2015 Was A Very, Very Bad Year For Chelan County Meth User

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

250px-MethpipeChelan County resident Martin Hoyer will not be enjoying this holiday season. He might also want to consider a new year’s resolution of finding a new illicit drug.

Hoyer admitted to smoking meth for two consecutive days and began hallucinating, hearing voices through a vent to his neighbor’s apartment. He convinced himself that the neighbor and “A bunch of Mexicans and White Guys” were conspiring to rob him.

You can only imagine how quickly things devolved from there.


The neighbor informed police that Hoyer ran out to her front door and threatened to shoot her before returning to his apartment.

It was from there that he began to see “Mexicans in the trees” waiting to attack him. Two of his illusionary assailants went to a second neighbor’s downstairs apartment. Hoyer, being concerned for her welfare, stuffed a .45 pistol into his front waistband and charged down the stairs to “save her”.

As he attempted to rescue her by kicking in the door the pistol went off. The bullet ricocheted off his hip joint then lodged in his Scrotal area–a most humbling moment, yet worthy of a bonus for artistic impression.

Mr. Hoyer might be thankful to be alive but unfortunately Thanksgiving week proved less festive. Having a prior conviction for Robbery did not make for good tidings. A superior court judge sentenced him to thirty months in prison after accepting his guilty plea for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

Hopefully 2019 will be a better year for him.

By Darren Smith


The Wenatchee World

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  1. J .. I’ve beaten cancer twice before, and I intend to do so again. Treatments today keep improving and each one of us that survives makes it easier for the next guy to do so.

    BTW…Carter’s brain cancer was treated and cured by a highly focused radiation technique that was used on my two previous cases, both 100% successful. The machine used on me then was “The Edge” and hospital and I made the local news. It’s not appropriate for what I have now, but may be some day. Meantime I plan to persevere. I simply want others to know, who might be more shy about talking about it openly, that there is always a chance and you can be that chance.

  2. Dog…tobacco and booze dont generally culminate with visions of mexicans in trees with sombreros an guns. Hence booze doesnt usually carry zero tolerance. Our boozed mayor is still the mayor. Hasnt shot himself in the balls yet. Ppl know it wears off in course hence say ‘sober ‘ up to be taken seriously. Other drugs should maybe be zero tolerance…..because the body has zero tolerance. Like meth and salts and lsd etc. Who knows what a person might do. And aridog (other dog) i am going to pray for you. Jimmy carters brain tumors are gone. So there is a cure for cancer. Be it drugs or prayer-faith or a combination. Let you at least see the footsteps in the sand. And let us all consider that 46 yo emt in texas who is totally concious yet the hospital is demanding to unhook him without even testing if he has cancer and is terminal. Even then…..is it up to god to take a man? Or the doctors unplug? And deem the hour of his soul. Despite the patients “capacity”. However it goes aridog….we only got one soul. Please don’t compromise the souls of others. For mans “dnrs” for mans “advanced directives”.

  3. I’ve not mentioned this condition elsewhere, yet, but I have here because my experience may help others who may face similar circumstances in the future….and I think this site is capable of understanding that simple concept. I will do my best to inform as it goes along. If it helps one other person it is worth it. 🙂

  4. Thanks to all. The new anti-nausea meds are reported to work quite well. We shall see 😀

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