OK, Take Your Time, Can You Identify That Man Who Robbed You?

paul-wayne-terryPolice say that it was not hard to track down Paul Terry, 27, who allegedly forced his way into an Oklahoma man’s apartment and robbed him at knifepoint. The victim described one of the two attackers as having horns and the words “F**k Cops” on his forehead. That tends to stick in the mind of most witnesses at the scene . . . and most officers on the beat.

Notably, the victim’s ex-girlfriend, Sonja Moro, 29, was allegedly with Terry. While Terry left after receiving money, Moro allegedly remained behind and demanded more money.

According to the Tulsa Tribune, last June Terry pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery, malicious injury to property and interfering with an emergency telephone call and was given three suspended one-year sentences, which were to run concurrently.

Something tells me that this is going to be the shortest lineup in history.

14 thoughts on “OK, Take Your Time, Can You Identify That Man Who Robbed You?”

  1. grey man theory, huh, is that what you call it. we call it inobtrusiveness, or cover.

  2. I saw a program about prison tats. The more vulnerable inmates get the most outrageous tattoos, in an effort to be perceived as crazy. They think, or at least hope, that if they appear unhinged, that they will be left alone by the predators, but it doesn’t work. And of course, once on the outside, the psycho tats render them unemployable and more easily identifiable when they commit further crimes.

  3. John

    There’s the magic word, thinking. These people-there I go categorizing-are incapable of thinking. The motor functions result from base animal urges. Want drugs, take money, buy drugs, no one will ever know. Not thinking. Wear a mask, perhaps thinking.

  4. Darren, You were a good cop. But, you know many cops love the easy ones, the low hanging fruit. This guy is a rotten apple laying on the ground.

  5. When the jury is deliberating, one juror, who will chime in on the sentence, will have to say, as he asks for the max sentence: “What the uckChay! Lets give him the Max. And, let’s tatoo the sentence on the rear end, cause that is the part which will get the most exposure in the joint.”

  6. I am with Ralph Adamo. You have to make the line-up legitimate. You would have to have at least 3 other people who looked like him. Now, if he is the only one like that, then that is how it goes, but you would have to do the F*** Cops parts.

  7. It would be a grave injustice to put this man in a lineup merely because he had a tattoo featuring horns and the words “F**k Cops”. According to statistics readily available from the American Institute of Certified Tattoo Artists Association (AICTAA), similar tattoos have performed on at 17 males, 3 females, and 2 transgender persons during the last 12 months. So, to be fair, the lineup would have to include these other individuals. I realize that this would make identification of the perpetrator much more difficult, but justice must not be sacrificed for legal expediency.

  8. At least make it a little more challenging. It’s almost unsportsmanlike to arrest a guy as feeble as this.

  9. It seems that the most outrageous tattoos are a sign of toughness in prison. Since everyone wears the same clothes and lives in the same conditions, the only way prisoners have to demonstrate dominance is with tattoos. An observer can estimate an individual’s prison experience by the outrageousness of the tattoos.

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