Furay Into Criminal Stardom: Texas Teenager’s Mugshot Goes Viral

1045440-6-20151110102533-happiest-mugshot-in-america-is-of-19-year-old-alleged-drug-kingpinWe have previously discussed people who simply do not know how to take a mugshot . . . and some who appear long prepared for their close up. Sarah Elizabeth Furay, 19, is one of the photo-ready alleged felons. Dubbed the “happiest mugshot” by the Houston Chronicle, Furay seems like she has been selected for a free exotic cruise rather than a slew of drug charges in College Station, Texas. Indeed, this smiling individual has been described by media as an alleged “drug kingpin.” I hardly see the basis for that distinction but the police certainly hit a treasure trove of drugs and evidence.

After executing a search warrant police reportedly found five different types of drugs (including coke, meth, and ecstasy), packaging materials, digital scales, and a handwritten price list for the illegal wares. They also found phone records that they say show Furay running the drug business. She has been charged with three counts of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, as well as one count of drug possession, KAGS notes. She posted a $39,000 bail.

We have previously discussed this long-standing debate of defense lawyers of whether clients should smile or not smile for mugshots in high-visibility cases. The former can be misinterpreted as being unconcerned or even humored by an arrest. Yet, the latter can leave an impression of a guilty disposition. Most recommend a neutral expression.

2E4EB5D600000578-3312139-College_Station_Police_found_cocaine_marijuana_ecstasy_and_metha-a-6_1447177940200Furay shows the danger of being too peppy. Her photo has joined the viral mugshot collection on the Internet with other photos from her social media, an interesting phenomenon that we have previously discussed. That is not a good thing when you are accused of running a drug business, though I can almost hear Hollywood screenwriters checking flights to College Station.

13 thoughts on “Furay Into Criminal Stardom: Texas Teenager’s Mugshot Goes Viral”

  1. Considering anyone else wouldn’t have had bail set that low with all that she did . Yes it is important.

  2. Did her father–either a former or a current DEA agent–prevent this arrest? Prevent charges from going forward? Obviously not. She’s been arrested. She’s been charged. What’s the point? Like countless other children of celebrities and/or politicians, this kid is a f’up. If the point that some are desperately trying to make is that she has managed to escape justice due to her father’s connections, look no further than the goofy and smiling mugshot and the list of charges. She is being held accountable.

  3. Outlaw the most dangerous and damaging drug– the one which has killed millions of Americans. Guns are quicker if you want to commit suicide. Tobacco.

  4. Isn’t this the one whose father is an active DEA agent? Always good to have access to inside information.

  5. Let’s do a follow up story in 5 years to add to “The Faces of Meth” website. We can see her age progression into a pock marked, hollow eyed, boney shell of her former self.

    So many people start doing drugs for fun, but no one looks like they’re having any fun once they get hooked.

  6. “You mean the government will think I’m a drug dealer?”

    “WORSE! They’ll think you’re a TAX CHEAT!!”

    Jessie and Saul exchange, Breaking Bad.

  7. Actually, she has that ….”I am sooooo baked!” look on her face. Using her own products.

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