Rough Interview: Applicant For Michigan Police Job Arrested After Background Check Shows Outstanding Rape Charges In Kentucky

1297771646383_ORIGINALWe have previously discussed the curious pattern of people with past crimes seeking employment in law enforcement . . . only to end up as a defendant rather than an applicant. The latest to join this ignoble group is John Wesley Rose, 25, who applied for a job at a Michigan sheriff’s department despite an outstanding warrant in Kentucky on sexual assault charges.

Rose is wanted in Kentucky on six counts of sexual abuse, sodomy and rape. That record was revealed after Rose appeared for the job as an officer. It turns out that, when he interviewed, the outstanding charges were not put into the national database but popped up later. They then carried out a ruse and asked Rose to return to complete paperwork and finalize the employment application. When he showed up, they arrested him.

He has waived extradition and will now return to face the charges.

10 thoughts on “Rough Interview: Applicant For Michigan Police Job Arrested After Background Check Shows Outstanding Rape Charges In Kentucky”

  1. Similar to the story of the “kid cop” here in the Chicago area. He was arrested once for posing as a traffic cop and again for posing as an officer at a cop shop.

  2. In 1964 my family lived in the Hyde Park section of Chicago where our oldest son went to public school. Hyde Park was filled with residents associated with the University of Chicago ranging from professors to students. One day our PTA had invited the chief of police to give a talk about security in Chicago. Before he gave his talk he asked “those among you who will advise their children to become police officers please raise your hand”. No one did and there lies one of the problems of our police forces.

  3. Paul:

    It’s strange, but psychopaths are bold. They are attracted to jobs such as these, which gives them power. That is why the screening process is so vigorous. They have to weed these guys out.

    Only someone with a pathological need to be bold would apply for the police academy with a criminal record.

    On the other hand, some of them are just plain idiots, such as the guy who admitted to being a pedophile during his interview. And thank God they are, as they can be arrested and removed from society. Unless they live in CA, in which case it’s mean to put them in overcrowded prisons, so we just catch and release. I wish we’d just put up tent prisons to take care of the overcrowding, rather than just letting crime pay. But I’m unreasonable, because car thefts increased by over 400% in some areas affected after Brown enacted this new law. We’re all supposed to ignore the stats.

  4. There are apparently people so dumb about police procedure they don’t know about the ability of police to be aware of past offences in other states, and often even other nations.

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