Oregon Commission Issues Scathing Report Supporting Removal Of Judge

Judge-Vance-Day-Facebook-800x430The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability has issued a scathing recommendation for the removal of Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day from the bench due to discriminately, unethical acts.

The 48-page report detailed disturbing accounts of misconduct by Day. The nine-member commission found that Day instructed staff to delay committing to marriage ceremonies until they could investigate to determine if the ceremony would involve gay or lesbian couples. The commission found “Judge Day is a Christian whose firmly held religious beliefs include defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.” However, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane had already ruled in May 2014 that such marriages were constitutionally protected when he overturned Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Day was also accused by Marion County Circuit Judge Cheryl Pellegrini telling her that he was opposed to her appointment because she is a lesbian. He insists that he said he opposed her appointment because she was a government lawyer. He was also accused by Presiding Judge Jamese Rhoades of making a political threat when he refused to remove a portrait of Adolph Hitler in a “Hall of Heroes” artwork display. He told her that powerful people would object. In fairness to Day, he insisted that he had put up the portrait to honor those who fought in World War II. Given that stated purpose, it is surprising to see Day described as a “Hitler lover” in some coverage.

He was also accused of hiring people who were on probation from this court and even allowing a felon to handle a guy to teach his son to shoot. A Navy seal said that Day texted him and invited him to a wedding to “show him off.”

Day was appointed to be a Marion County Circuit judge in 2011 and elected in 2012.

Source: Oregon Live

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  1. Lisa, Absolutely. PC run amuck. That’s how a buffoon w/ a bad comb over is maybe going to be Prez. Normal people despise PC and he has played on that.

  2. Article 2, Section 4

    “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    It is the duty of the Speaker of the House and Congress to use the impeachment process as a tool to defend and uphold the Constitution.

    It is no wonder that every concept of freedom produced by the American Founders has been effectively nullified and voided. “Overreach” and corruption are rampant. Private property is confiscated to redistribute wealth to parasites. Disposition of private property is directed by communistic central planning, control of the means of production and social engineering.

    The Congress is derelict and negligent in its duty to impeach in support of the Constitution.

    A streamlined and accelerated version of mass impeachment is needed.

    The French rolled out the guillotines – they were very effective.

  3. “allowing a felon to handle a guy to teach his son to shoot”
    So what !?! Did his time – Further restrictions upon the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is ridiculous . .

    e.g. allowing a felon to handle a ballot and teach his son to vote – would that also warrent such discord

  4. “even allowing a felon to handle a guy to teach his son to shoot.” I thought he was opposed to homosexuality…

  5. Judges should be people with good judgement and respect for the rule of law. When they are over-bearing and intimidating, when they bully those around them- they should be voted out of office. This guy should be gone, but the voters need to do it.

  6. Any practicing lawyer will tell you that judges are like every other group of humans (Police, Doctors, Homeless people, etc.) There are silly, stupid people in every group. Trial lawyers learn, over time, how to work around the idiots, just as smart people learn to work around bad cops by “just taking it” and by avoiding the bad homeless persons. (I hope I don’t have to explain all this, but….)
    The bad judge is a special problem because of the power over others that comes with the office. They must not be allowed to abuse the office and this guy appears to have done that on a regular basis. I for one, am glad he was called out and hope it sticks. Good judges are hard to find, but if the bad ones are ousted, the chances of getting a good one improve. Being a good judge is a very difficult position.

  7. I wish I had thought of this before I pressed Post Comment. The whole thing with the wall of heroes was kind of weird, with Day soliciting donations from attorneys who had cases before him. The attorneys were to sponsor a piece for matting and framing, but they ended up paying more than the framing matting cost.

  8. I read the complaint, and it seems the biggest issue against Day is that he appears to have used his position to get what he wants. The article on this website focuses on the more politically-charged same-sex marriage issue, but the complaint spends more time talking about Day’s behavior at two of his son’s soccer games, in which referees felt threatened by his behavior, and about Day’s relationship with a veteran. The veteran was not allowed to touch a gun, but Day, who frequently invited the veteran to his home and to other Day family activities, allowed him to touch and handle a gun on at least 3 occasions. The veteran also testified that he did not want all the ex parte contact with Day, but felt he had no choice, since Day was the presiding judge.

  9. Political correctness gone awry. The commission is as bad as the judge they judged. Hitler portrait should be in honor of those commissioners, who actively align with Hitler policies.

  10. However, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane had already ruled in May 2014 that such marriages were constitutionally protected when he overturned Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage.

    So one judge imposes his personal political views and is acclaimed a hero, while another imposes his personal political views and is deemed unethical.

  11. What a creep. I bet he drinks from the milk carton, puts the toilet paper roll ‘under’ and even fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Dismiss? Give him the chair.

  12. It sounds like a lot of ticky tacky things because they want to get rid of this judge.

  13. Matrimony
    Origin of matrimony
    Middle English, from Anglo-French matrimoignie, from Latin matrimonium, from matr-, mater mother, matron — more

    Marriage is for babies. Oops.

  14. You might want to know the picture of Hitler was covered over (surrounded) by pictures of U.S. servicemen to honor our soldiers that got rid of Hitler.
    Also, marriage ceremonies are not in a judge’s description of duties for his job, so he was under no obligation to perform ANY wedding ceremony.

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