Rubenesque Restaurants: Study Finds Customers Order More Food and Drink From Heavier Servers

180px-Peter_Paul_Rubens_004There is a fascinating study out of the scientific journal Environment & Behavior that found that diners order significantly more food and drink when served by an overweight waiter or waitress. It appears that a Rubenesque servers with more waistline are better for the bottom line of restaurants.

Tim Döring and Brian Wansink found the pronounced difference in eating behavior in the December 28th publication. Their researchers visited 60 restaurants and observed a total of 497 interactions between diners and servers. A statistical analysis of this data found that the higher a server’s body mass index (BMI), the more meals the diners ordered, regardless of their own body type.

The difference was impressive. Diners were four times more likely to order dessert and alcoholic drinks when their server had a BMI that was over 25.

That presents an interesting counterpoint to restaurants and bars like Hooters that have been sued over barring heavy servers. Of course, these establishments may have a different dynamic and expectation in its clientele. However, if the study is accurate, it would appear that most restaurants might do better with a more substantial serving staff.

Source: Psy Post

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