Michigan Student Takes Picture Of Tainted Water In School . . . School Suspends Student

unknownWe have yet another story of educators showing no regard for the interests of students in the imposition of a thoughtless and baseless punishment. In this case, the Wayne-Westland Community Schools had children using discolored and tainted water in their restrooms. Hazel Juco took a picture of the disgusting water and posted it in the hope of getting action. The school administrators responded by suspending her.

The posting got attention, including from the administrators who sought to punish Juco. They used a rule barring the taking of pictures in bathrooms, even though it was not of any individual and was intended to draw attention to a health issue.

After a hue and cry following the punishment, Dr. Michele Harmala, the superintendent for Wayne-Westand Community Schools, rescinded the sanction. Yet, as usual, there is no punishment of the administrators or teacher who ordered this abusive punishment. Students can be subject to arbitrary punishments, of course, but teachers appear beyond account in this district.

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  1. This is the society we live in today. Nobody is responsible.

    Did you hear Secretary Clinton last night? She takes full responsibility for the MISTAKE she made in setting up an email server. What does that mean? If she takes responsibility, doesn’t that mean she should go to jail and not run for President? When Nixon took full responsibility for Watergate, he resigned the Presidency. Nobody in office has any honor left anymore. The result is that nobody trusts government or authority anymore. They try to say all the right words, “I take full responsibility,” but their actions do not line up with their words. Nobody is being held responsible.

    1. davidm2575

      That also applies for those in the private sector who use charities to pay off debts, make a business out of going bankrupt, stiff the worker but take the cash, etc. With Clinton you have the same ingredients as with Trump but she made her mistakes in the public arena where scrutiny is vastly more acute and the participants wear targets. Trump made many, many, many, more mistakes, lies, ignorant statements but in the private sector; which makes him, for the simple minded, a sort of cowboy. However, preventative medicine dictates that Trump get no where near public office. He is a fear mongerer, narcissist, carnival barker, and all around buffoon. Clinton’s mistakes, lies, squirmings, or whatever you want to call them are of a level of seriousness that is well within what is taken as acceptable in US politics and the government. That this acceptable level is deplorable is a given but it is the shame that is the American oligarchic duopoly, the only way to change it is from the bottom up before the politician/candidate gets to the top and needs the money. Clinton may be sleeping with oligarchs but Trump is an oligarch.

      To single out Obama and/or Clinton one must compare and contrast them with the norm. They both come off looking pretty good. Trump, on the other hand can only be compared and contrasted for what he says and says he’ll do: blow Iranian boats out of the water for buzzing US ships-consider the amount of ‘buzzing’ the US does around the world, turning around and skipping an international meeting in China because they didn’t put out a red carpet, discriminating against the most important faction in the war against Islamic thugs, the level headed Islamics, trying the ‘trickle down’ thing again after it clearly created two recessions-both the greatest since the Great Depression-Reagan did it and it failed-he admitted it-W did it and it failed-anyone who argues that is not even amusing, and other fear inspired reactions to problems that don’t exist anywhere near the exaggerated conditions that he screams. Crime in American cities has been going down for years. Picking Chicago, one city with unique problems, does not change the positive reality of diminishing crime in America’s cities. But, simpletons still believe him.

      I hope you watched the debate. Trump was almost all bluster and repetition. It’s one thing to get angry but to get angry and stupid is another.

  2. What about the obvious health concerns over drinking tainted water? Was there water testing? Is this a Flint issue?

    It seems to me they are trying to obstruct the gathering of evidence of a health issue, and should face some kind of sanctions.

    Lloyd: Everyone involved in the local government who decided it was a bright idea to get water from the literally flammable Flint River was a Democrat. The Governor, who did not make the water decision of that city, was the only Republican within a stone’s throw of the entire affair. So, by your logic, “Poison them and ignore them” would be the ad hominem attack best suited for Democrats.

    1. The person running the city at the time the decision was made was appointed by the Governor and was definitely a Republican.

      1. Republicans in charge of Flint, Michigan?

        The current mayor and all the predecessors going back for many years were Democrats. Darnell Earley, who was blamed for making the decision to draw from the river, is a Democrat.


        I actually disagree with the tone of the above article, which argues that the Democratic party has become a crime syndicate. I think that their tax-and-spend philosophy has caused great economic harm, their policy of early release of prisoners in CA has caused an increase of 400% in auto thefts in some areas, their policy of open borders and opposition to deportation has caused murders and crime, including identity theft, and overcrowding, when the perpetrators were never supposed to be here. And it’s true that the IRS has illegally targeted conservatives. But there are a lot of good people in the Democratic Party that have fallen for the State Media line that only Dems care about people, and remarkable, the other half of the country are all slavering racist idiots. I think this is merely a case of politics running amuck when they have gathered too much power, which is a temptation that any party would succumb to, due to human nature.

        1. In 2014, mayor Dayne Walling, Democrat, said it was a historic moment for Flint to “return to its roots and use our own river as our drinking water supply.” Ironically, he claimed “the water quality speaks for itself.”

          To say that Republicans want to poison everyone because of the actions of Democratic stronghold Flint, strains credulity.

          Unless you were joking?

      2. The emergency manager was responsible for fiscal decisions. He deferred to the elected officials on other decisions.

  3. Hopefully they don’t get the Flint treatment by the state republicans. Michigan GOP platform is simple: Poison them and ignore them. Thank you for your support!

  4. According to right wing precedent, small government is only reserved for corporate donors who have a financial incentive to remain as unregulated as possible.

  5. I don’t know much about this, other than it seems like the response to this whole water mess has been, “just shut up and drink the water.” Take a good look, that is where we all are going.

  6. The teachers and the administrTors who went along with this punishment should be suspended. The person who ordered it should be fired and an investigation should be started in to the willing exposure of humans to tainted water. It’s time to hold public officials accountable for what they do and allow.

  7. Once more, the Rightard RayGun/Thatcher/Murdoch fear-filled FASCIST Fraud Market for careers, ratings, profit, not people.

    In all walks of 19Hateys ongoing phoney Anglophone life (as we now know it) US/UK/OZ et al.

    With naZty little fear-filled fascist admin robots jobsworth mantra, “Just following ze inflexible fraud market rules to ze letter!”

    Bring back balance in true public service, and put people before profit.

      1. To Right-tard Bailers in deep De Nile, WELL away wi’ the fascist Pharaohs.

        For the sake of Global humanity please start posting some common sense. Not Right-tard ‘conman’ sense which got the World into it’s current sad state of Fear & Greed.

        Paraphrase U$ Learned Lefty Prof Chomsky, “A recent U$ International Gallup Poll of many thousands Worldwide found the nation feared to be causing most risk to World peace was not Iran, Russia, China, or N. Korea, but, U guessed it? The Fear & Greed dealing U$A now with their own well respected U$ Gallup International Poll – Right-tard Fascist BLOCKED in their own so called ‘Free Democracy’ !”

          1. Hi, Dumbed Down PROUD Paul. (How’s Paula?)

            Sooo, WHY was PROUD U$ Gallup BLOCKED by it’s own so called ‘Free Democracy’?

            Meanwhile, when the World Peace Hi-Risk Dumbed Down PROUD Pauls are plumb center Ground Zero we can all blame the Dumbed Down PROUD Pauls for the final LOW Fall of Humanity

            Last time closest 54 yrs WAY back in Oct Swingin ’62 when, er, BIG Texans Paul & Paula planned their BIG Hit, while BIG Jack got BIG Ruskis backin’ down outta Cuba. Tho lil bro back-door Bob ackshully dun the real deal gettin’ U$ missiles clean outta TURKEY – in time fer CHRISTMAS!

            Ya’ll cum bak now…

  8. There is a punishment for the teacher and administrator but it is invisible. All the students know and they lose some credibility.

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