Suspected Burglar Hides In Lake From Police . . . Alligator Eats Suspected Burglar

3e9572f41e724a37896c231dd0689f88There is a bizarre tragedy in a criminal matter out of Florida where suspected burglar Matthew Riggins, 22, allegedly was fleeing a crime scene and hiding from police in Barefoot Bay, Florida. He chose unwisely. He hid in a lake where he was eaten by an alligator.

Rigging was attacked by an 11-foot long alligator. Police say that he called his girlfriend to tell her he would be in the area breaking into homes. Two men were later seen dressed in black and lurking around homes. Police used a dog to search for the men.

Some of Riggins remains were recovered from within the stomach of the alligator.

It is unclear if they caught the second man. If police have enough to charge a felony break-in, the man could have a charge linked to the death. Prosecutors often bring charges, even felony murder, for deaths that occur in the course of a crime. This can include a co-conspirator. However, here the death was caused by a wild animal away from the crime scene. It would seem an unlikely basis for a charge. However, a court could consider the death at sentencing as part of the overall costs of the crime.

Source: Yahoo

28 thoughts on “Suspected Burglar Hides In Lake From Police . . . Alligator Eats Suspected Burglar”

  1. I think that the state should start handing out gators to everybody. It should not matter if the person is trained or not, just give them away to the good guys that want gators, that way the bad guys with gators won’t win…………..

  2. And in addition to all the methods I just listed, being fed to a hungry alligator would be appropriate, too. Just don’t kill the gator later. Have a few witnesses to his meal to document the criminal no longer exists.

  3. You’re right, Barkin, it seems that dogs will tell it like it is (even if they do so as loudly as they can), but humans can’t be blunt and honest with each other. Actually, I don’t care what words are used, but I think violent criminals, after MAYBE one trip to prison, should get the death penalty, be executed, euthanized, shot, beheaded, impaled on a ten-foot pole, drowned, or killed in any other fashion just to get rid of them.

  4. Young kids are having a tough time getting jobs and many are resorting to petty theft to survive. It a sad reality. In Lake Worth Bicycle theft so huge no one gets the nicer bikes and leaves them out in public, even locked, because they come in vans with bolt cutters . People go through our neighborhood now and again and steal what they can from anyone who leaves their car doors unlocked. Three times so far. One of the tragedies of a stagnating economy.

    Pretty tough price to pay. I’m sure the picking are fantastic because I’m sure Barefoot Bay is quite the bastion of wealth. Even the gators are hungry.

  5. I think that the “civility rules” should have us not use weeny words like “death penalty”, “execution” or “euthanize” when we mean that some human was killed or some alligator was killed.

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