Top Michigan Prosecutor Arrested On Prostitution Charges

19945930-smallThere is a story out of Lansing Michigan where a well-known prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings III, has been arrested on prostitution-related charges. Dunnings once prosecuted such sex crimes but has been accused of potentially hundreds of prostitution-related incidents, including soliciting for one woman to become a prostitute. His brother was also charged.

Dunnings has served as Ingham County Prosecutor since 1997. The current 15 charges could be increased and span incidents covering three counties from 2010 to 2015. While there had long been rumors that Dunnings was involved in prostitution, a 2015 FBI human trafficking investigation against Tyrone Smith led to Dunnings. One count alleges that Dunnings induced a woman to become a prostitute who had not previously been one — a charge that could led to up to 20 years in prison.

Dunnings’ brother, Lansing attorney Stephen Dunnings, is also being charged with two counts.

Dunnings, as a former prosecutor, is looking at the harshest possible sentence if convicted given his position of power. That will add considerable pressure for a plea bargain but prosecutors know that the public is going to be sensitive to anything that smells like a sweetheart deal for a fellow prosecutor.

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  1. @KarenS

    I shouldn’t need to board her unless I go out of town, which I don’t plan on any time soon. If I do, my one my nieces will just stay at the house with them. Two of them like her, and the ex-feral cat is not too social with anybody but me and my BFF Penelope Dreadful.

    Squeeky Fromm
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  2. Paul and Squeaky – I’ve had bad luck boarding at kennels – they come back with fleas and kennel cough, and sometimes hives from the stress. Although some kennels are like the Four Seasons.

    Pet sitters have worked out better for us. The fur babes stay at home, which is definitely less stressful for kitties.

  3. @renegade

    The problem is organizational. I don’t think Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette understood the anger, either. They were as far removed from the actual lives of their subjects, as the Establishment types and their running dog lackeys in the media, are from flyover country rubes and hicks. But it took guillotines in the streets to get rid of much of the courtier class. That is about the only way to dump them out. Voting them out won’t work unless the country is already in massive crisis, because the denial and delusional thinking runs deep.

    I think all groups in power have their own courtier class, who tends to shield the upper crust from reality and are usually complicit to the downfalls of organizations. To me, Trump is like a George Patton, who was not the typical general type, and broke the rules, yet was extremely effective in his job. My father used to preach about stuff like this at the dinner table, and I think I was the only kid in First Grade who knew what “situational awareness” was.

    The reason I think we will eventually have out own Hitler or Mao, is that it will take some sociopath to get the guillotines out and start clearing out the deadwood in government, along with all the societal misfits. Or we’ll just get nuked by somebody, and only those with an awareness of Reality will survive and thrive. How will the redistributionati survive, when there is nothing left to redistribute?

    If I am still alive when this happens, because I figure it could take at least another 40-50 years for the financial system to crash, which is the most likely catastrophe, I am going to sit back with a bag of popcorn, my AK47 by my side, and watch on TV as the country implodes

    Squeeky Fromm
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    Sasquatch (Sassy) is sitting beside me in the chair even as we speak. I think she is doing fine. She is eating, and the big tom cat was kissing all over her a little while ago. I know I was being stupid, but it was just killing me to be separated from her, and knowing she was in a strange place without me and her cat family. Thank you for asking.

    Ron, you are right. I think we are on a downward spiral and it is not stoppable without an asteroid strike, a huge earthquake to drop California in the ocean, eruption of Yellowstone, complete financial breakdown, pandemic, or Norks nuking Washington, D.C., New York City, and Hollywood. There are just too many really stupid people in our country, and they can’t be reasoned with. The media is loaded up with them. Our money has covered up the lunacy, and can still cover it up for a while.

    Sooo, unless a Hitler or a Mao or a bad a$$ Imam comes along before then to take out the garbage, we are lost. Even if, we would then have a Hitler or Mao to deal with. Trump might slow it down for a few years, like one of those old Roman emperors who restored order for a few decades, but our fizz is gone. Democracy and representative government just doesn’t work. Not when one party can buy votes with our jobs, taxes, and loans against our descendants.


    Squeeky Fromm
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    1. Squeeky – I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but when my wife and I travel we board the Chow. The facility expects you to call to check on your animal and will even take the phone to their cage so you can talk with it/them. They give you a report card on your animal when you pay the bill. 😉

    2. Squeaky,

      How could you not have those concerns for a fun loving ball of fur called a kitten. Can just imagine the tom.

      Well, back to your latest post.

      What you mention is basic to organizational (inc. family systems) behavior.

      An organization can not change until it experiences existential chaos.
      Not unlike the intervention in an addictive family. E.g. Facing down a drunk.

      Love him or hate him, Trump is really causing chaos. I don’t think the establishment (either party or inside the beltway) really understood the anger (rage?) that is just below the surface.

      You mentioned some of the personifications of pure evil. They are the result of gross systemic misunderstandings (disregard) of the people’s plight. At least Generals Marshall and MacArthur represent how to use the horrors of WWII to break the cycle.

      The current chief executive is a classic example of a family’s desire to avoid confrontation. He was elected by the majority of those who voted. His general election opponent was directly confrontational. The losing running mate is a whole other topic.

      The beauty in all of this is that we have no fear of a national scale military intervention, short of a Clancy level invasion catastrophe. Oh..some do, but “7 Days in May” (1964) was a fantasy. Loved the movie even with its gross errors in military hardware….low budget?

  5. There are times when our country seems to have lost its way. Our culture is rapidly degenerating, racial tensions are higher, we invite those who hate us to live among us, our government seems to believe that perpetual wars solve problems, we are increasingly less trustful of government and one another, and people like this dirt bag find positions of power.

    What say you, Squeeky?

  6. Talk about a double life. I wonder if he was sweating bullets while prosecuting the same crime he was engaged in, or if he was so arrogant he got a rush out of it.

    Squeeky – I missed it. What happened to your kitty?

  7. @Renegade

    She is back home!!! She is doing fine physically, but emotionally she is still very skittish, and is hiding under furniture a lot. She has been out a few times and I have petted her, and washed her baby kitten blanket for her. I have to give her a pain pill in the morning. But all in all, she seems physically fine.

    Thank you for asking!

    Squeeky Fromm
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  8. @ Squeeky

    Duh….never mind…..I was up waaaay too late and misread your post. It was the city’s racial demographics-not the Pimpin’ Prosecutor’s racial make-up, that you were referencing.

    Anyway, the guy on the commercial may need to get his lederhosen back if he tries 23andme for his DNA test. It is a lot more detailed than than’s test. Plus it provides info about genetic diseases and physical characteristics, which Ancestry doesn’t. There weren’t any surprises for me in terms of ethnicity. And I don’t have any of the 35 listed genetic disorders. I only wish they had a genetic test for Alzheimer’s. Although they do point out that having a genetic proclivity towards something doesn’t mean that you will actually have it or get it. For example, it said I have a genetic proclivity towards dimples, which I don’t have, but my siblings do. And since 23andme is a genetic research company, you can ask to be notified of new developments in your DNA profile. In addition, they have an option where you can learn of others who share your DNA; long lost relatives around the world……hmmmmm…..not sure I want to know…..

  9. Is he the prosecutor now or yesterday or the day before? The article says “is” and “was”.

  10. @Renegade

    Who is we? We is we!* America! The whole republic and “representative government” thing hasn’t worked out well for us. I suspect that at some point a few centuries from now, it will become screamingly obvious that democracy pretty much sucks and provides a horrible framework for a civilization.

    I love repartee, too, but it is kind of late at night to be snacking. I should have turned in an hour ago, but I am up grieving for my kitten who is at the vet tonight, and won’t be back until tomorrow. The big tom cat is crying, and the feral cat is acting weird up on top of the armoire. So I am making up work schedules for my mom;’s business.

    Squeeky Fromm
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    * The intro to a well known high school cheer, ala:

    Who is we?
    We is we!
    We the kids from Booker T!


    Who is we?
    We is we!
    From Harvard University!

    (Hey, I used to be a cheerleader!)

  11. @Renegade

    The Kiwis can get away with this sort of stuff because they are generally very smart and well-behaved. But in America, all the stupid people here ruin stuff for everybody. We need to return to being a monarchy.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Hmmmm…maybe a matriarchy. It was a small group of women (not of the “industry” who actually got NZ to move on the subject. (Was that a pun? If so I didn’t mean it…but then I didn’t change it either. Is that a sin of commission or omission?)

      BTB..when were “we” a monarchy? Hmmmm. Granted the USA liturgical churches have all the trappings. Still, who is the “we” who need to return? I love a bit repartee

  12. Well, New Zealand wouldn’t have bothered with this situation.

    Unless of course he coerced a service.

    Why is it that people get paid for making pornographic movies? And, people pay to watch. Yet a guy frequents prostitutes (nothing indicated coerced underage persons), paid them for their time and services rendered and where both or either may be arrested?

    Isn’t his professional life suppose to be separate from his individual practices? Clinton, B. and NOW Is a classic case both before and after election.

    Don’t both parties to such a transaction have the right to privacy and to express their sexual desires. (consensual adults).

    By the way and in reference to another thread about religions, where does our society and system of jurisprudence get off in prosecuting women who use a particular part of their body in order to make a living and the customer who pays to receive, and the same could be asked about prosecuting the ones who pay for the service.

    There are a number of legal practices for which we pay a person for exponentially more dangerous or personal physical involvement.

    A proclivity for seeking or receiving pay for extramarital relationships, is criminal here. However taking another on a trip providing lodging and gifts and for which both parties expect that sex will be included, there is no crime.

    The guy is guilty of violating a law. But he didn’t break the law when he punished others.

    If others see an ethics question, from where does that value really originate since we are merely quanta packets in a backwater part of a galaxy barely seen by Sagittarius astronauts (hypothetically). Oh yes, our sun is in its 3rd iteration (not hypothetical)

  13. That photo looks like it was taken during the Civil War. I think Better Call Saul has ruined a lot of attorneys.

  14. @Tin

    Sooo, did you swap your lederhosen for a kilt like on that commercial? Who knows what this guy is, but if he was in Washington D.C., he would be “in like Flint. . . ” You know, Flint. . . like Flint Michigan, …it’s kind of a play on words. . .Oh, never mind.

    @Joseph Jones

    Thanks! Plus, I hate the no edit stuff to. I always leave out words and conjunctions and stuff.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Sqyeejt Fromm,
    I don’t always understand your posts, but when I do, I very much smile!

    You’re my favorite girl reporter!

  16. @ Squeeky: Where do you look up a person’s racial make-up? I paid $100 bucks for a DNA test; now I feel ripped-off. The Pimpin’ Prosecutor definitely looks at least half white. What about his other 15%? It can’t be Asian; he’s too stupid…..

  17. With a mug like that, no wonder he had to resort to paying for sex for more than a decade.

  18. I had to look up Lansing’s racial makeup to figure out if Dunnings would truly be looking at the harshest possible sentence. Lansing is 61% white, and 24% black, sooo yes, he probably will be looking at a harsh sentences. If the percentages were reversed, then Dunnings would probably be elected mayor, or sent to Congress. But first he has to be convicted.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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