Real Reform or Retail Politics? Minneapolis Gun Buy Back Program Raises Questions Over Its Efficacy

thumb_weapon_gun_smith_and_wesson_hand_ejector167px-MN_-_Minneapolis_PoliceMinneapolis had to end its  gun buyback program after quickly going through $25,000 in what critics have charged is a futile gesture.  Some 150 firearms were collected before the organizers ran out of Visa gift cards.  Some of the weapons were homemade and the sellers boasted of securing windfalls.  Putting such subterfuge aside, the question is whether these buy back programs really make a material difference.  Recently, a PEW study showed that 44 percent of households now have guns.  While these programs offer politicians significant benefits, it is hard to see how they seriously reduce gun violence given the massive body of weapons in the country.

There is an interesting debate over whether gun ownership is actually shrinking despite reports that gun background checks and sales are up.

The two Minneapolis locations collected about 150 firearms Saturday and some sellers said that they sold old guns to buy new ones.

One person constructed a “shotgun” out of a piece of wood, tape and a pipe.

The question is whether such programs truly serve the public interest or political interests.



28 thoughts on “Real Reform or Retail Politics? Minneapolis Gun Buy Back Program Raises Questions Over Its Efficacy”

  1. Cleveland did a buyback in front of the old third district station. Across the street were folks offering cash for the good guns instead of the donated police food cards. You can write the rest of this story yourself.

  2. “Buyback” implies the entity doing the buying once owned whatever item is being re-purchased. In this case, this is FALSE. The government NEVER owned the guns in question. The term “buyback” is merely propaganda.

    Or, am I wrong, and our nanny-state actually owns everything, and always did and always will?

  3. Have abortion dollars moved to gun buy back programs. That will stop this insanity. Doglover and the dog man, philly, love these insane gun buy backs. But, they can lick their own scrotum, so they have that going for them.

  4. If Homeland Security takes over running the election process and there is a Federal take over of our local police forces, that would be a massive over reach of federal authority. To me this is very scary.

  5. “Gun ownership is evidence of mental illness.”

    Wow! The ignorance with that one is breathtaking. In the history of EVER, when has a disarmed society not had their freedoms infringed by the government?

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