Wasserman Schultz Booed Off Stage By Florida Delegation . . . But Given Job By Clinton Campaign

Wasserman SchultzHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziFormer Democratic Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed of the stage by the Florida delegates today as anger continued to rise over emails showing that the DNC actively undermined Bernie Sanders and sought to rig the primaries for Hillary Clinton.  Yet, in coming DNC interim chair (and Clinton supporter) Donna Brazile is calling for Wasserman Schultz to have a role at the convention as a reward for her past work.  In an equally tone deaf response, Clinton has given Wasserman Schultz a formal job with her campaign — as opposed to the informal job that her critics have long alleged.  The fact is that Wasserman Schultz has from the start been the most controversial DNC chair in the party’s history — well before the entrance of Bernie Sanders.  Her tenure has been divisive and destructive for the party.  The effort to reward her by party insiders like Brazile and bring her into the Clinton campaign only reaffirms the disconnect with voters.

Wasserman Schultz discussed her new role for the Clinton campaign as delegated booed her and chanted “shame” over the now confirmed secret campaign for Clinton at the DNC.  She will be the honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program.  Clinton heralded the past work and future role of Wasserman Schultz:

“I want to thank my longtime friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her leadership of the Democratic National Committee over the past five years.  I am grateful to Debbie for getting the Democratic Party to this year’s historic convention in Philadelphia, and I know that this week’s events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership. . . . There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie–which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.

“I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid–because as President, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.”


I would think that this is stating the obvious but the Clinton people might have wanted to wait a bit before giving Wasserman Schultz a position with the campaign when delegates are protesting that she was working for the campaign all along.  One look at the Florida delegation (which is Wasserman Schultz’s most supportive group) confirms that obvious point:


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  1. 1, July 28, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Wow. Just wow.

    I love that woman.

    If this country were the best it could be, that woman would be our President.

  2. Hey Squeeky, about the picture of HRC. “And I’ll eat your little dog too”!

  3. Jill, we are all under surveillance. And thanks to Obama we can be locked up indefinitely.

  4. So, I watched the drunken leprachaun Tim Kaine tonite — Mr. TPP and then Obomber. Totally pathetic. The real action is not in the sanitized, controlled convention hall it is on the streets. BTW Bernie surrogate Nina Turner was barred from speaking. I guess Tulsi was annoying enough. DNC and MSM are finished.

    Jillnothill is very popular right now.

  5. wow oh wow

    the amazing Tulsi Gabbard – D-Rep from Hawaii, a woman “of colour”, Hindu, Combat Vet did NOT nominate HRC. 0 coverage on the MSM.

    She had the “balls” to resign as co-chair of the DNC so she could endorse Sanders – firmly against the TPP and pointless wars.

    Nominated bernie for president – I can see her running in 2020

  6. SWM

    Still delusional I see. It ain’t about Trump or Putin. Deflect all you want. It’s about your horrid candidate and the corrupt DNC. We are NOT going to “unite”. Jill Stein 2016 Btw – you might want to check out how the Donald is rocking in the polls. The Demoncratic party is done done double done

  7. New at wikileaks–how much it costs to get a seat with Clinton and Obama. And for a man who pretends to care about sick people, he bumped a guy with cancer because another donor gave him more money for the coveted seat! What a great guy! What a great woman!

  8. Jill
    1, July 25, 2016 at 4:00 pm


    Would you mind showing people where i was promoting a “some guy named Rocky”. That never happened and you know it. I would appreciate you not lying about me, ever.

  9. And now for something that actually is very scary. If you will look at wikleaks twitter you will see an amazing video on what people in power, both Republican and Democratic would like to do to Assange and wikileaks. This would include murder and naming the group a terrorist organization. Another DNC operative says Assange is “anti-American”. In fact, these powerful people are engaging in talk/actions which are the very essence of anti-American.

    First it is the DNC who has broken the law. They have been exposed for rigging and election. They are exposed for financial fraud. They are exposed in controlling (an albeit) compliant national press. Now they are again using their power to call for assassination, this time at a person who exposed their wrong doing. We all knew Obama hates whistleblowers. He did torture Chelsea Manning after all and throws others in the hole for a good long time, but why not murder?

    The real things that should bother Americans are what the DNC actually did and what the govt. is now doing on behalf of the DNC to punish a person and organization who allowed the people to see the truth. This govt. and its minions are drunk on power. They are using their powers unlawfully. This should not just be dismissed by the American people. First they came…

    1. Jill – Trump did get Hillary and the DNC to admit her missing 30,000 emails (supposedly about yoga and her daughter’s wedding) have a National Security Implication.

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