Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

fewr334554353fddsIf you said impersonating a police officer to meet Hooters waitresses, you have a gift.  Nicholas M. Fuhst, 18, went into a Hooters in Kochville Township, Michigan and said that he was an undercover cop in need for reviewing the background information of various waitresses.   They gave him the information but also gave the real police a call.  Fuhst has now pleaded  no contest to impersonating a police officer.

After looking over the list of employees, Fuhst asked for more information on some of the employees.  Police said that Fuhst told them that he  wanted to talk to the girls to see if they would be friends on Facebook.

After police came to arrest Fuhst, they found knives, lighter fluid, zip ties and the list of Hooters employees; on which he had circled several names.  Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Albosta said that this evidence shows that “…there were some dark thoughts going through his mind.”  It is not clear what Albosta is basing that statement on in terms of actual evidence.  Fuhst has not been charged with a conspiracy to commit any such crime.  Public statements of prosecutors like Albosta can raise serious issues of due process and make the selection of a jury most difficult.  It would be unfair for a prosecutor to tell the public that Fuhst was intending something “dark” but not charge him with some an act.  He was charged with an impersonation charge and a misdemeanor count of disturbing workers.

Impersonating a police officer is a felony charge and carries a maximum sentence of four years. However, as a third-time habitual offender, Fuhst could face a doubling of his time.


15 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. I think he was actually trying to imitate “McLovin” from the movie Superbad.

    Aye, looking at his picture, the 1st thing that popped into my middle-aged head was the Jonah Hill line, “First of all, you look like a future pedophile….”

  2. Olly w/ the thread winner. I watched Superbad for maybe the 5th time a few weeks ago. It is hilarious and break out roles for 5 actors. The McLovin kid is a great character.

  3. I’m sure his civil rights have been violated in some way. If police are permitted to be deceitful with a suspect, isn’t turn around fair play and protected as free expression? On the other hand, who gives a hoot?

  4. A scary/funny scenario which prompts concern over trust issues with persons acting under the color of authority. A person in uniform, showing a badge, asking questions, pursuing with flashing lights, yelling commands, pointing a gun, face covered with a balaclava, wearing a vest with “police” emblazened, all are possible indications that they are actually law enforcement, or maybe not. Resistance may result in death or injury no matter who the actors are. What do you do…

  5. Did he show a badge? Did he request a roll in the hay with a Hooter tooter?
    As part of sentencing he should be barred from going into any Hooters for fifteen years.

    Next time show photos of the Hooters chicks he was talking to. It is early in the morning and it is difficult to look at the photos of all these dorks here on the site. Never! show a photo of Hillary or Trump before eleven a.m. Never!!! show a photo of both of them together.

  6. I wonder how long the various waitresses spoke with him, including how much personal and sensitive info that they revealed, before one of them finally had an epiphany a noticed the crusted and flaking Clearasil, smeared on his 18-year-old pizza face, and decided that this was a ruse? Where was the manager on duty? Oblivious to the events occurring on the premises and involving the employees? Wading, knee deep, in a basket of chicken wings? Why wasn’t he or she alerted as to this interloper questioning his or her staff?

  7. After viewing the attractive photo, I could’ve sworn that he was charged with swiping a tube of Clearasil from the local CVS. I stick by my theory. His zits don’t lie.

  8. I said ‘mailing a dead chicken to his former landlady.” I really thought I had it this time.

  9. Oh Crap! This stuff writes itself!

    A Clean Breast of It???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a fellow name Fuhst,
    Who the officers viewed with disgust!
    He admitted he lied,
    And admitted, with pride. . .
    He was darn sure he would make a bust!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    You know, Hooters. . .making a clean breast. . . . a bust. . .oh never mind.

  10. “If you said impersonating a police officer to meet Hooters waitresses, you have a gift. … However, as a third-time habitual offender, Fuhst could face a doubling of his time.”

    Even more impressive gift rising to the level of clairvoyance if you can guess the other convictions of this busy 18 year old.

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