NC GOP Attacks Kaine For Wearing Honduras Flag Pin . . . Which Turns Out To Be His Service Pin For His Marine Son

1447331_630x354Few of us are happy with the poisonous and dysfunctional politics today. With the two most disliked candidates in history securing the two main nominations, tensions are rising as each party seeks to make voters hate the other candidate more than their own candidate. One particularly low moment came with an attack from the North Carolina GOP which accused Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) of inexplicably wearing a flag of Honduras on his lapel rather than an American flag. Not only did the pin share little with the Honduras flag, it was a Blue Star Service pin for Kaine’s son who is serving as a marine.

In the tweet, the NC GOP told followers “.@timkaine wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag. Shameful.” In raising the false alarm, the NC GOP not only succeeded in making themselves look rather pathetic but succeeded in highlighting the service of the Kaine family.

The party later took down the tweet and wrote to those who corrected them: “We appreciate you letting us know. Thanks for letting us correct our mistake.”

I wish that this could be dismissed as an anomaly in today’s politics but it could actually constitute one of the most substantive comments in this dismal election.

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  1. ““In North Carolina, restriction of voting mechanisms and procedures that most heavily affect African Americans will predictably redound to the benefit of one political party and to the disadvantage of the other,” Motz wrote. “As the evidence in the record makes clear, that is what happened here.” And here is some from good news unless one is a race and bathroom obsessed republican..Bye bye McCrory…..

  2. @NickS and @IsaacB

    It may have been me who got your stuff accidentally deleted. Because sometimes when I read Isaac’s dribble, I say to myself, “Oh God! I wish I didn’t have to read this stupid crap of Isaac’s!”

    And LO AND BEHOLD! God must have answered my prayers! and just made his comments disappear!

    OH Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Isaac, I have NEVER asked that a comment of yours be deleted. NEVER.

  4. I love Terry Thomas. Milton is pretty good as well. But the best one in that movie was Dick Shawn. I’m not saying bad things about America. I love America. My hat is off to a country that can suffer eight years of the three stooges. However, there are a lot of Americans that…well.

  5. It is even WORSE that the GOP cannot recognize a Blue Star pin. So much for their “respect” for the military and our GIs. Since as the Muslim father pointed out in his speech, Trump has risked nothing and NO ONE in service to his country. In short, if we use the epithet that Bill Clinton haters use, Trump is a cowardly, draft dodger, along with the worst draft dodger JOHN WAYNE.

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