Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

1467824210454If you guessed spraying gasoline on a woman who criticized her for smoking at a gas pump, you are a genius. Kimberly Brinton, of Meshoppen, Pa., was arrested for aggravated assault and other charges at the Mehoopany Dandy Mart, about 30 miles northwest of Scranton.

Brinton was smoking while pumping gas when another customer noted the obvious danger. She then told Brinton to put it out. She then threw windshield clean on Brinton to try to put out the cigarette. The woman then tried to drive away and Brinton allegedly screamed that she was going to light her on fire and sprayed her with gasoline. If that is not weird enough, the victim then slipped on the gasoline getting out of her car and broke her arm.

Since the injury was a response to the alleged attack, the injury can be charged against Brinton. Truly bizarre.

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  1. “pump gas without being regulated?”— whoah, fella’! Unfortunately almost the whole world (well, USofA) allows/forces drivers to pump their own, self-serve gas, y’know? I live in Oregon and one of the reasons I hate to travel out of state is having to get gas all over my hands while pumping! Oregon mandates gas station attendants do the pumping (jobs, and safety), but it’s almost the only state that still does that! (of course, mostly we get our gas at Costco these days, THEY have store staff pump…)

    ALSO, while spilled gas may burn, it’s the FUMES that are EXPLOSIVE! If the fumes are thick enough to smell, you’d better not be smokin’, lest you be flyin’ !!

  2. Her mug shot makes her look like she was drinking the gasoline itself, or smoking something other than tobacco …

  3. Another non-responsive and totally irrelevant diatribe by our resident grouch. Ho hum.

  4. It’s the same urge I get when I am almost hit by a car driven by an idiot glued to a cell phone. I want to pull over the fool and grab the phone and stomp it into little pieces while yelling at them. This festering sore on humanity needs to be contained. In the more advanced societies that understand that this now causes more death and destruction than driving while impaired, there are more and more stringent laws. So, I contain myself and wait for these bozos to get caught, fined, and hopefully change.

    Woman gets 14th distracted driving ticket, ‘not getting message’
    By Marcus Hondro Mar 18, 2016 in Crime
    A woman in Vancouver has surely set a new world record but not one any of us will laud her for. She has just been given a distracted driving ticket for using her cell phone while behind the wheel for the 14th time.
    Distracted driver
    The woman, whose name nor age have been released, recently got two distracted driving tickets in 10 days, bringing her total to that gaudy 14. While most have been due to talking on her phone some have been for texting while driving.
    All of her tickets have come within the past five years and naturally they represent only the number of times the woman has been caught driving and using her cell phone. What the real number of times she’s done so is anybody’s guess.
    In a recent incident she nearly crashed into a police officer’s car while texting. The officer got out of his vehicle and, not surprisingly, issued her a ticket. All of her infractions occurred in Vancouver or the nearby municipality of Richmond.
    Police seek license
    The Vancouver police say they are now making a formal request to the Crown that the woman’s license be revoked. Their media spokesman, Sgt. Randy Finchum said that enough is enough.
    “This woman is not getting the message,” he told media. “She has been educated 14 separate times and she chooses to ignore everybody else’s safety.”
    Sgt. Fincham added that he had “never heard of anyone who’s had that many tickets for the same offence” and that it is clear to him that “the financial penalty is not having any effect on this driver.”
    In addition to a $167 fine for each transgression — her total is over $2,300 to date — her car insurance has gone up dramatically due to the 3 demerit points she received each time she’s been caught.
    It has not yet been determined if she will have her license suspended, nor it is known if this is an record. It would be frightening to think of someone earning more tickets for such an infraction. In B.C., the government car insurance corporation, ICBC, says that last year there were 81 traffic fatalies attributed to distracted driving.

    Read more:

  5. If the person smoking at the gas station starts a fire, then he/she should be liable for subsequent damages and injuries. A sign to that effect posted at the pumps should be sufficient warning.

    I’m not so sure that smoking around gas pumps isn’t dangerous – so long as none gets spilled. It is sad that the smoking women was so hooked on nicotine that she couldn’t put it out whilst refueling. However, in 20 or 30 years Mother Nature will impose a more serious penalty for smoking.

  6. Miss Brinton has the right to pump gas into her car in any manner she chooses as long she does not impact the rights of others to do the same. If the business has posted signs with conditions under which the customers must follow in order to purchase the gasoline there then they should enforce those conditions, not the customers. The “victim” had a choice to leave or report this incident to the business management. The other obvious solution is for Brinton to respect the concern of the other customer and forego the smoking for 5 minutes until she completed her purchase.

  7. I have to agree with Mitch. Cell phones and smoking around gas pumps are not the hazard they are purported to be.

  8. Self defense. The other woman attacked her first.

    Btw Smoking around gas pumps isnt really dangerous like some think.

  9. Of course all the gas nuts will defend her behavior as rare and aberrant and point to the commerce clause to stand in the way of reasonable gas pump nozzle control.

    But seriously, you can pump gas without needing to be regulated? Or without taking 20 hours of continuing education on first aid, pollution, environmental cleanup and hazardous waste disposal?

    And all because the founding fathers needed whale oil for their lamps and never imagined today’s 435 horsepower Mustangs.

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