“Not My Drinking Car”: New York Woman Comes Up With Worst DUI Defense Ever

Sharon K. Bidell, 55, was pulled over in her car by police on suspicion of drunk driving. Those suspicions were not elevated when she objected to police that her 1965 Chevy Nova was “not my drinking car.” Perhaps but it turned out to be her impounded car.

Before being pulled over, Bidell struck a parked car and later blew a blood-alcohol level of 0.21 percent, almost three times the legal limit.

She is now charged with DWI, aggravated DWI and making an unsafe lane change.

18 thoughts on ““Not My Drinking Car”: New York Woman Comes Up With Worst DUI Defense Ever”

  1. that photo should have an inmate number posted on the bottom with the comment “this isn’t my drinking face and this isn’t my drinking hair either”

  2. Drunk drivers take a lot of heat that they do not deserve. Her comment was probably in response to some accusation. She needs an uber driver and should get rid of the car. But she should keep drinking. She is an ugly dog and will not get a man unless she talks a drunk man into a roll in the hay for a dog’s day. Dismiss all charges and simply take the car and give it over to a nephew.

  3. It may be that her drinking car is the one with the breathalyzer that would have prevented her from driving. She was too sloshed to exercise good judgement about much of anything. She is lucky she got pulled over before killing someone.

    1. I saw the story, but I haven’t read it yet. I am kind of in a disgusted mood, and just disgusted at all the stupidity out there. I have to build up a little more tolerance first. Plus, I am reading a really kewl book! And watching a Zombie movie on Amazon in between typing stuff for Penelope.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. Autumn – I prided myself on learning all my student’s names, first and last, by the end of the first week of school. However, every year there was one poor student whose last name I butchered. For some reason I could not get my tongue around his or her last name. I would be microaggressing all the time. And teachers always mispronounced mine, so I got used to saying ‘here’ to anything that sounded close.

      1. Paul,

        My Dad and Mom were school teachers as well and had similar issues like you. And in my immediate family my sister Melanie often was called “Melody” and her daughter Cailen is often called “CaiTlin” And being an older sister bully I used to call my sis “Smellanie” just to irritate. Thus far, I have not detected any emotional trauma issues with either of them…. =)

        Mispronunciation of names is the least of our national worries regarding education!

  4. Syracuse is a nice town, but it’s not a tourist destination. This woman’s from the Buffalo suburbs. What was her business in Syracuse (other than getting sloshed)?

    An ordinary woman of 55 hasn’t had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 in 30-odd years if she’s ever been that drunk at any time in her life.

    It would appear that she puts money in the pocket of beauticians to help her look worse than she would if she did nothing with her hair; bet her nails look wretched too. It would appear she has an estranged husband, an accountant living in Niagara Falls who is nearing retirement. It would appear she has daughters named ‘Katie Mae’ (age about 35) and ‘Mikayla’ (age about 25), neither of whom are married; Katie Mae has a post-baccalaureate degree from a local college and a satisfactory salaried job she’s kept for the last six years. It’s a reasonable wager that she has in her time caused all three a certain amount of dismay.

  5. I love this excuse. She should be made to have her drinking car impounded for two years. It is nice that she compartmentalizes her life so that she has a car for drinking and a car for not drinking. The 0.21 probably confused her and made her get in the non-drinking car.

    1. Ha ha ha. She lives outside Buffalo but was driving around Syracuse. There’s about 180 miles between the two. No clue why she made an inter-city road trip of that distance in a classic car.

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