Jamie Lee (Not-So) Sharp: Burglar Films Himself Stealing Porsche and Then Crashes and Traps Himself In The Car

2EFB1D3400000578-3342238-image-m-9_14490393242812EFB1D1E00000578-3342238-image-a-10_1449039330332 Jamie Lee Sharp, 25, currently needs to find another line of work. Sharp and his friend James Honeywell, 26, allegedly stole a Porsche Boxster and Sharp proceeded to videotape himself driving the sports car and texting friends. He then crashed the car and trapped himself within it for the police to collect.

Sharp and Honeywell of Gloucester burglarized a home and stole a large television, a wallet and other items. They then spotted the keys to the Porsche and took off. He then taped himself driving the car (eventually into a wall). He says such things as “I’m in a Porsche Boxster. Anyway I’m driving, it’s my friend’s car init, just picked up a (inaudible). Hey babe do you like the Porsche I am driving right now?” Here is the tape released by the Gloucestershire Police:

After the crash, Honeywell took off and left Sharp trapped in the car.

The joy ride proved costly. Sharp (left) was sentenced to four years after pleading guilty to burglary, aggravated vehicle taking, driving whilst disqualified, drink-driving and driving without insurance.

One of the highlights played before sentencing was Sharp dangling the keys to the stolen vehicle. If there is an aggravator for sheer stupidity, Sharp is a prime candidate.

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  1. “Taped” is a strange word for “video recorded,” considering tape disappeared 15-20 years ago as a recording medium. I’m reminded of the automotive “dash board.” The “dash board” of a horse-drawn carriage is the large flat slab of wood between the driver and the horse(s), on which the driver slaps the reigns, alerting the horses to giddy-up. The term stuck when they replaced the horse w/an internal combustion motor.

  2. Car theft should be penalized right up there with cattle rustling was in the wild west, hang’em

  3. Another for the Darwin awards. I laughed out loud when I read the title. šŸ™‚

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