DCIA_David_PetraeusWe have long discussed the sweetheart deal given General David Petraeus, who violated core professional and national security rules only only to avoid any jail time. It is part of what I have called our Animal Farm system where some people are more equal than others. Now Petraeus is under consideration for the positions of Secretary of State. It is an ironic twist since his predecessor in such a position was accused of recklessly compromising national security — the very allegations raised with regard to Petraeus.

220px-david_petraeus_and_paula_broadwellPetraeus resigned after the disclosure of his sordid affair with Paula Broadwell, who wrote his biography, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus. As we discussed, the affair was uncovered after Broadwell allegedly began sending harassing emails to a longstanding family friend of the Petraeuses, Jill Kelley. It was later learned that Petraeus violated national security rules in giving his mistress access to classified information. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information. Like Sandy Berger and others, Petraeus avoided jail time.

Now he is a candidate for the Secretary of State despite his disgraceful departure from his prior position as CIA director. Patraeus has always been an insider operator in the Beltway. His resurrection will likely infuriate many in the national security and military areas who view his part treatment as an example of the separate system for the powerful and the elite. Consider it the second edition of Animal Farm.


  1. Clinton was reckless in the handling of classified information. What Petraeus did was even worse. He knowingly provided the most highly classified information to a person he knew very well was not supposed to have it, allowed her to take it home with her where it may well have been further compromised. It’s completely outrageous that this arrogant nitwit is being considered for anything other than parole.

  2. But if Petraeus does become Secretary of State, I hope he understands the difference between communicating with his colleagues and employees, and having juicy pillow talk with mistresses.

  3. To those who think that Petraeus’ and Clinton’s classification offenses are equivalent, I would say this: They are not the same.

    Petraeus revealed classified information to someone who did not have the proverbial “need to know” and was not engaged in a military or government capacity that required that information. Moreover, Petraeus was not the Secretary of Defense at the time. SecDef, as the ultimate classification authority of DoD, could have authorized such a transfer, but clearly knew nothing about what was going on with Petraeus.

    Clinton was exchanging emails with colleagues and subordinates within Department of State, who certainly had reason to be informed about the business of the State Department. Within the State Department, the Secretary of State is the ultimate classification authority for materials circulating within that department. The Secretary of State is not just another State Department employee, when it comes to classification matters. Monday morning quarterbacking about what was, or should have been classified at the time, especially by other government agencies, is irrelevant.

  4. No way should Petraeus be permitted to handle classified information again, and he should not be given a cabinet position.

    I know many of the people here have convicted Hillary already, but the last time I checked, she had not been charged with or convicted of a crime. Whether you like her or trust her is a different matter (I neither like her nor trust her). The fact that she has not been convicted of a crime does not absolve her from criticism, but it does distinguish her from Petraeus, no matter what you think of her conduct.

    I noticed that Ms. Conway today, in speaking with Dana Bash, implicitly threatened Hillary by saying that Trump still hasn’t made a final decision on whether to look into a potential prosecution of Hillary when he becomes President, while in the next breath stating that Trump is being gracious and magnanimous to Clinton at a time when she is joining in the recount requests by Stein. That implicit threat appears to not cross the line of committing extortion, but it is nevertheless outrageous. And Conway’s statement makes the prosecution of Hillary even less likely.

  5. Trump is a Liar, choosing Zionist Neocon Supreme War Criminals for his administration
    This makes Trump a Zionist War Criminal in Cover-up of illegal U.S. / Israeli wars and 9/11
    Hillary Clinton also is a liar guilty as a Zionist Neocon Supreme War Criminal and guilty of 9/11 Cover-up & Mass Murder. They, the U.S. Zionist Government / Israel & U.S. Media have blood on their hands in millions of murders and maiming.
    Trump is though exposing as Liars the corrupt Zionist Neocon War Criminal Mainstream Media.

  6. Marjorie Cohn is professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law where she taught for 25 years. The former president of the National Lawyers Guild and criminal defense attorney is a legal scholar, political analyst and social critic who writes books and articles, makes media appearances and lectures throughout the world about human rights and U.S. foreign policy. She has testified before Congress and debated the legality of the war in Afghanistan at the prestigious Oxford Union. Her blogs appear on Huffington Post and she has provided commentary for CBS News, BBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, NPR and Pacifica Radio.

    1. Patriot – since Pacifica radio had her on, that is all I need to know to get behind her 100%


    After violating protocol for the handling of classified information and having his security clearance revoked will Petraeus be able to regain that which he so negligently squandered?

  8. Children such name calling. All of you who are now whining about Trump keep in mind that the American people have nobody to blame but themselves. This stuff goes back at least 50 years. Such things as voter turnout for years has been awful. Trump is nothing more than a result of the lack of the public holding pubic officials accountable.Now the Republicans and Democrats have the system rigged for themselves. The founding fathers were so impressed by the concept of political parties in the constitution. Actually they didn’t maybe those men who committed treason against the King of England were right again. Those men risk everything and we get on our electronic devices and complain.

    1. Let us not forget Chelsea, aka Bradley, Manning who rots at Leavenworth for similar offenses. Different spanks for different ranks.

  9. Fishwings,
    You laid the foundation and then blew it up all in one post. People (like you) have supposedly noticed which would make him not a good con man and therefore not laughing all the way to the bank.

  10. Any good con man will be off with the loot before anybody notices. And Trump is laughing all the way to the bank.

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