Coffee Blues: St. Louis Fans Incensed As Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Is Served With Blackhawks Logo

Cf7E001UAAACHK8I am of course wearing my Hawks jersey in anticipation of game 3 against the Blues today (I will be hiding upstairs while my wife throws a baby shower for one of our kid’s elementary teachers). However, I love the controversy in St. Louis where residents are a bit put out when they bought their coffee at their local Dunkin’ Donuts only to be given cups decorated with the Blackhawks logo and “The official coffee of the Chicago Blackhawks.” It is divine intervention and an omen for all to contemplate.

Ok, it might also have been the world’s greatest order blunder. The company has removed the cups.

However, to all of my friends in St. Louis, this is an opportunity. Let’s come together around our coffee and our Blackhawks. After all, with coach Hitchcock ordering the Blues to do continual hits on the Hawks rather than actually handle the puck, the Blues can always shift to the WWE post-season if they lose. (I have long been critical of physical teams that focus on body slams to injure or wear down opposing teams. I prefer the Hawks’ emphasis on skating — one of the reasons that I was so critical of Duncan Keith in his thuggish suspension before the playoffs).

All joking aside, these have been very interesting games with two teams that are reverse images of each other: hits v. skating emphasis; strong defense over strong offense. It has been fun to watch. These are two great teams. Indeed, this has more of the feel of a Stanley Cup final than the playoffs.

14 thoughts on “Coffee Blues: St. Louis Fans Incensed As Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Is Served With Blackhawks Logo”

  1. I live in St. Louis and hadn’t heard a word about this non tempest in a tea pot. Nobody cares. Sorry.

  2. @Paul Shulte. Yeah, but do you give your insultingly slow while staring at them in the eye with an angry expression and no blinking, like I do?


  3. Your are kidding there are games played on Ice? How sad;) Native of Callie and I don’t do snow.

  4. “I have long been critical of physical teams that focus on body slams to injure or wear down opposing teams.” What you mean to say is that you’re not a hockey fan.

    1. The three most important elements in hockey are the forecheck, the backcheck and the paycheck. Former Sabres Gilbert Perrault.

  5. The world’s greatest order blunder is whenever I say “no onions” repeatedly and get onions anyway.

    1. joshzzzz – I order only onions and still get it with everything on it. I blame it on the public school system.

  6. Chicago based Dunkin Donuts- went in dumb, come out dumb too. Hustlin round Atlanta in their Alligator shoes.

  7. Arizona may sell Canada a team so there would be another one there.

    On the complaints about hitting, you forget or never knew the great Rocky Marciano whose specialty was to beat your arms until you could lift them any more. Then he would knock you out. He is/was the only undefeated heavyweight boxing champ of the world

  8. It is nice not having any Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup. I think it has something to do w/ that pretty boy Canuck PM. He’ll be gone soon and then the country known for hockey will be back in the playoffs.

  9. This has been a good series. My son-in-law is a Wild fan. Not so good. Regarding Dunkin Donuts. They own the northeast market and are looking to become the McDonald’s of breakfast in the US. California has a great tradition of locally owned donut shops. A couple years ago, Dunkin Donuts came into California w/ the intent of taking over the market. There were none. They are starting to pop up. I always try to support local restaurants, w/ my family having owned one for 60 years.

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