County Commissioner Accused Of Removing Campaign Signs Of Opponent

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

Frank Gordon
Frank Gordon

It seems incumbent Grays Harbor County, Washington Commission Candidate Frank Gordon has some ‘splainin’ to do.

His election opponent, Randy Ross, noticed that his campaign signs began disappearing at an intersection near the residence of, no pun intended, “Commissioner Gordon”. The defaced signs were reposted, but soon were pulled out and thrown into a weeded area. Unfortunately for the commissioner, a wildlife camera recorded a big surprise for the county.


Candidate Randy Ross asked his friend Andy Mesojednik to help investigate the removal of the signs. Andy set a wildlife camera to hopefully provide some answers as to the missing signs.

When Candidate Ross returned to the site of the political signs at the same bat time, and the same bat location, the sign disappeared. After removing the camera’s memory card and playing the recordings Ross had  a “jaw dropping” experience.

Photos reportedly show Commissioner Gordon himself removing the campaign signs of his opponent.

gordon-sign-removal-1KIRO News reported that Commissioner Gordon admitted it was him in the photographs, but claimed he wasn’t removing his opponent’s signs, he was trying to help after finding them tossed aside.

“We have hundreds of signs in the harbor,” Gordon said. “So I don’t know what I would gain by pulling some signs down here.”


“I did pick up a couple of Randy’s signs and put them with some other signs that are laying down by Duffy’s,” Gordon said, gesturing to a spot down the street.

Ross does not accept the commissioner’s explanation of the camera’s images,
“I’m just really disappointed. I thought we were working on the issues in the campaign. This is just grade school 101.”

Commissioner Gordon’s alleged actions could result in a misdemeanor citation.

State Law, RCW 29A.84.040 is quite clear with regard to such incidents:

RCW 29A.84.040
Political advertising, removing or defacing.

A person who removes or defaces lawfully placed political advertising including yard signs or billboards without authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable to the same extent as a misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW 9A.20.021. The defacement or removal of each item constitutes a separate violation.

So much for free speech Commissioner Gordon.  Be sure not to apply for the election commission after your tenure with the county.

By Darren Smith


KIRO News (plus photo credits)

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42 thoughts on “County Commissioner Accused Of Removing Campaign Signs Of Opponent”

  1. PhillyT, give it up. JT does NOT post anything against what his right-wing readers want or wish to see or read. Ask his readers what he has said about HRC after 12 hours of show trials, ask his readers about any thing Trump may have done….Crickets……….Just like “FOX NEWS” it blacks out anything that differs from their “facts”……The conservative entertainment complex is alive and well here……

    1. I hear you Glenn. Not quite ready to give up.

      There is too much at stake this year.

      Donald Trump has attracted every white power group, KKK sympathizer, and anti-semite in America. He has brought out the hate in working class white people who have more privilege and wealth than 99% of the world but are still unhappy. He makes fun of the disabled. He has riled up nationalism, bigotry and irrational fear to a fever pitch.

      As much as I don’t like Hillary Clinton for her bad judgement and military industrial coziness, I believe Donald Trump is a real, existential threat to the continuation of our nation.

      The alt-reich people on this board like to make fun of it all and call names and project their fear and hatred onto people like me, but I worked five years in an inpatient psych teaching hospital, so I know the crazy when I see it.

      Donald Trump is a racist, lying, cheating, scam artist, and very likely a child-rapist. trump university was a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud; the bribing of a Florida AG was a felony; and his misuse of charity funds was criminal as well. He is not only unsuited to be President, he is dangerous as well.

      There is just oo much at stake this year.


      1. phillyT – you really need to quit believing the MSM or HIllary. You have a warped view of reality.

        1. If by MS you mean the corporate owned media, then sure. And they gave Trump a free ride for a year while he lied and contradicted himself and called names and encouraged his supporters to beat up protestors and it’s just now starting to catch up with him. For the first time EVER, Chuck Todd called him on a lie. Matt Lauer still too chickensh*t to do it. CNN is a mixed bag because they have hired some of Trumps former staffers as commentators. For the most part, the MSM as you call them, are either terrified of Trump or too scared to call him out—they just gave him a year’s worth of free publicity.

          So no, I don’t believe them, and they aren’t covering his bigoted, criminal behavior anyway so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

          1. phillyT – you are going to have to cite all this you are saying about Trump and the press. The press has been covering for Hillary like a helicopter mom covering for her kid with the teacher.

            1. No I don’t have to cite it. Just go to your favorite political fact-checking website and look it up for yourself.

              FactCheck. Politifact. OpenSecrets. Snopes. FactChecker

              Take your pick.

      2. PhillyT,
        It is against all our interests if either one of them is elected.

        Will either one of them step back from using Executive orders if they do not get their way?

        Are either one of them committed to the rule of law?

        Will either one of them end the corporatism that has infected the government?

        Will either one of them rein in the NSA?

        The election really ought to be stopped and restarted with better candidates. Why can’t that be an option?

        1. Personally I would love to see Bernie back in the race. He would win in a landslide at this point.

          As much as people like to smear Hillary for breaking the law, at this point I believe all she has done is exercise bad judgement—repeatedly. And that’s no small thing, by the way, because she KNOWS that vast right wing conspiracy has been after her for twenty years and she still makes these sloppy stupid errors.

          That said, I think we stand a much better chance with her than Trump. He is too thin-skinned, too self-centered and waaaaaaaaay too much in the pockets of Russian Oligarchs and Saudi money. The only way he can prove he is not, and that he has not further broken the law beyond the bribery of a Florida AG, is to release his taxes. And he’s lied about that DIRECTLY at least four times now.

    2. Glenn – I am surprised that you are willing to brave this cave of conservatism. BTW, PhillyT should be aware of the feelings of JT about Clinton and her home-brew server, he has been on here long enough.

      As a sidenote, it appears the head of the FBI has a conflict of interest in handling the Clinton matter. His old firm did a lot of business with the Clinton Foundation.

  2. Hey Darren, Hey Professor,
    Found a great “Can you guess what this person was charged with?” for you”

    Toby Willis, star of a reality TV show about a conservative Christian family with 12 kids, has been arrested for rape of an underage girl. Another good christian, right up there with the Duggars and Honey BooBoo’s mom (you know, dating the convicted sex offender). This goy would be perfect for a Sunday morning cuppa joe.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/willis11f-1-web.jpg

    1. Make that “guy”

      and the show was called “the Willis Family”

      Sources are unclear about whether the rape victim was one of his own 12 children.


      Any guesses as to who they support for President?

  3. I find political shenanigans to be so disappointing.

    The democratic process is supposed to be fair, but it will only be so when we enforce it. And yet we engender more outrage at processed food than cheating in politics. We will get the elected representatives that we deserve.

    Why are people criticizing Darren? Has our election process become so skewed that any critique of political wrongdoing reminds people of Hillary’s wrongs, which engenders the automatic backlash against the critic? Even when he’s not writing about Hillary? It’s like a Pavlovian response.

    Come on, guys. I like Darren’s posts, especially when he includes the law enforcement aspect. Since such cheating is common in local elections, it’s interesting to note there are some state laws against it. And perhaps political candidates need to realize that, like cops, someone is always recording.

  4. Chinggis say pass new law so Commissioner Gordon is punished with 50 eyelashes. Even if attorney get him off on technicality because Commissioner not able to read sign language.

  5. Well thanks so much for accepting and promoting a partisan version of these events, Darren! what you have reported is hearsay and innuendo. And all this time I thought you were a lawyer and so might have some respect for the facts. (yes I live in Grays Harbor)

  6. Oh, c’mon. Hillary can’t lie anywhere as good as Trump. She lies. All politicians lie. Hillary at least gives us a performance of squirming and throws in a few apologies and admissions. Trump simply follows one lie with another, each one more blatant than the last. How Trump can say the stuff he says and keep a straight face is perhaps his greatest accomplishment. This guy Gordon saying that he was actually picking up his opponents signs can only be explained in that he is a graduate, summa cum laude, of a Trump institute of higher education, with a doctorate in lies. As for Bush, he is too stupid to come up with stuff like this. He couldn’t keep a straight face. He can’t even keep a straight face when he is telling the truth.

    Regardless of which side you are on, this guy Gordon is definitely a Trump like lier, even though he may be a Democrat. We’re talking the ability and creativity in fabricating a story that is so bogus that you just have to throw up your hands and give up. Apparently lots of Americans have given up. Quick, I’m disparaging America now and from inside the border, not up North. I suppose it is all a matter of perception, trees and forests, too close to see, etc.

  7. When I ran for judge in my town, this happened to me all the time, and it was expensive.
    I planned on putting cameras on the signs, but it was an extra effort and expense too right in the middle of a campaign.

    I am in NY, I don’t know if there is a similar criminal law against pulling up campaign signs.

    1. Nick:

      I love watching the libs contort every situation into a Trump attack while they excuse every Hillary action.

      The moral flexibility and cynicism of the libs is astounding. If the stakes weren’t so high, they would be laughable.

    2. There can be more than one ‘derangement syndrome’. Nothing will ever replace Bush Derangement Syndrome and it is extremely likely that nothing will ever, ever, ever, top Trump for idiocy. Whether or not it becomes a ‘derangement syndrome’ is yet to be determined. Trump has yet to do the irreparable damage that Bush and the other two Stooges did. Americans should have known what an idiot Bush was before they opted for him over Gore for President. That cost us and the world big time. All Americans know what an idiot and disaster Trump is and will continue to be. The only question is are there enough Americans who have lost their minds to elect Trump as President? This is not about Clinton. All Americans know Clinton’s shortcomings. She lies, is a sleaze, is a consummate politician; however, she comes no where near Trump vis a vis the potential damage she can inflict on this country and the world. Trump is simply a vacant lot in one of his real estate deals.

      1. issac – we know that Hillary is sick, a health risk and a security risk. What more do we need to know before voting for this consummate liar.

  8. Well Gordon is the consummate politician, coming up with a Trump like lie so quickly. He should be made to post a hundred or so signs of his opponent in various approved places, and publicly apologize. When a crime is committed that invites a Solomonesque response it should never be passed up.

  9. Man this needs to go viral!

    Maybe they can get him for littering! And being the obvious public nuisance that he is!

    There needs to be hearing at the state and probably national level! Special prosecutor! Reanimate Ken Starr!

    Geez Darren. Ever live in a small town? This happens every election year in small towns across America. One year a small-town mayoral candidate (town to remain anonymous), who actually WON the election, got drunk on election night and drove around town ripping up his opponent’s signs. After they arrested him for drunk driving and whatever the crime of ripping up lawn signs is, he resigned and conceded the election to his opponent. The city council did a special election and the opponent won anyway.

    I know it’s a slow news day, but you can do better.

    1. phillyT:

      You are displaying the sort of cynical acceptance that is leading the libs to forgive all of Hillary’s shenanigans.

      We should follow the “broken window” approach to policing political wrong doing – punish the small stuff so that these crooks don’t graduate to Hillary’s level of crookedness.

      1. Hilarious! I never said he should not suffer any consequences. You are displaying the incessant projection of Trump supporters who project their neuroses onto everyone else.

        I was poking a little fun at Darren for posting such a non-story on what must be a very slow news day.

        As for the so-called broken window approach to policing, it has long since been abandoned as the failure it was. All it did was allow the cops to further harass poor people and minorities. Stop and fist. School-to-prison pipeline. Excessive targeted ticketing in poor neighborhoods. Selective drug arrests by the DEA (don’t go into white/wealthy neighborhoods looking for drugs),

        Mole hills into mountains. Make him pay the fine, or whatever it is, and get off your high horse.

  10. Once again, a Democrat, taking down Republican signs.

    The Democrat Party is nothing but the repeat of the Bolsheviks in the early stages. They are the true threats to our freedom.

  11. Well..he was at least wearing a jacket and tie when he stole the signs. He looks a bit like that IRS weasel, Koskinen.

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