Turley To Speak At New Mexico Conclave

urlToday I will have the honor of speaking to the New Mexico Conclave, an annual conference with New Mexico judges and lawyers in conjunction with the University of New Mexico School of Law.  Also speaking at the conference is my old friend Sam Donaldson from ABC News.  I will be speaking on the history and reform of the Supreme Court.

Also speaking at the conference are Chief Justice Charles Daniels, New Mexico Supreme CourtHon. Daniel J. Crothers of the North Dakota Supreme Court, David Schultz of Yale Law School, Scott Sandlin of Albuquerque Journal, Professor Jennifer Golbeck, University of Maryland College of Information,  Robert McCallum, Public Information Officer, Colorado Judicial Branch, Professor Jennifer Golbeck, University of Maryland College of Information, and  Robert McCallum, Public Information Officer, Colorado Judicial Branch.

The conference is being held at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North.

6 thoughts on “Turley To Speak At New Mexico Conclave”

  1. Great opportunity to discuss the refusal of the despicable Republicans to hold hearings on the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Court. Surely that’s worth discussing, eh, Professor?

  2. Elton-
    Amen to that but why not throw in the 14th and illegal s?

  3. I didn’t know Sam was still alive. He must be in his 90’s? Enjoy the great state of NM.

  4. I hope you discuss what the Original Framers would have thought about the current ethnic, gender, racial and religious backgrounds of the present members of the Court. I am speaking of the Original Framers of the Original Constitution and First Ten Amendments. Not the Framers of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments passed after the Civil War.

  5. Albuquerque has certainly changed since I was last there in the 1950s.

  6. JT, have a great conference. But please make sure that Sam doesn’t celebrate too much with the Jack D. And if you go out driving anywhere together, make sure that you’re the person driving.

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