Albany Driver Ends Up On Construction Barrier After Illegal Passing Effort

1476457748069Occasionally, there is compelling proof of divine intervention. That is the case with the video below where a BMW driver in Albany decided to make an illegal pass and race behind a school bus. The result was straddling a construction barrier.

We have all seen moves like this where drivers cut you off just to get a car or two ahead. This driver was not deterred by the close proximity to a school bus in seeking to get a little ahead.

The driver of the BMW received a ticket for unsafe passing.

16 thoughts on “Albany Driver Ends Up On Construction Barrier After Illegal Passing Effort”

  1. In case you never heard this before….

    What is the difference between BMW’s and a rose? A rose has its pricks on the outside.

  2. My sense is that Beemer and VW Jetta drivers (especially) feel self-entitled to go over, under, around, and through all lesser mortals, just because they are so wonderful. Glad this guy got his come-uppance. I wonder if that incident totaled the car?

  3. You do not pass on the right. Take his license. Let him take the bus. Hop on the bus Gus. Throw away the key Lee.

  4. The red hipster shoes were a nice touch, just really completes the DB ensemble.

  5. His performance though dramatic in a sense was mediocre. He should have instead busted open the oil pan and left the motor running until it threw a rod.

  6. Oh my, but I think everybody has misinterpreted this video!

    It was a short yellow, bus—and therefore full of typical Democratic Party voters. The BMW driver is an employee of the DNC, and he was trying to catch the bus and pay the riders to go do early voting a couple of times. I bet if they had checked the trunk of the BMW, they would found all kinds of fake ID’s.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. In addition to everything above, the fool lacked driving skill as well. As soon as he hit the orange warning barrels, he should have instinctively swung left. There was time to do that but the situation required a quick adjustment. BMWs and Mercedes vehicles are noted for their exceptional and precise handling in such emergency situations. I once owned a Mercedes and one time I was driving too close to a vehicle in front of me when it unexpectedly stopped. Given my short distance, I knew instantly that I was either going to hit the vehicle or I had a chance to make a sudden lane change with still a risk of hitting that vehicle. I quickly swung left and then right, and, to my amazement, my Mercedes did exactly what I wanted it to do with astonishing precision. It was a close call, but I learned my lesson. Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and drive with the assumption that it could stop short at any time and for any reason. I did give up driving the Mercedes brand, though, as I’ve found that certain Japanese cars handle almost as well, but with much lower maintenance costs.

  8. It looks like he didn’t quite realize the road was narrowing to a single lane. Don’t know why you numbnutzes are so hostile to the guy.

  9. Actually the BMW seems very stable, mounted on the construction barrier that could likely support several tons. I see nothing to indicate the BMW might twist, slide, fall or otherwise become dislodged and pose a danger to traffic – whats the problem?

    This interesting situation suggests an innovative approach to parking on narrow streets. Maybe we need some crowd funding for further development.

  10. He purposefully sped up to run the light. It’s too bad he didn’t roll his Beemer so it would have cost him more than an “unsafe passing” ticket.

  11. These people are so stupid as illustrated by the frustration shown by the driver. He actually thinks that he has been hard done by. The reality is that he is an idiot and has been given a lesson that cost no one’s life. He should be down on his knees thanking all the gods that have ever been that he didn’t lose his own life or take any others’.

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