Buffalo Officer Gives Choking Suspect The Heimlich Maneuver . . . Suspect Coughs Up Baggie Of Cocaine

UnknownAbdominalThrust_HeimlichManoeuvre.svgNow this sounds like a first-year criminal law examination on the parameters of search and seizure law. Buffalo officer Sean McCabe saved a man’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver. The man, Bryan Ramos, then coughed up a baggie of cocaine and was promptly arrested for possession of narcotics.

Central District Officers Sean McCabe and Omar Rodriguez spotted Ramos sitting outside of a vacant house and approached him for questioning. Ramos then stuffed what appeared a cigarette pack into his mouth and resisted an effort to place him into custody (which required the use of pepper spray). He then had trouble breathing after the struggle. That is when McCabe gave him the hug of life — and Ramos gave McCabe the evidence that he needed.

Ramos, 23, is now charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and criminal trespass.

While Ramos blamed his cousin and said he was just holding the drugs, he was already wanted on a bench warrant for assault and harassment charges from 2012.

While courts are sometimes called up for orders to allow surgeries, most suspected “mules” who swallow baggies during international flights are simply given copious amounts of water and police allow nature to take its course. Evidence via Heimlich is fairly rare but entirely constitutional.

16 thoughts on “Buffalo Officer Gives Choking Suspect The Heimlich Maneuver . . . Suspect Coughs Up Baggie Of Cocaine”

  1. at what point do police officers need to stop profiling, assuming, and making up some reason to pat down someone THEY think just looks like a piece of shit. The officers in our country seldom have any checks or balance and in WV only the Coronal of the State police makes the final decision if his fellow buddy was wrong, and guess how often that happens? There are great police officers but there are also women beaters, stalkers, and men in green who carry badges that should be in cuffs and behind bars, but the women in their lives are too afraid to step forward rightfully so, because the whole good ole boy systemj will find a way to take you down and you cannot win. I hope someday every police force has a committee that determines conduct, not simply one man who is part of this amazing club that cant seem to think independent of one another. Amazes me that you can be not accepted as a Pennsylvania officer because of your psych profile then be accepted in to West Virginia, rising all the way to a top position. Sadly, if you have a friend in criminal justice and you piss them off personally, you will likely endure absolute hell, just as I did for the last four years of my life. I fear this man, what he is capable of,, and what he will someday do to me as my son approached 18. No, not all officer’s are as I describe and I a grateful to those of you who honor that badge and protect and serve, but do not kid yourself ever into any sense of false security with law enforcement.

  2. Case against Ramos should be thrown out. Officers used torture (pepper spray) to get confession/evidence (drugs) out of suspect (literally).

  3. A woman was trespassing on my estate in Florida, taking and eating the fruit from trees I had clearly fenced off far from the property line.

    One day a cop sees her and she starts choking. He gives her the Heimlich and out comes a piece of fruit.

    It was all tossed when we got to court.

    Manchineel trees.

  4. @BLM Dog – letting him choke to death is how you get cases like San Diego County paying $2.3 million for the death of an inmate who swallowed a baggie of meth. Not that I agree with the SD County settlement, but for whatever reason, it costs a lot of money to let Darwin’s Law take its natural course.

    1. Has been in the Penal Law for decades. There are two degrees, one a class A misdemanor and one a class E felony. It means that he’s alleged to have assaulted or menaced a civil servant while said civil servant was trying to do his job or that he caused a diversion or harassed a working civil servant using telecommunications (e.g. a false alarm to the fire department).

  5. Should have let him choke to death. Then it is just take the body to a morgue and be done with the dork. He will be in and out of courts and jails for fifty years or so before he croaks. Guys like this need to be killed.

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