Arkansas Judge Resigns After Allegations That He Forced Male Defendants To Come To His House and Photographed Them

11xp-arkansas-master768Arkansas judge O. Joseph Boeckmann Jr. has resigned in a truly bizarre scandal where he was accused of ordering male defendants to be spanked, engage in sex acts and bend over for thousands of photographs to fulfill their “community service.” What is interesting is that he was under investigation by the State Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, which began an inquiry in 2014 over a possible conflict of interest in an unrelated case on elder care. When they started to investigate, they were shocked by accounts of these other parties. He has not however faced criminal charges, which is curious given his alleged abuse of office.

Many of the cases stemmed from traffic cases where male defendants were pressured to accept community service and found themselves being ordered to the judge’s home or to some other location to be photographed by the judge bending over. He would tell them that he was collecting photographs as evidence of community service.

'David'_by_Michelangelo_JBU0001In one case, Boeckmann ordered a man to his house, where he photographed the man bending over and offered him $300 to pose as Michelangelo’s statue of David. The Commission found 4,600 photos of men, including defendants, who were naked and photographs after “apparent” paddling or other sex acts. Over a thousand of those photos were sent to the judge’s lawyer to add to the record last week. He then resigned.

The investigation for possible criminal charges is continuing.

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  1. Ppl will believe anything…

    4000 grown men in arkansas who escaped going to the pen, but put up with this instead?…. we got a problem america.

  2. O. Joseph Boeckmann Jr is from Arkansas. So like one of the presidential candidates from that state, he’ll get a free pass.

  3. As a male who very much enjoys a meal and brew at the Las Vegas Hof Brau House, I’m quite glad the female waitresses are the ones who do the spanking (photographs available for extra charge).

    I can only presume perverts like this judge have addiction similar to heroine, where they just can not stop themselves. The fact that his peers chose to not charge him is more telling than the judge’s perverted acts. This Judge is just a junior Caligula.

    I’m reminded of the on duty POH-leesman who pulled women over and raped them. At least they charged that guy (I think, I hope).

    1. Joseph, Very well articulated. How has the nation state deviated so much from it intent? The nation state is a system based on force and coercion. That might have survived the Roman empire and others for a long while, but those days are gone. It is time to rise up and let your consumerism make the choice. If every cognizant person where to purchase one once of silver or gold each month it would change the world. A contract is stronger than any statute.

      Every day there are more free market transactions that occur then any one can even guesstimate. I was bought lunch yesterday by somebody that wanted my business. How many lunches are bought by business people and friends each day to conduct business or god forbid give to others because you want to help somebody you like? Free market business makes the world go round, but the progressive/socialists thinks we are the the bad guys. Really, tell them to destroy all the possessions they have that were manufactured by free enterprise.

  4. JUSTICE, n. A commodity which in a more or less adulterated condition the State sells to the citizen as a reward for his allegiance, taxes and personal service.

    JUDGE, n. A person who is always interfering in disputes in which he has no personal interest.

    1. That is really the truth, but most refuse to take off their rose colored glasses. Historically it has been true during the worst of government and even the best. The Judiciary and the Administration starting fighting the minute the Bill of Rights was ratified. Judges have always been a rubber stamp of the ruling oligarchy and our democratic republic, however good it was at it’s origin, has now succumb to their dominating and unconstitutional mandates.

      Until such time as the judiciary can somehow be restrained, I see no realistic solution. How to restrain the Judiciary? Our founding fathers could not articulate a means, despite Jefferson’s warnings. It’s more like disciplining them. Every now and then, a Judges actions are so morally contempt that they must throw out one of their own to the wolves, but when a poor decision (unconstitutional) is rendered, it appears others then use it to support additional unconstitutional decisions. I sometimes ponder just how many Judges it took to buy off, to be able to seize control over the entire Judicial system?

      I have only come up with one potential remedy and even it is surely lacking in the multitude of details, formulations and procedures required to be effective. I don’t even promote it anymore for lack of support. Know one who could help seems to be willing to do anything about it. The BAR is a powerful membership that few are willing to risk.

  5. I wonder if Hillary was involved in this. I heard that she and Bill lived in Arkansas at one time. He had some job there.

  6. Was there a court record of them being ordered to go to his home? Did he make this announcement in open court, or verbally to them in the hallway? What were the other attorneys doing?

    Why the heck didn’t the first guy who was asked to do this record it on his phone and go straight to the cops? 4600 men (and what % of them were defendants?) actually went through with this? They were sentenced to community service, not 50 years in an oubliette. He must have threatened them. If you refuse, how are you going to explain being at my house? I’ll tell the police you came here and threatened me and you’ll go to jail. Heck, even that shouldn’t have been enough. What the heck did he tell these guys?

  7. Stuff like this is unbelievable to me. How could the rest of the people involved in their justice system allow this to occur. It sounds like these guys were being ordered by the court. Are our Courts really this bizarre/depraved of any moral/ethical conscience?

    You’ve heard that they are disciplining Attorneys here in south Florida with suspension for filing quite titles in foreclosure actions and that the Florida Judges pension fund appears to have been a major investor in the CDO’s/money & property being fought over. Well, it’s not real money but that’s another issue which many do not know is one of the major underlying causes of many of the problems within our society.

    When money can be legally printed by the ruling oligarchy, it guaranties that it will be in fact printed in mass, as it has, continually debasing it value over time. Thus far in 100 years, the U.S. dollar (although defined differently over that period of history) has lost over 97% of it’s value. (see Blacks Law and Bouvier’s). Whereas, gold and silver coins, as the U.S. Constitution requires and as was originally defined, still maintains the same purchasing power as it did 100 years ago. Thus, the debased money has been used to buy the “best” Judges money can buy. If you look at the currency in your wallet, at the top of each bill, you will see Federal Reserve Note (FRN). I do not see in our Constitution of any such right or privilege given to the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States to issue U.S. money. I think it is time for a Constitutional Convention or at least some grass root amendments.

    Just remember that every single fiat currency that has ever existed in the history of the world eventually becomes worthless. The ruling oligarchs have never been able to restrain themselves from issuing more and more FRNs/debt instruments. What are we at now, $20 Trillion FRNs? The entire Federal budget in 1950 was $314 Billion. It is $2.75 Trillion today.

    It is not difficult to prognosticate the further debasement of the U.S. dollar in our future. The hard part is knowing when and the ruling oligarchs will not forewarn us.

  8. Nobody takes care of their own more than attorneys. Nobody. They control the law.

  9. No criminal charges?

    Once again, a privileged member of the system gets a much lighter punishment than an ordinary American would get.

  10. There seems to be a high correlation between wealth/social-status and depravity.

  11. The 4600 males involved, might break the bank on a settlement deal. Example:

    Add another $10 million to the $2.5 billion that the Catholic Church in the USA has spent in confronting the clergy sex abuse crisis.

    The settlement in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles notched up their tally to nearly $700 million in settlements to victims alone, not even adding in the costs of therapy, attorneys’ fees and more. Four men abused a quarter century ago by a now-defrocked priest will divide $10 million, the archdiocese said.

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