Tennessee Man Leads Police To Thief After Discovering Gaming Device Still Playing Off His Wifi

c0464ad6-68ef-4584-bb99-b450dc0149be-large16x9_PhillipBookerMetroPolice.pngThere is an interesting story out of Nashville, Tennessee where an alert, tech-savvy victim was able to solve his own crime. The man, a committed gamer, was shocked to return from a vacation to his apartment to find it ransacked. Gone were various valuable items including his PlayStation 4, PS4, two televisions, a laptop, and other assorted items. Then he noticed something odd: the PS4 was still connected to his wifi.

The victim quickly concluded that the thief had to be nearby to be using his wifi and suspected his neighbor across the hall. The police searched the nearby apartment and found the stolen items and arrested Phillip D. Booker who was also found with marijuana. Booker reportedly confessed to busting through the door and stealing the items. He pawned the two televisions and a tablet, but could not resist playing on the gaming equipment.

Booker faces charges of Aggravated Burglary and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

It is likely to be a common pattern as electronics become linked with wifi and other systems, allowing police to more easily track devices.

6 thoughts on “Tennessee Man Leads Police To Thief After Discovering Gaming Device Still Playing Off His Wifi”

  1. @KC Fleming

    Yep. He should have waited. The time is not ripe. There is a Chinese saying: “Hold back some goods for a thousand days and you will be sure to sell at a profit.”

    Had he waited, his thievery would have profited under Bernie’s or HIllary’s new regime.

  2. @Tyger Gilbert

    Bullet to his head because of thievery? Let’s do. At least we’ll resume medieval laws. Soon, we’ll morph into cutting the thief’s hands when he steals. If he rapes, cut off his pecker. If he speaks badly of someone, cut his tongue out. Let’s gouge his eyeballs out when he checks out a man’s wife.

    You are so overboard with putting a bullet in his head. Even though he did rob and steal, he has to go to prison, a place where he can feel “loved” by men, who enjoy such homosexuality. That’s where he needs to be.

    Before you start going vigilante, let me remind you of a Mexican tale. There once upon a time was an older woman, who sought the sexual intimacy of a young man. She had sex with him, and he left. Later, she cried “rape!” to the whole town and pointed the finger at the man. He ran off, but was caught. He was hog-tied, savagely beaten, tortured, then hung to be left dead.

    It wasn’t until later that the woman confessed. She wasn’t “raped”. The young man was innocent. After all, he was savagely beaten, tortured, then hung for a crime he did not commit. In doing so, the town felt disgusted with their vigilante actions and laid down their arms. They refused to do vigilante justice until they confirm that the person did the actual crime.

    The moral of the story? The court of public opinion is so strong that it can lead to vigilantism. The court of due process under law requires that one be found guilty first. Since the man was found stealing, he must be convicted by the courts himself in order to be guilty. If they have strong evidence against him, no doubt he’ll be found guilty.

    On the other hand, for you to wish dispensing justice in your imagery, don’t steal a wad of gum, a dollar off a table, or anything that constitutes barely “stealing” or I’ll scream, “put a bullet in Tyger Gilbert’s head!” Hypocrisy cannot be tolerated.

  3. They have the thief, they have the evidence, show it to a judge then put him up against a wall and execute him with a bullet through the middle of his forehead. My neighbor burglarized my apartment and took all of my camera equipment, my computer with 15 years of original photography files on it, and everything else of value in the place. But I wasn’t lucky enough to get any of it back. Let’s raise the cost of doing business for these and other violent criminals and you will see a lot less of this type of crime.

  4. Good! I hope they throw the book at the thief! No telling what was on the tablet. However, things are likely going to be sort of tense there in the hallway while the thief is out on bail.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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