration

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

giant-huntsman-spiderIn a truly illuminating display of foolishness, a patron at a Michigan gas station set a pump on fire when he attempted to remove a spider from his gas tank. His fear of spiders and what he probably believed to be a clear, and present danger to his person, used a lighter to kill the menace.

The predictable result, a fireball engulfed his car and the gas pump.


Fortunately he was not injured, however the pump was destroyed. Employees prevented a further conflagration by shutting off power to the other pumps while the customer came to his senses and knocked down the flames with an extinguisher.

Of course we must provide the requisite disclaimer. Do not use your zippo, road flare, hair dryer, or fireworks while pumping gas.

A video surveillance camera captured this glorious event, providing employees with reportedly a source of entertainment despite the cost.

By Darren Smith

Source: Fox News Detroit

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31 thoughts on “Arachnophobia Leads To Conflagration”

  1. I have learned the hard way…just leave the spider alone. I tried to kill one on a gutter with bug spray. Ended up with horrible sinus infection and ear infection. Doctor gave me Levaquin (anitbiotic). I woke up Sept. 3rd and had no feeling in my legs, couldn’t walk. a reaction to the antibiotic. Three days in the hospital!

  2. “Max-1
    1, September 27, 2015 at 4:11 pm
    KCFlaming is blowing smoke up someone’s tailpipe, again!”

    You and Ingaannie have insulted KCFlemming and made gay references in other threads. You basically are calling him GAY. You two are pathetic. Liberals always insult those who don’t agree with them because you are not smart enough to debate.

    Thought you Liberals support the LBGT community, but you don’t hesitate to call people “gay” when it suits you. You’re such hypocrites but I expect that from people like you.

  3. Paul C Shulte – I actually found a wasp nest up under my roof on the second floor. The only access was through a window or with a latter. So I raised my window and sprayed Flex Seal on those wasps, while screaming at the same time. I didn’t have any Raid. But Flex Seal worked and the wasp all died. lol

    1. Lisa N. – I think it was the screaming that did it. Wasps are sensitive to noise.

  4. Lighting a spider butt at the opening of a gas tank in a gas station is beyond illogical. It’s funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Below is another illogical but outrageously funny thing a guy did with a taser. lol

  5. “Fortunately he was not injured,”

    That’s not how survival of the fittest is supposed to work, evolution and all that stuff.

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