Protesters at Small Pennsylvania College Call For Change In Name Of Lynch Memorial Hall As Racially Insensitive

lynch200px-Lebanon_Valley_College_logoWe recently saw the decision at Harvard (followed by Yale) to drop the historic title of “Master” for the heads of the residential houses due to racial connotations, even though there is no racist connection with the term which originated in England. At the time, I expressed concern over the lack of a clear understanding of when historical terms must be curtailed or eliminated due to misunderstandings of their meaning or origins. Now, students at Lebanon Valley College are calling for the name of “Lynch Memorial Hall” to be changed due to the racial overtones of the word “lynch.” However, “Lynch” is clearly not being used as a verb (which would hardly make such to “lynch Memorial Hall” unless there was a person named Memorial Hall. Rather, it is a well-known reference to Clyde A. Lynch who was president of Lebanon Valley College from 1932 until his death in 1950. This would seem a case where the school motto is instructive in rising above the anger through knowledge: Libertas per Veritatem (The truth shall set you free).

Students are willing to have his first name added but insist that it cannot remain just “Lynch Memorial Hall.” The demand was made by member of the Black Student Union after a week of demonstrations calling for changes at the predominantly white institution.

In 1932, Dr. Clyde Lynch became the 11th president of Lebanon Valley College and took the school through the difficult depression years and World War II — no small accomplishment. He died in office in 1950.

I could understand if the building was named after Captain William Lynch of Pittsville, Virginia — though Captain Lynch was known as someone who stretched the necks of British loyalists through his ad hoc “courts” not blacks.

Loretta_LynchIs there any ability left on college campuses to simply say that some demands by protesters are simply absurd? It might be a good point of clarification . . . at least before the school invites such potential graduation speakers as the current United States Attorney General. . . . Loretta Lynch.
Source: PennLive

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  1. Had a college classmate with last name Knoff. His given first name was a derivation of John..see JFK . Wondered if his parents were forerunners of lyrics to “Boy Named Sue” 1969. Nice guy..fortunately did not become a serial killer or sex offender.

  2. Soooo….how many protestors have dropped their family name as it was passed on by a slaveowner or has other “unsavory” heritage. Don’t. drink a Black Russian with a Black Irish while filling out the carbon copy paperwork.

  3. Do we need to ban the use of all non-vocational family names that have crept into the vernacular? Diaper, Boycott, Merkin (my personal favorite), Roach, Dong, and others?

  4. Feyd,

    You have been so deeply indoctrinated and brainwashed that you can’t see the communist plot before your very eyes. I’ll give you a clue. You are in America. Look at the population at the top of this page. Those, my friend, are Free Americans. Now look at the title of this article:

    “Protesters at Small Pennsylvania College Call For Change In Name Of Lynch Memorial Hall As Racially Insensitive”

    Observe the communist keywords and phrase “protesters,” “Lynch” and “racially insensitive.”

    What is under attack is the original existence and perpetuation of any memory at all, of that group of Americans depicted at the top of this page. “Progressives” are progressing to the state of perfection of the “workers’ paradise” that will have thoroughly diluted out of existence the population at the top of this page, including all of their images and pictures.

    The communist plot is subtle or subliminal by design.

    But it is there nonetheless.

  5. Wow, this is not a communist plot. This is an immature student looking for something to do.



    The American Thesis: Freedom and Self-Reliance


    The Communist Manifesto

    Central Planning
    Control of the Means of Production
    Social Engineering
    Redistribution of Wealth


    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in America anymore.”



    (They’re everywhere – look out for the political officer in your organization – he’ll grab you and educate you).




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    a standing executive committee in a communist country.

    •the standing executive committee in the former Soviet Union, which functioned as the legislative authority when the Supreme Soviet was not sitting.
    noun: Presidium; noun: Praesidium




    noun: commissar; plural noun: commissars

    an official of the Communist Party, especially in the former Soviet Union or present-day China, responsible for political education and organization.

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  8. This AG, the affirmative action poster girl, and the FBI Director should be impeached for not INDICTING

    HILLARY already; just as Gen. Petraeus was immediately indicted and convicted.

  9. “Is there any ability left on college campuses to simply say that some demands by protesters are simply absurd?”

    No, there’s simply not. That’s what makes this so glorious, they’re being eaten by their own creation.

  10. Still no mention of the GW University (your main sponsor) move to force a student to remove a Palestinian flag from his dorm room (while others living in the same complex have flags representing other nations – including Israeli flags)…. The cowardice is shining bright today!!!

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