Yale Dishwasher Destroys Stained-Glass Window Depicting Slaves

1468338874154We have been discussing the effort of protesters to strip universities of references and images connected to segregation or slavery, including the names of Framers. Now, a dishwasher has taken it upon himself to smash a stained-glass window at Yale University because it depicted what he considered a racist scene. What is interesting is that, even though Corey Menafee was fired, Yale was already planning to remove the windows as part of a new initiative to remove such images.

Just a Hollywood celebrities and producers recently claimed the right to deface posters of movies with “tired” images, Menafee decided that,  if he felt a stained glass window was offensive, he had the unilateral privilege to destroy it with a broomstick.

Menafee, 38, is facing a felony criminal mischief charge and has now apologized but also claims that the property destruction is a form of civil obedience.
yale window240px-John_C_Calhoun_by_Mathew_Brady,_March_1849-cropThe window was one of a series of stained-glass panels depicting various moments from the life of building namesake and former U.S. vice president  John C. Calhoun. Calhoun was  defender of states rights, including the right to legalize slavery.  A recent effort to strip the building of his name failed but Yale has decided to remove the panels.

I disagree with the removal of such historic windows or references.  Indeed, I believe it is a constant reminder of not just our acceptance of slavery but the connections of leading institutions like Yale with that immoral period.  We should not scrub away history but recognize it and learn from it. Many of the great works and buildings of Europe show scenes of slavery and other evil practices. Preserving such historical artifacts and objects is not an endorsement of the practices but a recognition of human history.

Menafee should face accountability for his crime but Yale should also face the questions about its approach to its own history.

What do you think?


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  1. @KCF

    So what do you expect when blacks have been told for years that their sour situation in life is because of White Privilege, racissst!s, Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder — in short everything except their women popping out four or more illegitimate kids with 3 or 4 different baby daddies just to get some welfare benefits. Which, here is an Irish Poem just because. . .

    Fits, and Starts???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Whence cometh this disparity?
    Asked the Black Man in dire poverty.
    There would be no drama,
    If answered, “Yo momma!,”
    Sooo, blame it on Robert E. Lee!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. Barbarians destroy, but cannot build.
    They have poor impulse control and short time orientation.
    They create poverty out of surrounding wealth.
    They destroy everything they touch.

    The Yale broken window is literally Keynesian.

  3. Maintaining the window was offensive but his actions were inexcusable because of the genuine historic value of the window. It should have been in a museum. His childish conduct, which cannot be remedied or repaired, cannot and should not be excused.

  4. This mutt should take a tour of Europe and all the stuff there. He could pick and choose from thousands of priceless works of art and use anyone of many arguments: -don’t agree with royal privilege, don’t agree with pedophile priests, don’t agree with demons and devils burning and munching on those deemed to be sinners by who, well pedophile priests, etc. History is made up of all aspects of the human experience and belongs to all. No one group should be able to dictate what history should be. It is bad enough that history is written locally and most Americans believe what they are told, most Russians believe what they are taught, most Muslims believe what they are taught; regardless of how correct and relevant.

    This mutt getting away with this will spark a tide of destruction of what was. Only by embracing our past and learning from the realities of it can we evolve to an equal society. This mutt is placing himself above a common people. He represents that ignorant knee jerk, mindless, response ready to follow the first fist pounder that comes out of a beer hall.

    The removal of the windows is one thing, something decided through ownership with responsibility to all. What this mutt did was nothing different than smashing something to vent his miserable rage. Should we destroy an affluent neighborhood, burn a few Bentleys, because the owners are Wall Street crooks that are partially responsible for some of the failures of society?

    If this mutt wants to be equal and treated equally then he should be treated equally and charged with destruction of property.

  5. Tin – washing dishes is hard, honest work – and we should have respect for people who work hard. A lot of the problems in the US are caused by people thinking certain jobs are “crummy” and that they’re somehow above working for a paycheck.

  6. Living in a free and civilized society requires the ability to feel offended and restrain from violence. If one feels the need to destroy artwork or property because of offence, just go ahead and put on the swastika armband and hold a book burning party.

  7. @T. Hall

    Yes, the arbiter of all that is good and virtuous. . .

    Low-class commentary=anything with which you choose to disagree.

  8. Oh, and another thought. What happens on the day in the future when a super majority of Americans come to believe that abortions are nothing but plain old simple baby killing. And that all the pro-choice people were really just monsters who made up fancy justifications to kill innocent little babies. Because a bunch of irresponsible bimbos didn’t want to change poopie diapers, and a bunch of male lechers didn’t want to have to pay child support. Will it be OK if people start digging up Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Clinton’s grave sites and removing them from history? or will there be those who make the “once it was legal” argument?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. Paul, I would go even further – not only will be they unemployable, but will not be able to function in life outside their sheltered cocoons. The Yale power club is coming to end with the defeat of HRC. The DNC stupidly turned its back on Sanders so this is what they are going to have to deal with.

  10. Hmmm. Too bad Yale and Dallas couldn’t have been switched. To where Dallas got the broken window, and Yale got five dead white liberal professors or five dead white social justice warrior students courtesy of the race-baited crazed dishwasher. Because that might have made some small dent in the never ending media promotion of the Democratic Party victimology narrative.

    And as far as the window – – – sure its loss is stupid, but what is that compared to the idiots trying to remove all those Dead White Male folks like Shakespeare and Dante and Keats and Conrad from the curricula?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. I’m with Bam Bam “#StainedGlassLivesMatter”

    Yale has destroyed its credibility as one of the most outstanding academic institutions by pandering to PC. First the drive to get rid of dead while males on the English curriculum and now this.

    What are they putting in the cafeteria food? It is like an epidemic.

    1. Autumn – I am not sure what they are putting in the food, but these students are unemployable.

  12. It is easy to see the evils of slavery from our 21st century perspective, so we have no cause to congratulate ourselves for our more enlightened views. It was much tougher from an 18th / 19th century view of a world in which slavery had been the near universally accepted norm throughout recorded history. It’s a bit like dismissing Newton because he failed to anticipate relativity or quantum theory.

    Calhoun was wrong about slavery – that does not make his efforts to preserve the federalist structure of government bequeathed by the constitution makers of 1787. Similarly, Jefferson and a majority of his colleagues in the Continental Congress were wrong about slavery. That should not lead us to dismiss the ultimate triumph of the American Revolution – a government built to secure natural rights. Jefferson’s writings, and especially the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence shone a very bright light upon the hypocrisy of slavery and have serve as inspiration for enemies of tyranny for over two centuries. That’s quite an accomplishment regardless of his personal flaws. I am sure that two centuries from now people will wonder how we could possibly believe many things taken for granted today.

    In any event, while destroying one’s own property is an acceptable form of protest, destroying other’s property is a crime, and properly so.

  13. I think he should be charged with a felony, but he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. The window showed a black man and woman holding large baskets of cotton. From that he assumed the right to destroy the window, which was probably very valuable. What if the window depicted a black guy washing dishes, and he destroyed it because he resented his crummy job? It seems to me his act of destruction and censorship was more than “criminal mischief.”

  14. I would have to see the window when it was intact to pass judgment. There are people picking cotton and people picking blue berries right up the street from me. They are mostly foreign. They seem to like living here and seem to like berry picking. One told me this morning that he would not want to be a dishwasher for a bunch of pansies. Those were his words. He had seen the Yale story on the internet.
    On another aspect. When speaking of “States Rights”. The states did not have the right to own slaves, the people did. When you contrast the Powers of the Federal Government over the Powers of the States then you are closer to the mark. People have rights. States have powers. The federal government has some powers which might override a state statute (power). “StatesRights!” is a phrase uttered by bigots who wish to deny equal rights to other humans.

    1. Mental Midget – I want States Rights because it puts the Western States on the same footing as the Eastern States. I am very much for equal rights, the federal government isn’t.

  15. What is Yale going to replace it with? A special snowflake?
    Yes, he goes to jail. Yes, he pays for the replacement. Yes, the replacement is significant to the life of Calhoun.

    Having said all this, Yale will apologize for not taking down the window sooner. Yale will pay for the replacement. Yale will make sure the guy get a high paying job on Wall Street, where he is qualified. And the replacement window will be of Bambi.

  16. History is history and vandalism is vandalism. I don’t like a lot of the things I see but that doesn’t give the right to destroy them or constitute a defense to vandalism!

    Individuals who seek to sanitize history should consider the long range impact of pretending slavery didn’t exist. Think about it.

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