FBI Director Comey Announces That There Is No Basis For Criminal Charges In Newly Discovered Emails

Jcomey-100Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziJust two days before the election, FBI Director James Comey has announced that the new emails found on Huma Abedin’s computer does not change his earlier conclusion in July that there is no basis to criminally charge Hillary Clinton over her use of a private server, including emails containing classified information.

Comey wrote the letter below to Congress stating “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton.”

Clinton Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri immediately declared that the scandal was over:
‘We have seen Director Comey’s latest letter to the Hill. We are glad to see that he has found, as we were confident that he would, that he has confirmed the conclusion that he reached in July, and we’re glad that this matter is resolved.”

The quick dismissal of the importance of the emails will likely fuel criticism over Comey’s October 28th letter to Congress on the continuation of the investigation. Most assumed that the new emails had to contain material that would warrant such a departure from the general policy of the Justice Department to avoid actions or statements that might influence an election. According to Comey, however, it only took a few days to determine that the emails were significant enough to warrant a criminal charge.

Here is the letter:


220 thoughts on “FBI Director Comey Announces That There Is No Basis For Criminal Charges In Newly Discovered Emails”

  1. Back to serious business. Today Trump indicated he, personally, would not press the investigation against Hillary on the email issue. Bearing in mind he has to keep the current bunch happy for 68 more days let’s look at what he did not say.

    He did not mention the IRS investigation is still going strong and as they are part of the Fourth Branch do not need his nor Obama’s permission to not only investigate but prosecute in their own courts.

    He did not mention nor ‘gloat’ that Hillary and company including the present DNC staff have worn out their welcome and done an immense amount of damage to the left – helped by the establishment, the media, and the SFB Safe Spotters who also failed to vote for their candidate and of course Ms. Klein who siphoned votes away. Let them hang themselves. Stupid is as stupid does.

    He did not mention the FBI on it’s own under Comey or a replacement can reopen or continue any investigation they want and perhaps forget the not needed intent rule. So can the Fourth Branch agency that runs the National Security laws. Under their rules Hillary and Bubba and perhaps Lynch will never get a clearance again. Under their regulations Chelsea might well be refused one. There will be plenty of big and legal guns lookiing for paybacks.

    He did not mention a number of things about a number of people particularly the current Attorney General and a good many of their staffs,,,not to forget DNC staff and Clinton Foundation Staff

    Trump only needs not to impede them and look ‘above the fray’ Presidential.

    Works for me.

    We are getting reid of Obama, Reid, Clintons, Lynch and hace made the media a laughing stock along with the education system.

    Kinda rolls of the tongue nicely don’t you think.

    What is important is the always there effort of the establishment to retain it’s hold on what’s left of the Republican Party which they are and will if allowed to do so and keep it on the left side of things meaning Government Over Citizens vs Citizens over Goverenment.

    . There is still work to be done to defeat the Socialist Autocracy side and reclaim the Constitutional Republic side so let’s look at number one.

    The Constitutional Republic by definition is based on the Constitution which IS the center. The discredited notion it’s the center of the left just because the Republicans spent time as their right wing is gone.

    But the Constitutional Republic is representative in nature and is based on a Representative Democracy as it’s base and foundation. Direct Vote is found right here at the grass roots level. Now where else. And that given the election two years from now is important.

    Your choices will still be Autocracy or Constitution but up close and personal.

    think about it this way. Is the candidate or positon or measure old style Republican old Style Democrat or does it support a Constitutional Republic based on a Representative Democracy foundationj

    1. Short version Is the candidate a Constitutionalist or not?

    2. Next point if your state has no recall and worse no intiatice get it. Non Recall states are slave states.

    3. Work to regain control of delegates to the Federal Congress known as Representives and Senators. No matter if appointed or elected by the State Government or by direct vote. Possibly by simply paying a State Salary and naming any federal add ons as Cost of Living Per Diem. Remember under the current situation the Supreme Court ruled against recall being used on members of the federal Congress.The Constitution says other than citizenship and age the States retain Control of elections.

    It’s a start point. We are far from finished.

  2. Democrats have the media, Hollywood, music stars, university professors, and all the sycophants with the biggest megaphones so people like the Clintons can show up today like freakin’ celebrities worth admiring and supporting to put them BACK into power after all the disgrace they have brought upon this country by all of the scandals of the decades past? They are both sociopaths, liars, criminals, and 100% self-serving corrupted politicians. They disgust most people yet they are at this point today of moving back into the White House? What is wrong with this country?

    It’s absurd. The wicked leftists are winning.

      1. What is further left for here to be then? She is not a centrist as she does not support the principles of self government so what is left National and International Socialism?

        Or do you mean she is too incompetent to even qualify as a leftist and is a non-entity?

        That definition works. As stated it’s ….a useless statement.

        The center is NOT the center of the left. In a Constitutional Republic the center IS the Constitution.

        Prediction. If elected by the electoral college she will top her list of whoppers by taking the oath of office and then revert to socialist fascism and continue the socialist autocracy of Comrade ObeyMe.

    1. Use your brain; don’t let Fox, Rush, Hannity and their ilk blinker you. This couple has been investigated by every Radical Republican owned congressional committee possible over the last 25 years, without anything of substance to show for it. Second, Big Bill isn’t running for president, so anything he is or was accused of doing isn’t relevant. Third, I promise you I am far from disgusted and am very proud of Hillary, and excited to have her represent me and my country; depending on your echo chamber, your mileage may vary. Fourth, “sociopathy” is a diagnosed medical condition; because Rush & Co. say it doesn’t make it so. Ditto for Hillary and any purported “scandals.” The only disgrace I see is what the new “conservatives” have done to the philosophy and party of true conservatives like William Buckley and George Will. Selling one’s morality and virtue for transient perceived political gain has a name–and it isn’t a pretty one.

      1. “I am very proud of Hillary”.
        “Extremely careless” handling of classified material should not be seen as something to be proud of.
        Maybe the vote for Gulf War II is something
        ” to be proud of”.
        Arab Spring? The subsequent mess after overthrowing Gadaffi?
        Nothing to be proud of
        Not sure if those who express “pride” in their affection for Hillary have really looked at her record.

        1. You expected thoughtful and factual from a regressive? Never happen they get programmed, wound up and sent out with the daily spew. Can’t reason with stupid and brain dead is even worse. Best thing and the one thing they hate the most is being ignored. When you think about it they have nothing to say that wasn’t said first by one of their elitist ruling class first so….shy bother. In Espresso terms no caffiene, no flavor and skinny milk Called a Double Zero or a Why bother. If you are in a hurry flake will do just fine and it rhymes with fascist. end of story.

          1. Haha. That’s it? What happened to sociopath, criminal, disgrace, and all that other folderol. Let this comical exchange be exhibit “A” to all those who can use their brain without the need to check with Rush or another like buffoon; don’t feed the trolls. You can and should tease them for amusement, but no serious food.

            1. “Serious food” might include an honest look at the issues, and the candidates’ records.
              You’ve posted usually “gushy” tributes to Hillary, but didn’t say if your “pride” in her extends to mishandling classified material, her vote to invade Iraq, or the Libyan/ Arab Spring fiascos.
              Issues and records are either not important to you, or important enough for you to duck.

              1. Ding Dong the Witch Is DEAD the wicked witch which witch it was Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead!!!!!!

                Now the investigations can proceed for real and Lynch will be added to the list. Paybacks are a mother feather as we used to say in the Army.

                God Loves The Infantry!!!!!.

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