Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

julian-archuletaThis is Denver Police Officer Julian Archuleta, 48, and he has been accused of an array of charges that come down to a certain $1,200 that disappeared at a crime scene.

An officer since 2004, Archuleta’s own body camera recorded what detectives say was a brazen case of theft. He had responded to a car crash on October 7 and his camera recorded a critical 24 minutes and 40 seconds of his searching the suspect’s clothing after it was removed by paramedics. Archuleta is recording removing a stack of cash with a $100 bill on top. He separates the $100 bills and does paperwork in his patrol car. However, when a detective collected the cash and logged it into the property bureau as evidence, there was only $118 and no $100 bills. The detectice later noticed the $100 bill in the recording.

When confronted, Archuleta said he would “check his war bag” and, an hour later, Archuleta called the detective to say that he found 12 $100 bills that “must have fallen in his bag.”

Archuleta’s actions are blamed for destroying the case against the suspect. Instead, he was arrested that charged with felony tampering with physical evidence and misdemeanors of first-degree official misconduct and theft.

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  1. He won’t be convicted once they discover this was to be a charitable contribution to the Clinton Foundation.

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