Minnesota Woman Arrested After Sending Family Note Saying That She Wanted To Taste Their Children

Carrie PernulaCarrie Pernula, 38, has a curious way of responding to what she considers pesky children and she is now the subject of an equally curious criminal case. The Minnesota woman reportedly confessed to send menacing notes to a family saying that she wanted to “taste” their children. She is now charged with stalking and disorderly conduct.

Police say that Pernula confessed to sending the notes out of anger with the children for making noise in the neighborhood and leaving things on her yard and porch. That would see ample reason to contact the parents, but not in the way that Pernula chose. She sent the first anonymous note by mail and said: “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?”

With two elementary school children, the family was alarmed and that alarm was then magnified when they received magazine subscriptions addressed to “tasty children.” It took little time to trace the magazines to Pernula.

The stalking provision would seem a fit: “”stalking” means to engage in conduct which the actor knows or has reason to know would cause the victim under the circumstances to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated, and causes this reaction on the part of the victim regardless of the relationship between the actor and victim.”

Moreover, specific intent is expressly not required:

“No proof of specific intent required. In a prosecution under this section, the state is not required to prove that the actor intended to cause the victim to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated, or except as otherwise provided in subdivision 3, paragraph (a), clause (4), or paragraph (b), that the actor intended to cause any other result.”

It is less clear why this was also charged as disorderly conduct, which seems like count stacking on the same underlying facts. Indeed, they hardly need the charge with the stalking count.

As for Pernula’s attorney, Debbie Lang seemed hard pressed in articulating a public defense. She is quoted as offering the wonderfully understated response of this being “an unfortunate and complicated situation for everyone involved.”

What do you think that appropriate sentence should be given Pernula’s confession for sending such notes?

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  1. She just might have had a dark sense of humor, and figured that by saying something crazy and “distasteful” it would be enough for the parents to keep the kids away.

    Nevertheless, not much foresight on her part. Legal consequences should have appeared obvious.

  2. Do you think she is channeling Jonathan Swift?

    As long as she does not intend to eat the rich or any fat cats I think it will be safe to release her.

  3. “Pernula works as a forensic data entry operator for Medtox, a company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
    According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously worked as a contract assistant at a Minnesota drug company and worked for several years in human resources and other positions at Target’s corporate headquarters.

    She is a graduate of University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a degree in psychology.”

  4. I feel safer knowing that laws are now being enforced that don’t require intent. Hello George Orwell. So casually saying ‘I wish aliens would abduct you’, or ‘I am upset that you are unable to control your children and with your inability to keep them sedated.’, or ‘Your property is a mess, so I’m going to make sure you are ridiculed atthe next social.’ are now reasons to arrest someone. It’s fine that the neighbors ruin the area with out of control children and an inability to maintain their property, thus devaluing the surrounding properties.

    Sure, her approach was less than appropriate, and she certainly needs some help with expressing herself and dealing with anger, but is she living alone? Was she frightened of these people who can’t control their kids? Did these out of control kids ever in some way threaten her? No sense asking those questions. Guilty!! No need to know more! She’s a witch! Start the fires…. I am glad most of the people that comment her aren’t holding the scales of justice.

  5. Do you watch zombi crap with your kids? Do you read their vampire books. At church do you kids sit with you or go off to ” childrens church”…. This is probably a failure to communicate….generational..
    ..we call them freaks but they were not brought up on happy days and hogans heroez. She was brought up e bube tube zombies…..and hynger games….whole other language…..

  6. Imagine having to sit in a cubicle, located next to this freak, at work. If that thought doesn’t make you suddenly appreciate those with whom you work, nothing will.

  7. Obviously, this woman is troubled. She should be sent to therapy for many hours. She should also have to serve community service for many hours – a service which will be quiet therein allowing her many hours to reflect on what she has done. Parents today do not have the ability to discipline their children as in the “good old days” when a spank would work. Today, the children threaten their parents with reporting them to the authorities for abuse and it happens every single day. The courts have given the children the upper hand. Perhaps this is why this woman’s neighboring children are out of control. If it is that bad, why didn’t she just move? yes, I know, she could be living in an underwater mortgage or the like so moving isn’t always an option. Nonetheless, there are many other options to resolve the situation through the court system…but only if you’re a Freemason. LOL Just kidding. She could have contacted the local city authorities in an effort to resolve the matter. To go as far as she did though makes me think that she a screw loose herself. It’s a crazy world we live in today and it is not going to get any better. The worst thing that could happen to this country would be to allow Hillary to be president – I say that because, to me, it would be exactly the same as allowing this woman to be president…they are a lot alike.

  8. Thanx for the tip on minn law …..i guesss one night inebrieted i called my cousin a usda guy…..pist about the new epa rule. The recievers called the cops….
    Scared. Boo nevermind i was shitfaced 2009 miles away. God forbid intent and capability be elements of a crime. How old is this gal? Where did she go to school? What did taste mean? I say this seriously with common core and the fact my church wants to wisk my kids off to kids church…..what are they beinf taught. So we dwell on taste……this iz the zombie vampire generation we know nothing about……cuz we generationally fux language.


  9. I see a permanent protection order is indicated. If after being served she ceases her bizarre behavior alleged here, it would be best for her and the victim family. If she pulls this again its back to the hoosegow.

    I don’t know what her offender score is, if she has one, but whatever the determinate sentence is for this crime I would say toward the low end of the sentencing range would be fine, with a suspended sentence in case she later violates the conditions of release. If convicted she needs to spend some time behind bars. Some court mandated counseling could be of benefit as well, but without having the full case file as guidance, I still do not believe however that this alleged crime is solely based upon psychological challenges on her part. I think it is more out of spite and trying to intimidate.

  10. The Minn stalking statute is ridiculously vague. Heck, if I worked in Minn I could have my boss charged, haha. Since the perp’s booking photo shows her wearing Halloween colors, I think her lawyer could argue that it was all part of seasonal fun and games and the parents didn’t understand her unique north woods sense of humor. Pay a fine; get a warning, and move on. I don’t see any crime here, and I’m especially uncomfortable with statutes that criminalize behavior without any mens rea element.

  11. Joe, You should catch the series, Fargo. High quality TV..”Yer darn tootin’!”

  12. Remember the movie “Fargo?” Them cold north climes do some weird things to people. She does look kinda peekid, don’t she?

  13. She may be wacko but I dont think that this is a criminal offense. It is more tit for tat. The mother of the brats should control them. The lady needs a guard dog to run the brats off. If the dog bit the kids it would not be the lady’s fault but the dog would be up itShay creek without a paddle.

  14. Hey, pick up the bikes and other paraphernalia, and toss them in the garbage! Get an SPL app for your smart phone, record the readings, show them to the parents, and if no fix, contact the police.

    If you’re offended by litter and noise, how would you feel if someone threatened to eat your children?

    If the action was just to be really offensive I’m thinking a few weekends and a lot of community service maybe. If she meant it, obviously real time, months or longer. How do you decide on mental state for such strange threat?

    Anyway…I read this story: private party A places a public add selling X merchandise. Person B replies to the ad as an agent for a dealer suggesting person A drive 45 minutes to person B’s store so the store can make cash offer for the merchandise. Person A replies by telling Person B something like, “I’d rather you hammer a nail with your face.”

    Does the above quote fit the article definition of “stalking?” “…to engage in conduct which the actor knows or has reason to know would cause the victim under the circumstances to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated, and causes this reaction on the part of the victim regardless of the relationship between the actor and victim.”

    99% of every rap song seems to fit that definition.

  15. Psychotherapy and psychoeducation, with possibly some community service, which has absolutely nothing to do with direct contact with children. I would also recommend that the parents come in for some therapy of their own, possibly filial therapy, to help them learn how to keep their children in line, and teach them respect for individual, and property, rights.

  16. If her record is otherwise clear and following a psych eval that she has to pay for, I’d give her a zillion hours of volunteering in a shelter housing kids, volunteering at the children’s hospital, volunteering at an elementary school, or a zillion hours working for the parks and rec dept cleaning children’s parks in the morning and making them safe.

  17. Is her maiden name Dahmer? Seriously, a Gopher would not eat people, only fat, ravenous Cheeseheads eat people.

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