Ohio Couple Allegedly Robs Bank and Then Posts Celebratory Photos On Facebook Before Being Friended By Ohio Police

cash923frtMost of our parents told us about not bragging but John Mogan, 28, and Ashely Duboe, 24, appear to have missed that (in addition to a notable large number of other lessons in their lives). Mogan, a parolee, had allegedly just robbed the Savings Bank in Ashville, just outside of Columbus. He and Duboe celebrated by posting pictures with the cash.

survbankrobberyxPolice appreciated the photos, particularly from a parole who has not just photographs on file but a pretty good shot during his robbery of the bank. Police say that Mogan wore a black hoodie as he handed the teller a note demanding cash.

mogan1Four days later, Mogan posted a photo on his Facebook page that shows him with fans of cash in each hand as he embraces Duboe and later posted a picture with a wad of bills in his mouth — with the statement “That’s called a McStack. I’m doing rrree=aaaaalll good.”

Mogan was just paroled in July for a 2010 bank robbery near Ashville. Not only did Duboe allegedly drive Mogan on the bank heist but put makeup on him to hide his tattoos. That is more than enough for serious time for her role in the bank robbery.

They both now face felony robbery and theft charges and are being being held on a $250,000 bond at the Pickaway County jail. They are both fortunate that sheer stupidity is not a recognized aggravating factor under the sentencing guidelines.


17 thoughts on “Ohio Couple Allegedly Robs Bank and Then Posts Celebratory Photos On Facebook Before Being Friended By Ohio Police”

  1. “in addition to a notable large number of other lessons in their lives”……huh?
    Seriously? Their lesson plan binder is bereft of the “lessons” to which referred.

    As to skin art, it’s plain d_ _ n painful and requires a lot of initial care. Not to mention that fine art costs a lot. But somebody has to do it or there would be unemployed artists, no longer supported by the large receiving contingent (not everybody) of supplemental assistance ….read $$$$$.

  2. KCF,

    Spot on! Seriously, these two are so self-absorbed they couldn’t reason the consequences of posting their actions on Facebook. What’s the difference between them and those cops that busted a pot dispensary and proceeded to party on camera? I doubt stupidity is at the root but rather ego.

  3. When my kid asked me about tattoos in obvious places…I said just get one, on her forehead that says ” I f*** bikers” , and that usually worked. Yes, she has a couple tattoos but they’re inconspicuous and subtle in places most don’t look. For the life of me I just do not understand this fascination with tattoos anywhere and everywhere. Just what is the point…what are you/they trying to say? Symbolism? What is the symbol? What are trying oh so hard to “represent?” Whatever it is, it’s out of yesterday, not today. But I’m old and never was in the Navy, so there’s that… 🙂

  4. Ya’ll tattoo haters. I’ve seen nice girls with a pretty unobtrusive tattoo. A chemical formula on the upper arm. A small maple leave on the underside of the wrist. A small bunch of three stars near the ankle. A TMNT Michelangelo on the shoulder. OK that one was not small and unobtrusive, but she loved that turtle, and is a nice normal woman.

    That being said, tattoos on the face… or the tramp stamp! Nah ah. Then again… I’ve a pretty good imagination, so I could imagine a potential where I’d be OK with a potential GF with crazy tribal tattoos everywhere and maybe ridiculous piercings. Hey, I’m open minded!

    FYI one of my best friends is a tattoo artist/amazing artist in general. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for years. I’ll probably die thinking which one I would like best.


    This young couple serves as an excellent bad example. That is their purpose. Everyone has a purpose.

  5. The only hope we have is that few criminals will read this and clean up their Facebook page.

  6. A rap sheet tattoo. I would trademark that idea, DBQ! Tattoo artist would love it because it requires constant updates. But, I’ve run rap sheets on people that are over 50 pages.

  7. More bad choices. Are they related to the tattooed Florida turtle lady.

    Perhaps we should re think the function of tats. Instead of being body adornment they are a loud clarion announcement that ……….HERE IS A MORON.

    Pretty convenient way for the rest of us to know who to avoid. Perhaps IQ tattooed on the forehead and a list of arrests and convictions as well. Although, some people will need more space and probably need to use other visible parts of their bodies for the safety announcement.

  8. They are stupid in some ways, but probably sophisticated in others. They knew they would get caught, and probably never able to spend the money. But they’ll be pretty popular in prison. Maybe that was more important. Also, they’ll make so many new friends in social media from this stunt. Prison is just temporary, but friends last a lifetime.

  9. Fools.

    The real way to rob bank customers is to force interest rates low and tax everything they do and own.

    Then you can take these pictures and be called Senator..

  10. He needs to get another tattoo–this one across his forehead, where there appears to be some valuable, unused real estate. I wonder if there’s enough room to spell out I’M A SCHMUCK?

  11. This is an old saying:

    One tattoo: drunk at a carnival.
    Two tattoos: Navy.
    Three or more tattoos: INMATE.

    My message goes out to all of you folks on the blog who have kids who might think that a tattoo is a cool thing. Please educate your offspring. Women are particularly ugly when they get a tattoo.

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