Et Tu Ron Klain? Wikileaks Releases Alleged Email From Top Biden Aide To Clinton Campaign Professing A Key Role In Biden’s “Demise”

220px-Biden_2013vincenzo_camuccini_-_la_morte_di_cesareThe Wikileaks disclosures have confirmed what many voters believe about Washington as insiders craft dishonest accounts, betray friends, and coordinate with the media to engineer elections. It is the Game of Thrones without the redeeming characters. However, one of the most raw passages of alleged double-dealing comes from an email sent by Vice President Joe Biden’s closest aide to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. In the email, Klain pledges fealty to Clinton and seems to remind Podesta that he paid dearly to show his allegiance . . . by helping guarantee “the Biden demise.” While not reported in the mainstream media, the Washington Times and conservative sites have been reporting a surprise email exchange. I cannot find a response from Klain as to whether this is an authentic email or what he allegedly meant by the exchange.

Klain, who served as chief of staff to Biden, sent an email to Podesta during the period that Biden was considering a run and the Clinton campaign was deeply worried about giving the voters an alternative in the primary. Klein is quoted as saying “It’s been a little hard for me to play such a role in the Biden demise – and I am definitely dead to them — but I’m glad to be on Team HRC, and glad that she had a great debate last night.”

game_of_thrones_title_cardSince Biden was still considering a run, it is not clear what “demise” Klain is referencing. However, the email is another fascinating insight into the shifting allegiances in Washington and the need to prove fealty with the Lannisters or Starks or Clintons or whatever family is on the rise among the Seven Kingdoms of Washington’s own Game of Thrones.

31 thoughts on “Et Tu Ron Klain? Wikileaks Releases Alleged Email From Top Biden Aide To Clinton Campaign Professing A Key Role In Biden’s “Demise””

  1. “So is HRC. Same coin two “different” sides – why do you think the Bushes are supporting her?”

    You’re close Autumn. Maybe Republican, maybe Democrat, but 100% grade A Progressive.

  2. The beginning of the end was sealed a C. ago when Congress signed into law the current Central Bank, AKA the “Fed” (there’s nothing “Federal” about it, it’s a private bank).

    Even Fed Retired President Greenspan now predicts certain ultimate failure, and suggests return to gold standard (at this late date I have no idea what effect has his suggestion).

    1. Greenspan better be careful – look at what happened to Ghaddafi when he wanted to introduce the dinar based on gold, or former IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he suggested going off the dollar…….

  3. Does anyone watch “Scandal”? It’s one of the very few US series I watch after it is released Netflix. I think the Mellie character is modeled on HRC – complete with dead bodies linked to her.

      1. So is HRC. Same coin two “different” sides – why do you think the Bushes are supporting her?

          1. Geez, the Humane Society just came out against Trump. They don’t like the way the family treats animals.

          2. Nope. Because the Bushes are owned by the same corporations. They had it all planned – it would be Jeb against Hillary – to give us the illusion of choice. But then along came Bernie and Trump and blew it up. We are tired of Establishment pols who kowtow to the same owners.

  4. Ron Klain is the kind of guy who, after shaking his hand, one needs to take a long hot shower. He was in charge of Fat Al Gore’s attempt to steal Florida.

    1. Nicko,

      How did Gore attempt to “steal” Florida? By failing to convince the BUSH S. Ct. to permit all of the votes to be counted?

      The 2000 election WAS stolen by the Bush syndicate, and Florida and Ohio were two of the most brazen targets of the theft.

      Surely you know this. Your dreams must truly represent unfulfilled wishes.

  5. Establishment politics is just gross.

    And yet, united as we may be on these types of shenanigans, the uber establishment candidate is doing quite well.

    Projecting the current trends outward, I believe that we will lose our republic one day. We are paving the road for dictatorship, and our descendants may look back upon our actions in allowing it with deep disappointment.

  6. There is no loyalty whatsoever among politicians, and Biden has been around long enough not to expect any. As they say, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

  7. O’Bamma to Clinton.. ? They’re not rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic..
    They’re changing the name of the ship.. to the Lusitania.

  8. I have a very low regard for Washington insiders; Mr. Klain failed to meet even those expectations.

  9. When I read that email I got the impression he did his best to advise Biden not to run. Could be wrong though.

  10. Democracy USA is rotten to the core. The only thing to do besides pointing out this incessant flow of deception is to boycott the presidential election. Providing any consent at all to this craven madness is suicidal. The Clintons’ purchase on state power is corrupt by every measure. This election demonstrates that elections are for the purpose deceiving the public and falsifying consent. The US cannot claim to be a constitutional democracy.

  11. Russia is hacking the private emails of US citizens. Glad the prof said the “alleged” emails.

    1. B.C.,

      USGinc., along with numerous private contractors and tech companies are hacking your e-mails. Your e-mails are sent to Israel (see James Bamford). They are also stored in mass at a facility in Utah and they are shared among the 5 eyes nations.

  12. Right now wikileaks is saying that a “state actor” severed their cable. They have released 3 codes earlier than that. They are saying they are taking measures to keep getting info back to the public.

    IMO, there is absolutely nothing USGinc. and its piddles will not do to anyone or any organization.

    This nation doesn’t want free speech. It wants managed speech. You aren’t supposed to know that the primary was rigged and you aren’t supposed to know about Biden, or taking money from ISIS if you’re a Clinton, while the govt. is supposedly going to war against ISIS and going to create about 1 million refugees.

    In the meantime CNN said it was illegal to read the wikileaks and they would let us know what’s important. Thanks but no thanks!

    The deep state is being shown for what they are and they will try anything to make certain we don’t know who they are and what they are actually doing. Freedom of speech is practically as much of a sham in the US as Turkey.

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