Quick: What Crime Is This Man Suspected Of Committing?

rogrightxxIf you said “Rogaine Theft” you nailed it. According to police in Ohio, the bald suspect is being pursued in a series of Rogaine thefts from a Walgreens and other stores in Mt. Healthy, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati). If the Rogaine works, they may want to post a before and after picture to help with identification.

The suspect is also thought to have stolen Prevagen, a “a brain health supplement.” The total of the stolen items is $847, which places it solidly in the felony category.

He is believed to be driving a white Jeep Cherokee . . . and sprouting new hair.

10 thoughts on “Quick: What Crime Is This Man Suspected Of Committing?”

  1. 847 bucks is a felony? Obviosly felonys aren’t indexed to inflation. That’s ridiculouse. And if convicted. ..
    .i am suppose to be afraid of him….and deny that felon a right to defend himself? He obviously is not a threat to himself…..loves himself. It wasn’t armed robbery…..cares about others……yet by some arbitrary value…..he can never exercise his second amendment right again….meanwhile some selfish broad doesn’t want baldness….i mean baggage….so we pay for her agaist our will to kill someone..
    .the baby and she and us still get guns. Never mind it cost a grand for an abortion and a half mi up n to raise a kid. Who is the real “dangerous” thief…..this bald guy? Hardly.

  2. Surveillance photo shows a well-dressed/groomed middle-aged male, who’s “driving a… Jeep Cherokee”. Does not appear to be indigent. Probably could afford to purchase the product.

    Embarrassed, maybe? Now buying Prevagen to establish a “diminished capacity” defense?

    With apologies to Carly Simon:

    “I had some dreams there were hairs on your head, hairs on your head, and …
    You’re so vain, you probably think that Rogaine is for you.
    You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think that Rogaine is for you.
    Don’t you? Don’t You?”

  3. Tried Rogaine for awhile; didn’t help my head, but I did start to grow hair on the palms of my hands – though there may have been other causes for that.

  4. High on cocaine! Taking Rogaine!
    Now he’s got that notion..
    What’s his name?
    Trouble ahead.
    Trouble behind.
    Makes you wanna wonder…
    If he’s sane.

  5. I understand the police are pulling their hair out trying to catch him. That’s probably a bald lie, though. You can’t blame him for being tired of sporting “the topless” look. The “Mexican hairless” style went out a long time ago. Fact is, he should just invest in the Rogaine company. It’s a growth stock, even with the market being in such a hairy situation.

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