Brazile Insists That She Did Nothing Wrong In Leaking Debate Questions To the Clinton Campaign


While CNN and others in the media belatedly expressed anger and shock over former CNN contributor Donna Brazile secretly feeding questions to the Clinton campaign for CNN debates, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee is entirely unapologetic and, if anything, seems to regret only that she got caught if a recent interview is any indication.  CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker called Brazile’s actions “disgusting” but Brazile is claiming that she would do it again.

There are now three troubling levels to this story. First, CNN maintained throughout the primary that Brazile (who was well known as a supporter of Hillary Clinton) was a “neutral” commentator. It was a facially ridiculous claim for anyone familiar with Washington. Second, Brazile then alleged passed along questions to Clinton in what would be a deeply unethical act. Third, Brazile then said that the emails were not real and that she could prove it.

After claiming that she was being “persecuted” and then claiming that the emails were altered, Brazile is now insisting that breaking the ethical rules at CNN was the right thing to do: “My conscience — as an activist, a strategist — is very clear.” Really, because CNN thought its rules (and made to the public and its profession) were equally clear. Indeed, Brazile would repeat (implausibly) every night how she was independent and not a supporter of Clinton.

Brazile now says that it was right and proper to secretly shared questions with just one candidate: “You’re doggone right I’m gonna talk to everybody. Joe, I will never go out on TV or go on radio without the facts. I will ask, I will submit things, I will circulate things, and guess what, I also enjoy the exchange that I have with my colleagues.” Of course, this was not her colleagues. Her colleagues in that capacity were commentators and journalists, not Clinton campaign staffers.

As with her earlier bizarre interview with Megyn Kelly, Brazile seemed to flip rationales and return to the entirely unsupported claim that the emails were altered. First, here is the Kelly interview:

Now Brazile insists: “Had the Republican National Committee been hacked, had the Republican Party’s emails and other assistants been altered and hacked, the country would be in selective outrage if they found out this was from a foreign source.”

As discussed earlier, the media has conspicuously declined to confirm the truth of Brazile’s claim of alteration and have bizarrely not pursued the recipient of the emails, campaign adviser Jennifer Palmieri who is readily available to the media. Of course, no one is asking Brazile to show the original, which she said that she kept. All of that would confirm whether Brazile is the victim of a fraud or repeatedly lying to the media. That would seem to be major story for the acting head of the DNC but there is just crickets in the aftermath of these interviews.  The media has also dropped the question of who gave Brazile the questions. CNN simply says that it completed an investigation and cleared everyone.

The actions of Brazile may have been described as “disgusting” and “unethical” but there appears little interest in confirming the underlying facts.


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  1. Wikileaks has never, ever, ever, been proven to provide false information.

    Wikileaks leaked Podesta’s emails, comprising Brazile’s email, comprising the exact question CNN asked HRC at the next day’s Town Hall meeting, which Brazile leaked to HRC.

    Let us presume either Brazile’s name is mud forever, or her future career stands on hope to convince readers this was the first time Saint Julian Asange leaked false info. If so, her name is mud forever.

    Every single time a liar like Brazile and Bill Clinton attempt to lie further to support an earlier lie: Why does the interviewer not put IFO of Brazile a simple written statement consistent with the denial, followed by: “I am of sound mind and health to make this declaration. I declare under penalty of perjury the above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge,” followed by a line to sign and date.

  2. Brazile’s behavior is just par for the course and both parties are party to cheating and lying and have been doing so since the country started having elections. I do think that the exposure of this bit of cheating was the decision-maker for many who decided for Trump, third party, or, more likely, to just stay home.

    1. 29% of Hispanics voted Trump. Do you think these voters gave a crap about Brazile? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

      I know these people, am married to one, who works w/99% Hispanics. They want to improve the quality of their lives.

      This is astounding, and I swear it’s true: my wife’s closest coworker is American citizen Hispanic (friend X). X has large group of FB friends, illegal Hispanics, who are/were rabid supporters of Trump, and stated so (in Espanol of course) in their FB posts.

    2. I was actually for Hillary in spite of knowing she was a crook because I figured the Republicans were crooks too, just less obvious. BUT, when the secret email server stuff came out, it was bye-bye Hillary for me! Because that added “gross stupidity”to the mix. Then, when Trump ran, I thought he was a good and decent man, and not a crook.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    1. The article doesn’t say that Trump got the questions. It says “She said that Trump had called Fox executives to complain that he had heard her first question “was a very pointed question directed at him.” Maybe he did get it from Ailes, maybe not.

  3. Sad to see a grown woman serving as the head of one of the two major political parties behaving no better than a 4-year-old caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Produce your copy of the email to support your claim or suffer the consequences. And shame on the media for not investigating one of their own and demanding the truth. The latter is a huge part of why this country is in such trouble.

    1. Arrian – after Wikileaks, I am not sure anyone would believe the DNC again. I don’t.

      1. Hey Steve, I think Tim’s getting even better – experimenting with short videos plus the night show. So glad I discovered him thru Bernie – helped me remain sane during this crazy election season.

    1. Thanks for the laughs!

      The less funny thing is Obama must consider pardons for:
      Chelsea………..(the last two for felony racketeering w/CGI)
      and himself!

      Per Wikileaks (never confirmed wrong, ever), Obama used an anonymous unsecured email account to email Hillary. This is the apparent reason Comey could not indict Hillary, because a trail and/or pre-trail evidence gathering would have confirmed Obama committed impeachable felonies.

  4. Evolving into humor, some fun facts regarding our soon to be President Trump. It is probably obvious by now that the most dumbfounded person of all is the Donald himself. He met with President Obama today and says that Obama is now a yuge friend. Also he asked that Obama stand when he enters the room. Apparently that was one of the jobs of Trump’s man’s man of years past. Whenever the Donald came into a room to meet people his man would direct those waiting to stand. You can look that up. Here’s hoping that the next four years are more entertaining than disastrous, pathetic, shameful, embarrassing.

    1. Yikes. The planet is inundated with enormous issues and you focus on stupid unfounded comments like Trump asks Obama to stand when he enters the room?
      Does the idiocy ever cease?

    2. Give it up. What a freekin liar are you. Trump said, “he’s a good man” you brain dead door knob. Yes, before he said he’s the worst Pres ever. Does your mom have any kids that lived? Do us all a favor: find a nail and hammer it w/your face.

      With Obama being so helpful and kind and openly welcoming, would you prefer Trump punch Obama IFO cameras?

      You answered no questions above.

  5. The underlying facts have, in fact, been confirmed. Everyone knows she’s corrupt. The only question is whether the Democratic party is going to turn away from the Clinton corruption machine.

  6. Democrats true colors have been shown this season. Unethical acts by Donna Brazile, paying for violence at rally’s — all part of the Dems confusion that the ends justifies the means. It’s shocking that readers can support it but more shocking that Donna Brazile is an unrepentant, dishonest human being. She should be ashamed of herself.

  7. Turning the tables, David? Don’t accept blame like an upstanding person of substance would do, but point your finger another way and try to diminish your enemy. Real class…… The problem is that people don’t know how to admit a wrong, own up to something they did and be honest. Honesty seems to be overrated in our modern society. Good grief, from the White House on down, telling a lie is commonplace. Sorry but I don’t subscribe to this immorality in society. It’s a disgrace! I pity the people that think it is ever right. No wonder kids are growing up with no values, no real values are displayed anymore.

  8. The new face of the democratic party

    Anything we do is right and anything everyone else does is wrong. In an interview during her reign at the DNC, DWS said essentially the same thing, to the effect of everything being fair in political wars.

    As long as democrats continue with their sorcerer’s ways they are going to have the same trouble that cost them the election with Clinton.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    1. And garbage for the next four years. If ever there was a kettle calling the pot black, Darren, it’s a Republican. Or weren’t you compos mentis these last many months of the Donald Show. The reprobates, crooks, and sleaze balls inhabit both sides. However, never before was there as deplorable an exhibition of the lower aspects of humanity than what came from Trump and his mobs. Tell us Darren, what appointment would you give Palin?

      1. Readers: Google images for “Libya rubble,” for which HRC and Obama are solely and personally responsible. About two weekends ago, about two hundred Libyan refugees died attempting to land in Italy, of about two thousand attempting to feel that week. Issac’s hero Satan-worshiping Hillary laughed out loud when shown video of her CIA-sponsored felons who anal raped and slaughtered Gadaffi in another USA sponsored regime change (search for the candid video of her laughing, easily found).

        I await Isaac to post image(s) of comparable acts for which he or any reasonable person can lay at the feet of Donald Trump.

        “…never before was there as deplorable an exhibition of the lower aspects of humanity than what came from Trump and his mobs…” Yes, before.

      2. Sorry to double post: Issac, got any images of Republican oppression at polling places comparable to this Democratic maneuver in freedom loving Philly?

        Per Wikileaks (never proven wrong in their leaks, ever), the DNC purchased thugs to appear at Trump rallies, specifically instructed to “cause them to punch you.” We await proof of similar actions by Donald.

        Honestly, you are quite full of yourself and something else found in large quantities in water treatment plants. “…never before…” Yes, before.

        1. So you’re admitting that you’re unaware that the black panthers stuff was debunked like years ago and was entirely a construct of Fox Gnus? Not a good look on you.

    2. Correct post as they “Justify Cheating, Lying and doing Whatever they please-AGAINST the American people…..but SORRY, Brazile is a Lying, Cheating, DemoThug who was Caught giving info to Criminal Hillary to “Have an Edge(cheating Again) and that’s just NOT OKAY.” CNN, Should have fired Her, and show they have Some Integrity………otherwise, it’s “DemoThug Business As Usual”…..I will NEVER watch that “Clinton News Network” and suggest others rethink their choices also-especially when they want to have Americans buy their ad’s merch.

  9. All of this coming from a FOX “talking head”. Have you ever listened to “Fox and friends”. Who the HELL are you to pass judgement on someone else who sins, when you are employed by FOX. Clean up your own act first.

      1. Darren – do you really think the Democratic Party is going to throw out the Old Guard and renew itself?

    1. Actually, we don’t have to clean up anything. We just have to read wikileaks emails. LOL.

      Wikileaks should be given a medal for exposing just what a criminal organization the DNC really is.

      A question that should be asked by any democratic candidate is Will The DNC Really Support Me (you) or will they speak out of both sides of their mouth and lie?

      Poor Bernie Sanders. I actually like him. He has integrity. What? Integrity. Look up the definition of the word if you need to.

      Bernie Sanders. He was lied to by the DNC, he was dumped on by the DNC and he still supported HRC. WTF? If those and other actions of the DNC didn’t beg the question to Bernie of just what the DNC had turned into, that is sad. Very sad.

      Now is the time for the DNC to stand in a circle and begin the blame game. 62 Electoral votes. Ye gods.

      1. Bob – my question is “Just what did the DNC have on Bernie to make him take a dive and then support Hillary?”

        1. NO, the question is what dirty tricks playbook did the DNC use on Bernie? Bernie didn’t take a dive. HRC was always the crowned DNC candidate after she lost to B. Obama.

    2. David Noe, stopped by LEO for going 70mph in a 60mph zone, says to LEO: “That guy just passed us going 75mph. Who the HELL are you to stop me for going 70?”

      Earth to logic-deficient David: Kelly’s show is all straight news. Fox and Friends is Murdock’s version of mixed gender The View. Maybe you noticed your favorite screed, the WaPo, has news articles and op-ed pages, always appearing on separate pages, for a reason.

      Your party nominated likely the all time most baggage laden candidate, who lost, in an anti-establishment year. (Obama is highly popular, partly because of his special use of language, while Obamaism is highly hated. This explains how/why Obama wins elections but every time his name does not appear on the ballot Dems get creamed.)

      Hillary and Bill amassed about $1B effective wealth (w/their crime-syndicate CGI), and used it to purchase her nomination and subsequent campaign.

      Voters noticed. Get used to it. Own it.

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