UnknownToday I leave with one of my sons, Jack, to go on our long anticipated trip to Alaska.  This has been one of my bucket list items and I am very excited about the trip.  I will be speaking to the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (AKACDL) Annual All-Star Litigator’s Conference at Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska.  I will be arriving early to  experience this wonderful state.


We will start in Anchorage for a coupe days before going to the Denali National Park for a few more.  We will then travel to Talkeenta, a small village used by mountain climbers and hikers on the way to Denali.  We are then planning to spend the night back in Anchorage, onward to the remote village (population 200) of Whittier, then finish with a few days in Girdwood before returning home.

I will be trying to post from the road but wifi is likely spotty, particularly around Denali. Thus, posts could be delayed a bit.  I will return on July 9th.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to be posting some wonderful pictures from Alaska!

7 thoughts on “GOIN’ NORTH TO ALASKA – DAY ONE”

  1. Hopefully you will have good weather – to really see Denali! In any case – it won’t be long enough and you’ll want to go back. If you have a chance – go out on the water for a day or even half a day trip.

  2. We had breakfast @ the Talkeetna Roadhouse on the way to Denali. Had some of the best pancakes ever.

  3. We had friends who were FBI agents in Anchorage. They liked to ski and Alyeska was the closest venue. We visited in July and ate @ the resort. Spectacular view and very good food. You and your son are in for a real treat and great hikes. We’ve been to Alaska twice, neither time on a cruise. We are not cruise people. We did take the ferry from Juneau to Skagway. They don’t run on time. It’s a govt. ferry.

  4. Travel to Alaska for a speaking engagement also makes for a handsome tax deduction. Way to go Professor!

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