Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

1479115060061 Trisha Meyer’s attempt to sell a kitten revealed a virtual Noah’s Ark of animals in her Houston home. You might however be surprised over which animals proved legally problematic for Meyer.

Police opened an investigation into Meyer after a dispute over her selling a kitten to a man in California for $3,000. He claimed that he gave her the money but never received the cat.

When police entered her home, they could various wild animals roaming the house, including three tigers, a skunk, a fox as well as several monkeys. She was charged with child endangerment due to the fact that her 14-year-old daughter lived in the home. She was also charged with theft. However, those tigers walking around was not deemed a problem. It was the skunk or the fox that posed a permit problem.

To make matters worse, Meyer fled the Houston home for Las Vegas with all of her animals. She was arrested in Nye County, Nev. Her tigers were confiscated.

21 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

    • BFM – there are hybrid breeds of wild cats crossed with domestic breeds such as Savannahs, Bengals, Cheetohs, Toygers, etc. that cost at least that much. I always wanted a Savannah, but never could afford to spend that kind of money on a pet. Then people moved in next door with two Bengals – two of most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen but wild as hell. EVERYTHING in their place is literally glued into place as the cats get crazy and jump (9+ feet). So, I enjoy playing with them but no longer wish I had one.

    • The same deluded ‘citizen’ that votes for Trump. This is a special cat. It’s value will increase. It scratched Rosie O’Donnell. It would have scratched Clinton if she had been elected. You just happened to be coming along at the right time. Trust me. What have you got to lose. If you squint a little it glows.

      • Isaac, your post reminded me about Socks – the White House cat who moved from AK to DC with them. Then Bill got a dog which apparently Socks beat up constantly so when they left the WH they gave Socks to his secretary. What kind of people give away their cat after 9 years? Speaks volumes about character IMO. =)

  1. Last week at the County Fair there was a tent filled with rescued wild animals – an incredible array of critters which had been removed from their owners due to neglect or abuse. I don’t understand why people are allowed to own these exotic creatures – all of which require special care.

    Then again, my cat and guinea pig own me =)

    • Wild animals are often unhappy in captivity. There is a reason why we domesticated animals. It enable them to live with us in contentment, and be handled. A wild animal can love its owner, but it’s instinct will be for freedom. The only wild animals that can adapt to being stuck in someone’s home are species that have very small natural home ranges – such as mice or prairie dogs. If an animal has an extensive nomadic natural pattern of movement, they are going to be miserable in a backyard or a house.

  2. This site’s virtual perp walks are strange. The professor doesn’t seem to be the sort of a person who would publicly shame the accused before they’ve even had a chance to present a defense, but he does it all the time. To make things worse, he seems to do it for kicks and to encourage that we all gawk and giggle at the people he finds to be strange based on the unproven allegations against them. This isn’t something that somebody would post if he had a firm belief in libertarian, conversative, or progressive principles. It’s about an utter lack of principles. It’s just about encouraging public laughter at people he thinks are degenerates and weirdos, who haven’t had an opportunity to defend themselves. Innocent until proven guilty? Not for these unfortunate shmucks; they apparently don’t deserve any respect, legal or otherwise. The poster should hope he’s never falsely accused.

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