Hatred For the Dallas Cowboys Gives Suicidal Man Reason To Live

unknown-1100px-Dallas_Cowboys.svgLet it not be said that football does not bring people together . . . or at least the hatred of certain teams. When South Carolina Officer Michael Blackmore saw a man about to jump off a bridge, he struggled to find a common connection or interest. He found it in their mutual hatred for the Dallas Cowboys.  With the crushing defeat of my Chicago Bears last night, I also have found a new reason to live.

When the man told Blackmore that he did not want to live anymore, Blackmore brought up football and soon found a mutual hatred for the Cowboys.

That hatred for the Cowboys saved a man’s life and gave him a reason to live. It is a beautiful thing.

8 thoughts on “Hatred For the Dallas Cowboys Gives Suicidal Man Reason To Live”

  1. beakie, Thanks. We’re moving from southern Wisconsin so is a fairly lateral move. However, we get the hell out in the Winter for beautiful San Diego, so it can get as cold as hell as far as we care. We leave right after New Years. That makes cold December tolerable. It’s funny, beakie, I grew up a Giants fan and loved it when Fran came to NY. He was the antithesis of the Giant’s QB before him, YA Tittle. A drop back, immobile QB.

    1. Good luck on your move, Nick! You are smart to get out right after the holidays. My sister lives in Tower, MN. She and her beau go to Arizona after the holidays. Wish I could coax her to visit SC.

  2. Hey Nick, I was born in MN, although I have not lived there since 1989, three siblings are still there. I was a rabid Viking fan in the days of Fran but now am more of a twins fan. My hubby of 33 years is not a sports fan at all, except for golf. He watches but doesn’t play.
    Good luck in MN. It is beautiful but too cold for me. Brrrrrrrr!
    What a smart cop and works in my present state, SC. Eventually, hubby and I hope to move to NC. That’s his home state.

  3. I grew up in a family in CT where my father’s family were Yankee fans and mom’s were Red Sox fans. I was a Yankee fan but I could not hate the Red Sox. Hell, my dear Uncle Pat was a Red Sox fan! That helped prepare me for life. We are about to move to MN. That will be the 8th state I’ve lived. I always adjust to my new town and become a fan. I’m not rabid like I was in my youth. But, much to the chagrin of my lifetime Packer fan bride, I am transitioning to the Vikings. Leaving behind the Brewers will be easy for both of us. The team I came close to hating was ironically the team of my youth, the Yankees. I was a rabid Royals fan in the 70’s and they played those Damn Yankees almost yearly in the playoffs. 1980 was magical, sweeping the Steinbrenner Yanks and going to the World Series. I reckon I would have jumped.

  4. Wow, something positive about police? I’ll have to check it out on MSNBC or CNN, that’s my attempt at late night humor.

  5. My hated of the Arizona Wildcats keeps me alive until after the Territorial Bowl each year. I can empathize. 🙂

  6. Well, I am boycotting the NFL because of them not letting the Dallas players wear things to honor the dead cops, while allowing idiots like Kaepernick to pull his foolishness. So, I have not watched the Saints or the Cowboys, and the whole NFL can go jump in the lake as far as I care.

    The NCAA is next on my list for trying to integrate male and female bathrooms.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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