The Elder Wand Goes Missing . . . Again

elderwand4It was bound to happen once He Who Must Not Be Named lost it in the duel with Harry Potter. Police in Bangkok are looking for the infamous Elder Wand. Natdanai Asavaruks went to see the latest Harry Potter movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and let the Elder Wand in his car. When he returned, it was gone.

Of course, the Elder Wand has a long history of thefts. The original owner was murdered for it, according to the story of the Deathly Hallows:

It was also stolen by Lord Voldemort from Dumbledore’s tomb.

Now, it has been taken from the car of Natdanai Asavaruks, 19.

The victim went to the local police and filed a description of the Thestral tail enchanted wand. The police officer reportedly had a classic response: Why didn’t he destroy it before it could fall into the wrong hands?

Others pointed out that the fact is that the wand chooses the wizard.

It might be better for Natdanai Asavaruks to find an auror from the Ministry of Magic. There is dark magic afoot.

18 thoughts on “The Elder Wand Goes Missing . . . Again”

  1. I got a black magic wand, too. Mine spits out lightning bolts, and can fell 30 men instantly. It’s called an AR-15 …

  2. Our next President won’t need our millions. He has a plane, several places to live, and all the perks he wants. Of course, the Secret Service won’t allow him to use his own plane, insists on millions for their use at his homes, and he doesn’t need more perks. Hopefully, as JFK did, he won’t take a salary unless he’s not allowed to use income from his own company. That could save us $1,600,000,000 in his first four years. I suggest Congress take a long look at what the Secret Service thinks it needs to protect a man who probably already has security for his family. Congress should ask large corporations what they do when “austerity programs” are instituted (usually in the Fall when budgeted funds are low). No coffee and rolls at meetings, no paid overtime, limited travel, and whatever else can wait until January 1. Buying your own coffee and working a little longer without pay isn’t much to help your employer. The first meeting in January when coffee and rolls are back is well attended.

  3. Question. The word Elder signifies the Tree, Age, or both. My guess it next time use a redwood there much harder to lose given the size of the truck needed to carry it around. BUT it can be downsized which leads me to the one in the photo. Did someone mistake it for kindlling?

  4. i don’t know anything about the Harry Potter, but I can’t help thinking how curious it is that U.S. corporate media denigrates Castro for allegedly living a life of luxury while many Cubans have very few, if any luxuries.

    Obama sure lives in the lap of luxury – on a very grand scale – while millions of Americans live in poverty and millions are unemployed or underemployed.

    1. bill mcwilliams – the only important thing here is does Obama have the Elder Wand?

      1. Maybe, Paul. Obama’s lifestyle is obscene when 54 million Americans are unemployed, two million are being held against their in overcrowded prisons, and many millions live in abject poverty.

        THAT’S very important to conservatives.

  5. The Elder Wand can neither be owned nor contained. It’s loss was inevitable and the gentleman is lucky to still be alive.

    Who leaves a magical object is of unspeakable power, a temptation to all, in his car while he goes to the cinema?

  6. I watched the video. It is about as “fruit” as it gets. Brit accents on top of it. Fake old fart with grey hair. Goofy weeny kids asking questions. Then the dumb movie. This would be barred at GW under the new standards demanded by the inmates.

  7. JT:
    You ain’t nuttin but a hound dog!
    Just a rockin all the time.

    You teach school at GW…
    The asylum has its ways.

    That where the inmates..
    Have taken on your days.

    You ain’t never killed a rabbit and you ain’t no friend of mine.

    So go back to teaching…
    Leave religion in the waves.
    Please avoid preaching..
    It ain’t within your paves.

  8. Unless this Elder Wand had a certificate of authenticity from some dark lord or whatever, his loss is not actionable.

    These people! why do they have to waste the time of police officials when this is a civil matter for the court of cassation damnation?

  9. Since we now know that magic exists in the US and they have been hiding it from us, I think it was a government job. Jealous of the power of the wand.

  10. Did you know the author of the Harry Potter series books and movies etc. is in US dollars a billionaire? That’ s after paying a very high tax bill. The also Swedish author of Pipi Longstockings wrote the last book to pay off a 105% of income tax bill when Sweden tried full fledged socialism. Since rejected en toto.

    I may be the only living person in the western world who has never read one of the book nor seen one of the movies. Nor did I acquire until recently C.S. Lewis’s Chronichles of Nair. i shall soon add to the that authors billions – gladly.

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