Gun-Toting North Carolina Candidate Pledges To Hunt Down “Rinos” In Political Ad

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.46.01 PMHouse GOP primary candidate Kay Daly is challenging Rep. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina clearly has a different view of what constitutes a high calibre candidate. The former N.C. GOP spokeswoman and congressional aide is running an advertisement that says that she does not just oppose RINOs (“Republican In Name Only”) but wants to bag them . . . literally.

The new ad attacks Ellmers and shows her in unflattering images while warning voters that she is a “feminist” and a “RINO” — including votes “to let homosexuals pretend they’re married.”

This is not the first time that a candidate has pitched their candidacy at the business end of a shotgun — though Democratic candidates appear to prefer hunting elephants.

For her part, Ellmer seems to draw a lively set of opponents. In 2014, she defeated former American Idol star Clay Aiken with 58.9 percent of the vote.

. . . and we are just starting the campaign season.

35 thoughts on “Gun-Toting North Carolina Candidate Pledges To Hunt Down “Rinos” In Political Ad”

  1. Max, a similar hard line attitude was probably expressed in favor of everyone legally being able to own guns by many who experienced oppression and death by the king’s soldiers back in the late 1700’s. There is evidence of this in a well-known document from that era which guarantees that ability to Americans. It’s one of the basic laws that were supposed to help control government and ensure Americans’ freedoms.

    The real problem is how society rejects and ignores people who are “not normal” when what they need is acceptance and friends who appreciate them for their eccentricities and unique perspectives. They aren’t just subjects to be treated by mental health professionals. Imagine if there were required classes on how to understand and get along with people, how to be a good friend and neighbor, or how and why individuals should be accepted and included in groups that were taught in high school or earlier, the same as history, civics and government, and English classes are today. This could instill concepts that would reprogram human nature and override the instincts for aggression and fear of others who are different. Maybe then there wouldn’t be so many psychos who hate people and want to shoot and kill everyone in schools.

  2. Nick, the lies, manipulation, and distortions in the advertising business, among many other dishonest reasons that ultimately became obvious to me, are why I got out of advertising. I couldn’t promote any product or service I could not believe was beneficial for people and the claims about it were not true. All to control and manipulate people into spending money and making the sponsors more money than ever.

  3. I see the American hero, Spencer Stone, was stabbed by two men and is fighting for his life. We need to ban knives except for professional chefs who are licensed and undergo background checks. This guy beats down a heavily armed Muslim terrorist and gets knifed by 2 guys in the street.

  4. Tyger, I always mute ads on TV. I surmise you ad Satan people know some people do that and so many ads are now mostly visual. I avert my eyes or turn off the TV. I do the same w/ radio. I am your worst nightmare.

    Yes, there is a political revolution underway, the duopoly folks are in denial @ this point.

  5. Ninian, as a Brit, I realize you don’t understand Americans and their politics, and that’s okay. I stand by my statements, because 1) I ran an ad agency for more than 20 years, and yes, ad people DO live in a very different world than most others (you have no idea just how influenced and subconsciously controlled by both the media and its advertising you “normal” folks are), and 2) the next American presidential election will be very different than previous years. Much of the population are fed up with government-as-usual and will likely surprise the party-line candidates with how they vote.

  6. Meh. Innocuous.

    That was a real shot, watch her recoil. Want to see some real provocative videos? Watch the Planned Parenthood stings that have been all the rage in the news lately.

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