BleachBit Spoofs Clinton In New Product Campaign

cloth_or_something3One of the few beneficiaries of this presidential election has been the virtually unknown company before made a household name by the Clinton aides in attempting to not only delete emails but guarantee that no one could retrieve them. Suddenly everyone was saying “BleachBit” as a virtually self-contained term-of-art. Now the company has used Hillary Clinton’s infamous quip about whether she would use a “cloth” to clean a server as the basis of a new product.

The company is now selling special “cloths” featuring Clinton with an item described as “Cloth or Something.” Here is the press conference on Aug. 18, 2015 that is the basis for the commercial:

The world now knows that the Clinton aides did not use a cloth but the BleachBit software heralded for its ability to “shred files to hide their contents and prevent data recovery.” The company now tells customers:

August 2015 Hillary Clinton was asked, “Did you wipe your email server?” and she evasively replied, “Like with a cloth or something?” A year later we found out that “cloth” was BleachBit, a software application that deletes information “so even God can’t read it,” as Congressman Trey Gowdy announced August 2016.

After you have smashed your BlackBerry, don’t forget to wipe the fingerprints from your email server with this non-abrasive, soft microfiber Cloth or Something.
Thin, foldable size makes it easy to stash the Cloth or Something in burn bags.
6″ x 6″ size quickly wipes even the biggest email servers with thousands of emails.
Buy an extra cloth for your VIP (VERY VIP) client.
Optionally autographed on the back by Andrew, creator of BleachBit.
Printed in the USA!
Guaranteed not to prove intent, or you will get a full refund paid when you are released from prison.
First-class shipping and handling is a flat rate of $2 per order.
Yes, this cloth is real, and you can really buy it.
Don’t wait for a subpoena: Order Now!

That is pretty taunting and I wonder if it will turn off customers who are supportive or sympathetic to Clinton. That is a notable lack of sympathy for a candidate that transformed the company. The company says that sales for the cloth have been brisk. The are available for $3 each, or $5 with Ziem’s autograph.

There is a back order until Nov. 14.

12 thoughts on “BleachBit Spoofs Clinton In New Product Campaign”

  1. Lack of sympathy for a candidate that transformed the company? It’s hard to know where to go with that.

    Hillary is clearly willfully ignorant of all things pertaining to computer security. Her disdain is astounding.
    Hillary wants us to enshrine incompetence or worse by making her president.

    BleachBit could have kept its collective mouth shut, yes. That would have made them the skulking enablers of another wretched, stinking pile of Clinton leavings. Instead they are using satire to distance themselves.

  2. Oh, come on, Clinton sycophants. That “cloth or something” computer cleaning wipe is funny. I would buy it.

    I can think of more marketing bits:

    “So good it stops the FBI!”

    “You’ll still be able to run for President after we’re through with your server!”

    “Smile. You’ve got nothing to hide…because we got rid of it.”

  3. This allegorically illustrates in our current election, how most democrats and the president’s administration address Hillary’s lies and corruption:

  4. I’m fed up with wiping, cleaning & scrubbing. Therefore, I’ m sticking with Ty-D-Bol.

  5. J Pismo – those missing plans may appear on the Huma laptop. With 650,000 emails, some of them have to be in there. Including some other stuff Judicial Watch and several other organizations have been looking for. The State Dept will slow walk it if they are attached to the project.

  6. I would laugh but when I think how it’s helped Hilly evade prosecution the joke escapes me. Now if they could tell us how to back engineer the product and recover her “daughters wedding plans and yoga instructions” I would laugh my ass off.

  7. That is hilarious. Maybe a collector’s item like those chia Obama plant sets that sold like hotcakes before he took office. And isn’t that the beauty of capitalism – making a buck off notoriety. I can imagine that techies will buys lots of ’em. Baskets of Deplorables and Steiners not so much.

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