tylerwhite_1476203404268_6479825_ver1-0Tyler White is a stand out as a criminal in every possible way, starting with his going 134 miles per hour in a 35 per hour zone. However, he did not stop with that distinction . . . or its tragic consequences.

White’s Dodge Challenger hit Ariel Berryman’s Toyota Prius in Colorado. Her car then hit an Acura and then collided with a cement barrier. White sped into a street light and then a Volkswagen, which hit a fence and a Dodge van.

White was later found after two fishermen reported he was naked and dancing on a statue in the middle of the lake.

Police say that he confessed and said that he was just being stupid. Murder is a tad more than a charge of stupidity.


  1. Classic case of affluenza…
    Let ‘m go, sell him another muscle car, put nine inch nails on the steering wheel and inside the airbag. Problem solved.

  2. Why the heck was he naked, dancing on a statue? Was he speeding while DUI? The poor family of the victim must be completely devastated.

  3. I looked up the victim. She was a 28 year old woman. Her name was Ariel Berryman. Here is a link to her obituary, where there is also a picture of her:

    and here is an excerpt:

    Ariel Mariah Berryman was born on October 29, 1987 in Denver Colorado, first and only daughter to Jim and Teresa. After graduating from University of Colorado Denver, she received her Master’s degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. She returned to Colorado, working at the University of Colorado Denver in Human Resources. Ariel’s life was taken in an automobile accident on Monday, October 10, 2016; she was 28 years old.

    But those are just facts, and do not do justice to Ariel’s true nature. Ariel came into our lives like a comet, blazing across the sky, trailing light and joy behind her, making the lives of those she touched brighter for her presence. While with us for all too short a time, her kindness, goodwill, and outpouring of joy is remembered by all who knew her, and her absence felt acutely by her family and friends.

    Ariel was welcoming to all her friends, new and old, and was quite famous for bringing home strays. Whether it was a friend who needed a place of refuge, someone far from home who needed a home cooked meal, or someone of the four-legged variety who needed help finding a forever home, she would open her life and welcome all with a fierce hug, a bright smile.

    Sooo, while Tyler got his drink on, or his drug on, whatever, this was the price.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky, I have to agree with you here. A talented and promising woman, snuffed out by an idiot.

  4. I can’t believe bail was initially set at just $25,000 and conversely that first-degree murder was charged. The latter would mean the county prosecutor thinks they can prove he was trying to hit other drivers. Maybe the first-degree murder count was to increase bail.

  5. Sounds like he confessed to acting stupidly but without intent to do harm. Murder seems a bit harsh; what if his desire was to be the next black President?

  6. At these speeds, cars keep going and going and going after the driver loses control. The untrained driver has no clue of this fact and drives as if he was doing 40. Driving at this speed on open highways requires planning of what’s ahead–you need to map out decisions and anticipate what is happening a half mile ahead. Cars also handle differently and every influencing factor, ones that are hardly noticeable at normal speeds, become critical in importance.

    In a 35 mph zone, a typical zone that is, it is impossible to react at 134 mph if others or objects are present. A vehicle travelling 134 miles per hour travels 196.53 feet per second. At a reaction speed of 1.5 seconds, the car will travel nearly the length of a football field before any change in speed or direction can occur from driver input.

    Tragic the victim lost her life. It is often the innocents who suffer the most.

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