Former Mayor Claims Four-Year-Old “Initiated Sex”

ad_219147549In what must be the singularly worst defense ever in the annals of criminal law, Richard Keenan, 65, the former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, confessed to raping a four-year-old girl but insisted that she was a “willing participant” and initiated the sex.

Keenan was mayor from 2010-2011 and billed himself as a devout Christian. He has now confessed to three years of sexual contact with the child starting when she was only four. He can now face life imprisonment.

The interesting legal element is that the abuse came to light during group discussions at a hospital. He later checked himself into a psychiatric clinic because he was suicidal. The question will now be whether the statements are admissible in court. There is a good chance that they are admissible since this was not a police or government agent eliciting the statements and it was the basis for someone to call the police. It is also hard to maintain privilege in a group settings and there is a crime/fraud exception to privilege claims.

In addition there are accounts of Keenan discussing the issue with a minister and with family members. The minister conversion would be privileged. The assaults occurred in September 2015.

47 thoughts on “Former Mayor Claims Four-Year-Old “Initiated Sex””

  1. Justice won’t be fast or sufficient if only administered by the state. We need a vigilante group to come to the aid of society as a whole. Hang him in a tree and allow all to see.

  2. To all the usual Dumbed Down MAINSTREAM mass mind RAPED parrots.

    Check facts not myths, logic not lies. Mon 16 Aug 2010: UK best seller, sex-filled family scum-SUN (proactive ADULTOPHILE/kids near nude full page ADULT pinups etc), “Kids AGED SIX Are Teacher SeX Abusers, by Tom Wells: PUPILS as young as SIX have subjected teachers to sexual abuse, shocking reports reveal today.” With graphic descriptions, plus their own ‘Mock Shock’ emphasis, “…in one case a GIRL flashed her undies at a male teacher and ‘MASSAGED’ herself in a sexual manner in front of him’. Unstated whether alone together, or in front of the whole NON-victim aMused not aBused class of giggling wriggling ADULTOPHILE/kids. Plus, UK Daily Mail, Thu12 May 2011: “Woman had sex with FIVE schoolboys”. Quote, “They thought all their Christmases and Easters had ‘come’ at once.” Plus, writ large, in kids KING kartoon South Park, “Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy” with finally got-real cop TOP comment, “The only crime here is that I’m not that lucky Boy!”

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  3. OK, so I know this is out there, but I mention it because I am trying to thought experiment exactly how child sex will come to be justified in the future. Because it will happen.

    I suspect that you will first see a movement to de-stressify children like the girl above. To stop stressing how bad the act was, and downplay the harm. What if instead of sending this child to therapy, we just do nothing and act as if it was no big deal. Hey, it happens all the time. Why freak out about it? That is only going to upset the child more if we make her feel like something horrible happened to her.

    There probably is some therapeutic value to that approach, but it would actually be a subterfuge to start normalizing kiddie sex.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky,

      You are talking about the situation that has existed in the past and largely exists right now. The dark net is full of children and babies being sold for sex. In addition, there are whole brick and mortar enterprises being devoted to procuring babies and children for adults to rape.

      Incest is routine for many children, as is abuse by clergy, coaches and other adults who are supposed to be nurturing young children, not raping them. As the adults are more powerful than the children and often hold positions of power in a community, it is quite easy to get away with raping children. (See the Catholic Church for example, who has shielded abusers and has, in turn, been shielded from lawful consequences of these actions by police and prosecutors. (Not to just pick on one church, because they aren’t alone, we just have a rather clearer picture of what has been happening there than we used to.)

      The consequences of pretending nothing was wrong are devastating to the victims. I don’t see how breaking the bodies of babies and children (along with their minds) is useful, helpful or not damaging, both to the child and to society. Tolerating the abuse of children is a good in a society. Those results are already in and if you just think of what physically happens to babies and children who are raped by adults, you will understand this isn’t something that should go on. Yet it does and the consequences last a lifetime for the victims.

      1. Incest is routine for many children, as is abuse by clergy, coaches and other adults who are supposed to be nurturing young children, not raping them.

        Jill, there’s the world, and there’s the static between your ears. They don’t resemble each other much.

      2. I tried to find some links to other cultures about how child sex workers turn out psychologically speaking. No luck. I am curious how they turn out in countries that don’t have a psychology industry.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. The cultural left has always existed in this country. It was a sizeable minority until a few decades ago. Now it is the dominate culture. Social conservatives are the minority.

      The thought leaders in the cultural left – academics, media, politicians and now even the Catholic Church – were homosexuals, knew homosexuals, etc. That’s how homosexual marriage was normalized. The flip side is why they hate AR15s. The cultural left leaders don’t know anybody who owns and AR15 and can’t imagine why anybody would ever want one. (I suspect many do feel safe keeping a handgun in the nightstand, so they rarely demonize those).

      So, that is how I see the world. The cultural left thought leaders drive the culture. At least so far, most of them still want to protect THEIR little girls from sexual predators. Professor Turley is leading the way to normalize polygamy. After that will be adult incestuous marriage (mostly for tax shams, but probably some for “love”. After all, you’re a bigot and a hater if you oppose marriage between two adults who love each other. Why can’t they be happy?)

      I tend to think enabling sexual predators to molest young girls will be the last taboo to fall – but only because the cultural left still wants to protect THEIR little sons and daughters from being molested. If they ever change their mind and decide they don’t mind if their children get molested, then they’ll invent rationalizations and some pseudo-science to justify it.

      1. The thought leaders in the cultural left – academics, media, politicians and now even the Catholic Church – were homosexuals, knew homosexuals, etc. That’s how homosexual marriage was normalized.

        No, they were not, by and large. The gay lobby would be of no consequence in and of itself. Much larger dissident sets are ignored by elites. One needs to understand why it has been that attitudes toward sexual deviance now define ingroups and outgroups among the professional-managerial set and among the elites. That’s an involved question. Attributing homosexuality to people in that class does not answer it.

  4. As a christian, he needs to do the following: 1. repent and take full responsibility for his heinous crimes 2. apologize to his victim without expectation of getting any forgiveness 3. have a mandatory fund set aside to pay her for any and all of her medical bills for life (abuse causes need for psychological and other types of disorders) 4. pay a yearly living wage to support for life (as many victims of abuse have difficulty maintaining work) and finally submit himself to judgment before a court of law

  5. Eeuuwww ! A four year old? Not even at the proto-jailbait stage. Come on, inflatable dolls are available!

  6. Funny how stories about this pervert mention his “Christian” affiliation but not his Democrat Party affiliation. If the guy had been a Republican, that word would be in every headline.

  7. For a moment let us take him at his word. If she is four and she seduced him, I would look for another close male relative she was have sex with.

  8. You think this behavior isn’t being normalized?
    See: gay marriage, transgender, polygamy.

    Gangs of Muslims do this in England and eyes are averted.

    1. Yep. Just wait for the LGBTQ?’s to get their way on child sex. It will come in the guise of “human rights” for children. There are already inroads being made. Male homosexuals are all about sex, and just want a “tight fit”, so they will find a way to achieve this.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Disagree. Guys in trench coats are not fabulous, and the smart money says the gay lobby takes no interest in them.

        I think what’s coming up will be a sub rosa campaign to give gays access without risk to adolescents, and the strategy will be to induce prosecutors to refrain from securing indictments for statutory rape when the youth in question is over a certain age (much as the traffick in pornography was rendered legal by non-enforcement of obscenity laws). The legal profession has been at least as culpable as the media in the project of imposing decadence when the general public was not on board. The legerdemain will be to craft a set of practices which punish ordinary men severely for deflowering 15 year old girls (something upon which feminists insist) while letting homosexual men slide for seducing 15 year old boys, a project on which Prof. Kenji Yoshino will be working, no doubt.

        1. Because she predicts the Scorpion will sting?

          Please, stay in Krautlandia.

  9. Something that broken should be either eradicated or locked away for ever; pick one but of the two options only. This is not an object for philosophy, psychiatry, people playing god. If we are stewards of our garden then we have to get rid of vermin like this. He is vermin, no chance of changing that.

  10. It’s going to be something special. Storm of the Century. At the heart of the storm is the source of evil.
    Born in sin, come on in. Where’s Ralphie?

  11. Roscoe, Dennis Miller does a great rant on pedophiles. He said, if you know you can’t stop yourself from raping a child you have to do the right thing and kill yourself.

  12. In the annals of criminal law. Ok.

    There was a strange novel called Firefly by Piers Anthony, in where a five year old girl did this.
    Disturbing doesn’t begin to describe it; maybe this perp read that book and thought it made sense.

  13. Perhaps there are statutes that break privilege for cases of child rape. In fact, I suspect there is a duty to report child abuse for at least the medical communities.

    1. The list of “mandated reporters” of child abuse is quite lengthy. The problem is that if someone errors and falsely accuses someone of child abuse, he will get sued. So teachers, medical professionals, child care workers, police officers, etc. all run the risk that if they fail to report, they will lose their jobs, but if they erroneously report and get sued…..good luck.

      1. All the laws that I am familiar with establishing mandated reporters for child abuse also provide immunity from civil liability for such a report. Lawsuits alleging that a failure to report resulted in continuing or future abuse are quite common.

  14. That poor baby girl. I hope she heals from this. So many victims of sexual abuse fall prey to so many difficulties in life. I hope she is loved and supported.

    Pedophiles are mentally ill. Many really believe it’s consensual. They’ll even convince themselves it’s not their fault when they murder victims to avoid getting caught.

    I think true pedophiles should be committed indefinitely to mental institutions. I have heard that there are aversion therapies that have achieved some success. But the risk of recidivism puts innocent children at risk. Some people should just never be loose among the public.

    1. Totally agree. But do we still have mental institutions for lifetime confinement?

  15. Suicide would be a good start.

    However, my ideal death penalty style punishment would be this:
    Fly said convicted criminal up in a plane to 13K feet and then push them out of them out of the plane sans parachute.
    They would have lots of time to think about their crime and their impending death.

    I’m actually conflicted about the death penalty but the idea that this guy believes there might be something to rationalize his actions allows me to conclude he’s simply the manifestation of pure evil.

    This is all I can come up with because the thought of someone doing something like what he’s accused of and then using the defense he has makes me want to vomit, again, again and again.

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