Saudi Arabia Threatens To Pull Funding From U.N. Due To Listing In Critical Human Rights Report . . . U.N. Promptly Caves And Removes Saudi Arabia

125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgBan_Ki-moon_April_2015-1The United Nations this week vividly demonstrated how power not principle governs its humanitarian efforts. For a fraction of a second, the UN showed courage in the inclusion of Saudi Arabia on a listing of countries that “kill or maim children” and “parties that engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals.” Saudi Arabia was included due to its widely denounced bombing campaign in Yemen which has indiscriminately killed civilians and children. Saudi Arabia immediately demanded that its name be removed from the list or it would kill funding for UN programs. It is the same type of threat leveled at the United States Congress that the release of long-sealed pages on Saudi involvement in the 9-11 attacks (and lifting a ban on suing the Kingdom) would result in the Saudis divesting U.S. holdings and undermine the economy. While Senators expressed outrage at the threat and voted to lift the ban, it was later learned that a poison pill amendment was put into the bill  to allow the Administration to simply bar such lawsuits.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was at least honest about selling out. He admitted that the U.N.’s 2015 “Children and Armed Conflict” report originally listed the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and attributed 60 percent of the 785 children killed and 1,168 injured to the bombing coalition. However, the Saudi threats worked. He insisted “I also had to consider the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously if, as was suggested to me, countries would defund many U.N. programs. Children already at risk in Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and so many other places would fall further into despair.”

Saudi Arabia is one of the U.N.’s largest donors in the Middle East and threatened the funds supporting the Palestinians as well as other groups. Ki-Moon objected to threats of the Saudis . . . just before caving to the pressure. He insisted “It is unacceptable for member states to exert undue pressure. Scrutiny is a natural and necessary part of the work of the United Nations.” He lamented that the decision was “one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make.” Openly caving to threats and abandoning principle is often “painful” but it appears U.N. officials have learned to overcome any lasting discomfort.

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  1. However, it was revealed this week that Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. added a small amendment to the bill that gave the Administration the right to bar such lawsuits.

    There he is senator sell out — Chuck Schumer — agent of at least two foreign governments Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Isn’t he supposed to represent the people of NY.

  2. UN will cave into any demands of Saudi Arabia and others for the sake of dollars.

  3. The more troubling pattern is that modern nations, including the United States, appear to have joined an international “Oligarch Club” that is the enemy to democracy and human rights.

    In other words the American oligarch class views foreign oligarchs as their friends and allies, but seem to view their own citizens (or subjects) as their enemy.

    The tragic result is that the United States for decades has funded BOTH SIDES on the so-called “War on Terror” by not demanding democratic reforms and human rights from nations like Saudi Arabia (which publicly scapegoated the United States for their problems).

    It also explains why now, nearly 15 years later, these same group of oligarchs are taking away constitutional rights and privacy freedoms – the leaders of these nations simply don’t support democracy and human rights – even American leaders!

  4. Havana would be ideal; Fidel holds the record for the LONGEST speech/ tirade delivered at the U.N. (1960)
    Four hours, thirty minutes.
    In consideration of his advanced age, relocating to Havana would make it easier for him to break his old record.
    One of the CIA plots against him was to slip Fidel a dose of LSD right before one of his speeches.
    The guy looked whacked out enough during his lengthy rants/speeches, but on acid it would have been something to see….real entertainment.

  5. I agree with Nick. Send the UN headquarters to some other place. Gitmo would be fine. Havana more fitting.

  6. “what makes Neocons think they could successfully manage the world?”

    Probably the same thing your garden-variety progressive thinks.

  7. Let Donald Trump take the UN building and turn it into condos or low housing apartments. 🙂

  8. Considering that the UN is unable to enforce any international laws, rules, guidelines, expectations, and on a more local level, neighborhood committees are able to enforce very little, what makes Neocons think they could successfully manage the world?

  9. I agree the UN should be disbanded. The is a new report out on UN peace keepers raping and molesting girls in the countries they are sent to.

  10. Kick the UN out of America and cut their funding. Their useless teet suckers, sucking American tax payers money dry.

  11. SA tells the UN they will pull funding; doesn’t sound any different than how our own federal government coerces the states. Utilitarianism has completely wiped out any reliable rule of law.

  12. The UN is not a force of good, it is a cesspool of hate and corruption. This is just one of many examples. It should be disbanded, or at least gotten out of the US. Montreal would be a good venue.

  13. Money buys silence. Too big to criticize now! If one is a fool because one objects to the power of the Saudis to silence critics, I Proudly accept that title!

  14. We criticize Saudi Arabia for doing precisely what we do. The US withholds tons of money and support because it doesn’t agree with some UN policies. The US sleeps with almost every disgusting leader when it is in the interests of the US. US corporations defile the third world. Canadian mining companies defile the third world. Foreign conglomerates defile the third world. This is how it has been with most countries and empires: Great Britain, France, etc. The option is to maintain connections, communications, and cooperation regardless of how retarded some peoples are or to ostracize and go the other way. The other way leads to much worse conditions for the world and its down trodden. Like Ki-Moon stated, it would cause more harm to chastise Saudi Arabia in public than to suck it up and keep the aid flowing. Regardless of all its faults the world is a better place with the UN than without the UN. Except of course for all the tough guys.

    Any fool off the street can paint this with a political bent, Flint, and other needs vrs diplomacy.

  15. The “Poison pill” amendment was added by Charles Schumer who widely and loudly proclaimed his support for the right to sue and then quietly inserted the language that allows the government to block that law suit. Talk about sleazy!

    Don’t forget our president actually flew to Saudi Arabia to beg and scrape and ask forgiveness for this bill and the threat to allow the AMERICAN PUBLIC TO SEE THE 28 pages that we all believe finally formally disclosed that the Saudis funded the 9/11 Attacks. He flew over there so fast..he couldn’t get to Flint but Saudi Arabia is a very different matter. They are represented by Tony Podesta. Nice the foreign governments can hire well connected lobbyists who have access to presidents and presidential candidate while the rest of us couldn’t get a meeting if we tried,

    The theocracies really rule. It’s disgusting. Our “leaders” have handed us over to the corporations and countries like the Saudis for whom we sacrifice the lives of our soldiers and our treasure while our own people suffer. And they wonder out loud why we are so cynical!

  16. Who Flung Foo? There are spots on the wall.
    The UN is a bogus fogus kind of thing. Ships go in, ships go out and it doesn’t bother me.
    Nato has become a beast of burden.
    The only thing we have to fear is beer itself.
    A pee in time saves nine.
    A aaa men. Aaaaa men. A hey men, A men, Amen.
    If the foo shits, wear it.
    Much Ado About Nothing.
    I know nothing.
    Moe, Larry, Cheese.

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