Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

581206c38e741-imageMiranda Kay Rader, 19, picked a uniquely bad moment for a selfie . . .

Rader is accused of crashing her car while trying to send a topless selfie to her boyfriend. To make matters worse, she crashed into a squad car.

Raider admitted to police that she crashed in the midst of a snapchat photo. When the officer approached the Texas A & M’s SUV, he observed Rader with her bra unfastened trying to put her shirt back on. She told the officer that she was driving back to her dorm on campus and had been sending a Snapchat picture to her boyfriend while stopped at a red light. An open wine bottle was found in the car.

She is now charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container, a Class B misdemeanor, and ticketed for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

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    1. Independent Bob – I am thinking that by the the time it get accepted, Viagra will be a generic. 😉

  1. Here is a brief take on my analysis of cell phone use.

    When cell phones became widespread a decade ago many accidents resulted due to inattention of the road. I believed much of this stemmed from how people over many generations used home POTS telephones and tended to tune out the outside world while they talked. When cellphone use took over people remained in the same state when driving, that is tuning out the outside world. Older adults had more difficulty with this problem.

    As younger individuals came of age, they already were accustomed to being of greater awareness and were not as susceptible to this phenomenon and distracted driving collisions involving cell phones–while talking–lessened as a percentage of collisions. Also, drivers generally are adapting to driving while talking on hand-held devices. Yet, there is much more work to be done and for many individuals they become too distracted and should equip their vehicles with hands-free technology.

    That said, texting and watching videos while driving is a serious problem that will not abate with usage. The attention is focused away from driving every time a cellphone is watched, read, or typed into. I foresee a time when talking on a cell phone could no longer be a problem, or at least one that is no longer enforced. I do not see such a matter with texting, watching, and typing.

    Returning to the matter of teenagers and cellphone use while driving my observation over the years, though not necessarily a scientific study, is when comparing traffic collisions, teenage boys are disproportionately involved due to recklessness but with girls it is inattention. With regard to texting, I believe girls are more likely to collide when using cellphones than boys.

    As for impairment in comparison with DUI and cell phones. Regarding the DUI, the driver is impaired during the course of a trip in aggregate more than someone who occasionally uses a text messaging. Yet, at the time of the driver engaging in text messaging, this driver is more impaired from an immediate safety standpoint than most drunk drivers. In other words they are more acute.

  2. It’s a simple case of texting and driving. Leave it at that. If more people with beautiful upper exteriors would drive sans top, maybe traffic would slow down. If damage sustained on impact is the square of the speed, the resulting cost reduction would more that accommodate the attention deficit causation due to exposures.

    My dad was a long haul driver. His accounts of the spectacles from on high in the cab were things that are usually shared amongst truckers and the “of age” sons. Back in the day of CB before the public latched on, certain channels were full of advance notifications.

    1. Renegade – the girls dorms at ASU face a major street and as 200-300 of them sunbath in the spring, the number of accidents go up in portion to the number of young ladies sunny themselves. 😉

      1. Paul, when going to beaches in the South of France it was always easy to spot Americans – their heads swiveled so much I’m sure some had whip lash.

        1. Autumn – I have watched a lot of French and Brazilian films. The beach shots are great. However, in the UK, nobody every seems to be in the water. BTW, the girls in SoCal are very competitive. 😉

          1. Paul, that’s because the water in the UK is Freezing! When we went to the beach there we didn’t go near the water =) I still don’t get the taboo on topless sunbathing here.

  3. What would she have hit if she was taking her pants off?? This is a real advancement for respecting woman, wonder if she was a Hilly supporter?

  4. What right does the judicial system have to put on display this young woman’s private behavior (flirting is not illegal), invading her privacy for no other reason but to take delight in humiliating someone unmercifully, the psychological damage of which this woman will never shake in a lifetime.

    What goes around comes around, and just as sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow, the psychological harm done to this gal will come back tenfold to bite in the ass those who propagate this dark humor for click bait.

    Bad things happen to people everyday, but few ever stop and contemplate that the causes are of their own making. Car accidents, illness, divorce, broken friendships, job loss, financial woes, loss of reputation — none of us are without risk, but living by the Golden Rule is near-perfect immunity.

    Just because this young gal isn’t our own daughter, doesn’t give us license to humiliate her. However, if this was my daughter, we would sue for invasion of privacy — and win!

    1. @vinegart, hey I’m no lawyer but I’m sure this would fall under “in plain view” or are you going to blame the cop for driving his vehicle?

    2. @vinegart, I disagree, heartily. “Flirting” as you use the term, is fine, and I doubt anyone here finds such behavior objectionable. She wasn’t merely flirting.

      What the rest of us object to is this young woman’s remarkably narcissistic, poor judgement. She was under age and illegally in possession of and consuming alcohol. In the privacy of her own home or that of another, still illegal but most of us would probably overlook it. That she took her inebriated act onto public streets – putting everyone else in danger – is irresponsible and deserving of punishment. She crashed her vehicle into the vehicle of a LEO, who was in the act of protecting the public, only magnifies the offense.

      Finally, she was doing something incredibly stupid while driving, drunk, on a public street. Endangering not only the public, but narrowly missing seriously injuring or worse, killing others. She deserves the ridicule for her stupidity.

      1. Let’s say you get a citation for using your cell phone while driving. Let’s also say you were using your cell phone to solicit a prostitute. You don’t think this citation is punishment enough, and you’re okay with your entire family knowing your relapse into prurient behavior, embarrassing not only yourself but your entire family, friends, neighbors and co-workers?

        1. vinegart – I think prostitution should be legalized and should be part of Medicare.

            1. vinegart – well, maybe to make it fair we make it twice a month for free on Medicare and reduced rates (AARP) the rest of the month. Although, senior communities are hotbeds of sexuality. STDs are rising among seniors.

    3. Vinegart, trust me this episode will not result in psychological damage. Young gals today in terms of sex and publicity are for the most part Teflon. They think nothing of sexting, sending nude and other intimate photos on social media, etc.

  5. As a dyed-in-black-and-silver Oakland Raiders fan, I think I can speak for my brethren by saying she’s earned the privilege of applying to become an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Mark Davis is always looking for pom pom skills from those making the extraordinary effort and profound sacrifice to wear the silver and black.

    The autumn wind is a pirate,

    1. Steve, I see this woman wears ink on her chest. Raider Nation women love tattoos.

  6. This will probably work out pretty well for her.
    The event happened early, she can get alcohol treatment, she’s in college so she really can do without a car as well.
    Better now than when she has a career, marriage and kids.
    Pretty costly selfie but somebody owns quite a unique image with a hysterical story behind it.

      1. Neither do I. It’s only by the grace of God that she didn’t permanently maim or kill the officer when she hit his vehicle.

      2. Jim22,
        In Maryland starting teachers, with a minimum of a Bachelors degree to start and are eventually expected to complete their masters as well, make as much as a starting firefighter, or state trooper .Those 2 professions don’t have as demanding educational requirements and their training programs are usually done in less than 24 months.
        Hazzard compensation.
        I’m sure it’d be great just to get to write parking tickets, rescue a cat from a tree and put a band-aide on grandma’s boo-boo and get paid like that, but that’s not what’s involved.
        It’s called risk.

        If this kind of material mentioned above by JT is such an outrage to the rule of law, then what is genre is the television show COPS fit into?
        Drama, maybe.

        Your comment implies that the safety of first responders is more important than the public’s.
        I assume you defend the public’s safety on any of the other “Guess What This person is Charged With” just as vigorously.
        Might want to think about that.

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