D.C. Man Accused Of Committing Murder While Being Monitored With Ankle Bracelet . . . By Removing His Prosthetic Leg

220px-Low_cost_prosthetic_limbsIt was something out of a whodunit story. A man is murdered but a suspect was under constant surveillance at the time of the murder. The GPS placed on Quincy Green, 44, showed that he remained at home. However, the twist is that his leg remained at the home with the tracking device on it, but the leg was a prosthetic that he removed. According to police, he left the leg and limped to another location to murder Dana Hamilton.

There were no suspects in Hamilton’s death but someone implicated Green. Police then reexamined camera footage and noted that the gunman has an obvious limp. When police raided the house, they found a box from the living room, inside the box was a prosthetic leg with a GPS tracking device.

Dana Hamilton lived on disability (due to a bad heart) with his 72-year-old mother, Lillie Hamilton, in Oxon Hill. He left in a van with friends and told his mother that he was going to pass out religious pamphlets. He died in the same apartment complex where his brother, then 22, was fatally shot.

After Hamilton was fatally shot in Southeast Washington, Green (known as “Q”) however had a perfect monitoring record. Had he tried to cut off the bracelet, it would have signaled an alert. He did not have to because his entire leg was removable.

Chris McDowell, director of communications for California-based Sentinel Services, which supplies and fits the bracelets on pre-trial detainees in the District, admitted that protocol was not followed — a rather obvious admission.

13 thoughts on “D.C. Man Accused Of Committing Murder While Being Monitored With Ankle Bracelet . . . By Removing His Prosthetic Leg”

  1. Maybe they should have cut “Q’s” other leg off?

  2. Sentinel is a private company which contracts to provide the servie, not a governmental entity.

  3. Is it usual to put a GPS tracking device on a removable prosthetic limb? Because, if so, that policy is poorly thought out.

  4. No mention as to whether or not the individual may have had TWO prosthetic legs.

  5. Buford T. Justice placed the bracelet, while the good sheriff was still attached to the toilet paper roll from the men’s restroom inside the diner.

  6. Good grief. Someone was seriously not thinking when he put that monitoring bracelet on a removable prosthetic leg. Could that person be considered negligent in the murder of Dana Hamilton?

  7. Brilliant alibi–should be the theme of the next James Bond movie–“The Man With The Phony Leg” !! DMD

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